'Live From the Couch': Cody Simpson & the Tide perform 'Ramona'

Cody Simpson & the Tide perform their song "Ramona."
16:25 | 11/15/17

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Transcript for 'Live From the Couch': Cody Simpson & the Tide perform 'Ramona'
I want to ask you guys because IDC still many people you promise solo career in the it went thirteen yeah weren't signs and making your music. You rip and tear like you have to do a group of five now this is a question for them you that you carriers for a second. But it's like Hari to work with him coming from a solo background getting into a group I have. Com now and are really it's it's it's cool. Sometimes sometimes Ehrlich on the thinks that yeah. Are there are things in like you come from council a group before it its normal and a and if blue book we also. Well shall. Put put in ties and yet it cannot get in he is he's a very humble guys is amazing things. Went on nominees. Retail LA yeah I think we are public the image you know have a good mutual understanding oval. In what reality of the situation is and raw like a very humble group. And generally though yes but I have to make clashes and so we're it is all very realistic and I think and and we can all come together if you look at that picture. Welcome you always had a reputation failings being very laid back and ground it'd feel like you guys carry that. I think it's important to you two are so how do you do it two you've been like they are LA there if it failed. Yeah yeah. As we get along so could look at raccoons and Obama into each other things really. Or one week. Two in winning it's December surfers. You know. Now he added. At its Everett every everyone I'm not as low as part of from me it'd Everett thirty earth journalists seven January and then. That's supposed to work is it and Alex he seems to scissors and must you've beaten assistant yes true I'm. So who would your laid back who's like the driving force who's the ones like I gotta do this now. Our manager comment. Drug Macs are good announces and who do let down young Jefferson Fuqua letter. Militants are noticing now I'm not only O we all I think are motivated like different ways I think we push each of the till like staying on top of it. You know aspects that kind of cover different ground in terms of where where each of us hasn't motivations that we ought to have different rules to the aging as a production and in aren't a lot of lyrics and all that and we've replacement solicitous production. Julio kind of put we'll put them alive the live shows together you know together so we'll have a non offices. Yeah what do you know what hit a transition been like at this alleged to have a collaborative effort. Yeah enjoy at a the parts of that you aren't. No extremely injured red enjoyed immensely I think it's it's just been having natural evolution of enjoyed everything I've done. Since I was a young young boy and I think if anything it's just important to grow and improve and I wanted to play ever since a sad thing lead guitar. Which is about four years ago. Wanted to play in Eritrea in a van in fields of play blues and like. And Greg songs and and play everything live with the guys yet it's really nice you know you we re through very happy to have found. Friends and musicians I'm it was a do with. Beautiful. Chilly for the question and that would inning then. Values unquote Mona sax halfway one. Then. I'm. Did you vote on the drums. A home. Brief foot in the face. That's good. Everybody know let him shut him out. They haven't Jensen doesn't sound job. Policy dashing get a job one day. I won't have it any the will. A. Good remote. Indeed mean I don't know goodness. They. Blue moon need. William Brown a what that does dancing. And yeah. I believe it's. Osama pretty odd days to the stunts on than. Heads because a play to Hong. Go to the doctor but don't. Old quote. It's johanns. Who decide. Move. William Blount and head down them. Let me. It is it's. Who plans to it and you. Brad hasn't we have a clue. When every single day and a person's age. Lets you Yahoo! could show. Students. Dave. The superior and beard. Moon. Here's yeah. We're drew. A the carrier's route. Where you. Con okay and. Change and Ramon won't simply don't in my room. Who gets in the kingdom laws we've found true home. Glad every single good Danvers as a way zoom yeah two. As soon as Sunday. The period and burgers. And move. Yeah. Prayer. Weird. But it takes. A yeah. Process and and. The time beer yeah. Barriers are there. I. They were there. Or aren't you do. Dude. Las you do vision. The third or the moon. The very. There. Mama mama get to see. You jabs and woods got hold hands a home. Thank you so ladies that's been and that had to go in there at the Matthew Perry. Wine who it's from. Its reach the next. Really. So emotional other. Of course reckoned his business and we were as a joke on some that's beat them. Tom kind of joking. The first its own off just as the first half of its own thoughts to pot yeah. And we just you know messing around and all that and then it ended up putting in the second half and turning into more serious moment it's that is just you know. I want to get permanent permanent back. There he had real Ramon. Confirmed. Vietnamese community prefer heavily had a response from remote to stop now. OK I'm it would Howard trees in Cairo. Where Pomona College jobs and zone me he could. And there are. And that's not. Yeah