'Live From the Couch': Cody Simpson & the Tide perform 'Waiting for the Tide'

Cody Simpson & the Tide perform their new song "Waiting for the Tide."
6:44 | 11/15/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Live From the Couch': Cody Simpson & the Tide perform 'Waiting for the Tide'
Hey dad that's on the sides we I live in New York we live from the couch with another. Then Cody since then and that tied utterance are getting that everybody good. Adrian grief and Cody thank you for being on the air this is a beautiful day are gonna placing music for it's a little bit as well over any it's now each other parts. Tell me this story and you know how did because you love him very soul look successful solo career behind you your first time working as a band and you have a date you EP under your belt yeah. Out now wait one you want tell me the story you pat pat that this happened to come together had to rule. These student each other before. It is played with Cody. For a instantly is. Yet at a news conference in me he is yeah. And met before on two. It's OK you're. He puts it we put. An end and then. We. Through. Is picket when I mean what is set for I don't fascinate I can't come together what you all that Iran a look at each other like yes before. Clearly slow motion running along this and Emmy each so each other and that's. Suing unseen in the background it's just to run fireworks. How what. Now I guess I guess I don't know who the first time we saw his Emmy we liked we have received seeing Rick playing it with another band and yet we latches violence that is really liked eggs and imagine form. We just Anqunette the first time we started January every week yet playing all kinds of glues and different music has tree and we vote went nutria. And so we sent a developing all kinds of songs have been recording for the Los year. And wave on these four songs that we released last month there the first site taste and to that. And air grew it can record innocents. So tell me about that process and come about these songs now looking people expect from waves were. Let's that's a different kind of like styles. Cover present says a group. Got so lowered the booze the influences. So migrated as the influences. Menstrual. If the good culmination. Of all sounds. Yet its outcome how elect feel good Iraq. You know with them some blues and pop sensibilities. And semi kind of surf music and even like second Aaliyah involved. I mean yeah. Smaller list of what on Ricky don't cover them die about everything it's recognize and honor in and it's just as good lives yeah yeah. Yeah who will come from the past become background of the economy. Welcome Mariah guys are having confidently and it had an advisor and incidents and has. Now trying to hold inherited it around don't do over lives to be ill be all. We we have a kind of roster and influence is each of us come from different musical backgrounds and to create electorate in a splint for us. What's that short with everyone bring to the table. Bring bring. A good time. Acoustic kind of style stuff on the growth you know and some of the blues AM. Green. Base of this we're. Looks over Iraq and their property and loan school. They Johnson the I call from letting you know I come from Mexico us border and racer who so a lot of loud music and jazz will cause a split a lot of jazz and those other. Very cool off some nice blend something we haven't heard before you're gonna fight on for a few wait and women here. Army and hear the very first. -- half of CD it's called waiting for the tide. Claudia Kennedy and the tide take it wailed. Henchmen took over. Oh OK. Yeah. Oh. Sick. Everybody is reason. Full of them moments you're. Will be an amount that is and Seattle auto on the who believe his B again. Will remain here. He does start can't quit song. Panel Iran and others. Armed units are you let he. Who does job. You a Kobe. I'm yeah. Pastor hadn't. Shoot guns that these along. Parts that the ground on news of an edge. Without the silence. This. All you he should. Back to adapt and our own zoning soon G and we don't know about you. Is. Zones. It is. He. It's bad. I'm here. About. Besides it and we this besides it out anyway influence. This season seasonable. It's we and hello to emphasize it enough and the components. And besides it's not every village. Good to see a casino and a bastard we. And broaden its and we both today. We're. He's home. What we're saying. World. Boone. The game. Room. Moon. It. Need yeah.

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{"duration":"6:44","description":"Cody Simpson & the Tide perform their new song \"Waiting for the Tide.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"51179570","title":"'Live From the Couch': Cody Simpson & the Tide perform 'Waiting for the Tide'","url":"/Entertainment/video/live-couch-cody-simpson-tide-perform-waiting-tide-51179570"}