but this. Are we to the question about the songs you guys right now it together because. You're three young good looking dude to rate the people's money here loves all his front unions want. I mean key is that what you're pulling out from here is a personal experiences what's feeding these. Yes. There's all kinds of ways we do it AM. Sometimes I take a lot from poetry. So the lyric lyrical content on this record and on what we do as the tide stems from. Poems are and things about different things whether it be love and romance or whether the about environmental news in morning. Whatever. Waiting for the type of person play is missed him from poem about sea level horizon. Ocean. The United Nations ocean advocates. China to. And in. Cooperate those you know those messages throughout the sounds like he says it locate it's a very big deal I'm very thankful to be good decision all right let's work. Makes you in I'm talking about yeah those kinds of things. But otherwise we owe this kind of gets you engine and it comes together an agent of the production. Marie Ferraro have a something. You know brief furthering. Hundred. Yeah. So how I any mention need to gonna bring your own style your musical interest and just but those last two songs that they're very different to each other and the other south on EPO listen to their different to. So what are you listening to you look what did you grow up listening to nobody listened to now. But there playlist now. That's that's a banner relate it to individual he'll listen the thing is we'll les and severity or Atlantic and highly sensitive. Law. Among mis producer and I country lesions are everything you know slowly come armed conflicts refresher at him but also in this intolerable music. All my own if I had to like shoes in I froze. Somewhere enters your wanted to doesn't run that we always ask each other that question him you're trying to. What John Harwood Craig in I have to tell releasing it. I would pick. Like old soul you know league test solely I think you know creek. Like like 40s30s. Like soul in a yes why because that's that's what fields means the moss yeah. What about you this city hello. Mind my B. A group listened to a Barack. Ground that's a problem too like ridiculous. My favorite bed good note was Metallica no way it really. The basis Gruber and party's influence. And just like the way I play offs. Such a group ahead. Rested and by. There. Two. The south of Brooklyn in June whom. It is Ruth. That you county's ground right now. Through it once that they Alberto an artist. As. And Joan that carry. A new bar is. Was that he is a listen at and I am. Actually I grew up on that was presently and Johnny Cash. All focused on the scientists are learning to play in Arlington. And those kind of you know his house. And and Elvis kind of was was the the ideals and the most. The most kind of iconic and kind of entertainment and idolize and I still idolize. Just doesn't a boy so. Locally it's that and analysts. My classic you know jazz vocalist but arms. As stars and music in particular from acoustic stuff you know Jack Johnson Donovan Franken right eight as events as a Bennett thing we've we take a look from. Sixties. Kind of style style music a lot of the sixties except music psychedelic music the dorks the doors and vents like the police. The culture music are some people called serve hot and yeah yeah. Yeah. That man thinking oh yeah. There are so you have to take a lot we take on Campbell and together in a month. And fashion yes okay it is in for their stranded on that one food. What you. Mexican food makes it close. Cut that's out of. My goat jerk chicken. Lucrative later. The. It feels right field regularly. Brotherhood. And I'll take my income mangoes pineapples and coconuts in the Hewitt he's not issue an Allen yeah anyone agreeing to the public with their coffee and I'll. Yeah poppycock and I think that's what mr. it and as one person. A. Yeah. My brother. Who's a veteran. And use. It's just my brother. Actually. On the. He's older on the youngest in the family at apartment to my sister and my brother. That's what I hateful thinly yeah okay you're covered Ramona. Megan Fox. Influence on it floats. Issues like Roger winds answers my next batch delivery. Medium and they. And we expect another song called maggot off. I'm hugs myriad. They have us tomato. How partisan and and and the other goes. Heads it's about doing a movies in an. Our lives are made you is right here without pay making Nubian Melancon and its full form. Transforms from. And gotten way out. Are you guys touring enabled the we we're going to be stunned to and in the but these are on the states in going to Austria and places where people overseas wherever which is everywhere and people who wants to check out we've won out yes Spotify Cody Simpson and the time dance. Everywhere in the US all all or digital out to be spot on yes. That singles singles coming in the Nia what they. Not yet. Literally whether calling out my. Like we're not called back Mirko. We actually have a Christmas we have ways to singles up we have why wouldn't cover of white Christmas yet coming out. In a couple of weeks that's different you how are you remixing for you on this kind of acoustic it's I would and I think all lives we did all house. And we wouldn't it and and before about a couple weeks. You single out rule area tours there. It is.

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