London's Magical Lantern Festival

ABC News' Louise Dewaste tours the lantern festival to celebrate the Chinese New Year
14:40 | 02/10/16

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Transcript for London's Magical Lantern Festival
I've read their lives for it and non. Isn't it wasn't a day in China it's on its. And time since they got him and southwest. And it did. Not. Stint in pool. And here that. Needs. That's and it will. It. Ends just. Actually. And he had a 118. And open things. Like organize. Oh. What we see here right now good night. On. Them and it's. I'm it's. Oh. That isn't thinking it can't be you know monkey. And the monkey. If that TV drama everything. Lights and light. And I'm. And then it is and nonsense right soup yeah why on. Well they face back T 2000 yet because Renton festive out. And that was a few defend bush in the stories. But Benton festival which is with the new law that of the Chinese media integration. Of IT ancient times he and Heidi. But sadly they use that dates to build patient and feminine of analysts the mall. The food with well they use that day the status. I'm way they did it it's too light and obviously that. Five but now. Time goes we did on. TVs. And shape that you Maliki and the lives. Sarah ever Chinese New Year and the guys I wanted them on animals yes a dead visited one of the golf until. And NCAA. Is the monkey is a year the monkey yes I sit but fizzles in loss of animals here is you can see. That are represented here tonight it's a really great things. Yet though some of them mean one of the reason is because. And she's the house of god and used to have and most insight. Now obviously they they'll. Host and you loans he said they agree we agree that we will dreamed of back to cheat the house of god does. Behind at this and moan came like someone you love send. I'm. And Louis is Olivia. But in an until play and tell how the festival is organized and went looking right now on trail tell me how it works. And the child takes about six to 1890 minutes. Around and done. He covered the one they like. We company hid as a huge. Pulled aside patent. Laser tackle of children. Miller then. When though my faith. Elephant. Sick stay middle but how these army wouldn't. And did Renton nowadays we he's the frame the metal frame inside and in the fabric of the what's approved fabric outside. I'm the BL UD. Well inside the coast the whole I'm me. We use about 60000. Bulbs Alley about 60000. Involves yet he's. It took until the district and yes and they will fill all made in China and though we may in China. And then put them into 21 containment ship all the way K two teeth ache. And those those there is a team of fifty people. From the Huntington Beach street he gets to you Ortiz living sale everything was made in China and was shipped here. Yes just for that just for the festival of light let's. Let's say special about Lance and then and well what does this festival represented the biggest and to fest though it is them. 2000 is how it takes the couch Harry page and you're both nice the way that. With the Chinese that my name China. But nowadays. I think has the that in order that he is hoping they shouldn't of Chinese people. In the UK especially London. But it's very difficult because we don't have like Chinese new holiday we can't go back to celebrate in the condition way. That's life. I did just come up between authentic Chinese tradition PS. In these beautiful. English did. What we've seen that background can you talk about nine. That's one of them must case they said jock and in China and John committed and full chin and they always collect. Both found Lee and this Johnson a 66 meters alone on a need to school. Sit on dragon and that is the centerpiece at this festival it's too hard yet he told. Can act death. So does it still is sending does it still. It is a victim like him like your homeowners happy if it's kind of like queen my child who back the good evening China. In some big cities we don't even with the release tablet in baseless animal. At the things going home it just develops though it's and I'm month but the last time I salute those lunches. Was doing now is three hopefully as the hunt. It's really exciting. When that Pamela hit to see that he believes these insulating. There were again as they show you little more than try again. She's really. The main piece of this festival. Yeah and that's going annually it's actually that Phoenix the Phoenix yet. In China Phoenix always goes off to a Johnson. The jug investments came. Phoenix's queen. Indefensible is and pool and much. Five weeks until I will be closed Monday in the week. It's. Normally the Monday that will look close but because the eighth eighth I'm the 22. Says a tape they tied the game playing that can aid the wealthy show sentence festival on the Canada. Though it close on both today. And that we over on those today. Welcome to stay at. They're miss people you've had a great time. He gave few pet parade. Found him back. More original unique way but he says percent of great big yea it is also finally of that. There since pixels and on the trial via and that it it's really just in my school. Isn't very nice thing for families to go all of his really crazy about it annually. When this we'll lends an electrical. Yeah. Walking through at dawn Potts in the event. Wait we're gonna get case it's me the next installations had. Stunned by the. It doesn't feel like you're in London no it. Well I mean he can't be done house is safe English. The sequencing. Through what is the next. The next conciliation that we can see and connects the Wyatt is. It's Egyptian. Yet I just put decorating. Incredible to think that he's a native. Peoples who. And that's how and they phone hunt native books again. Say you can imagine that. We get this channel is 75 minutes. Belongs. We're of Virginia. You. Blue moon and it announced in. I can't. Not very Chinese. I'm not specially designed to civility and western country. But that deduction. It feels like we're new ferries have. And everything sundin. This slight flooding of the month if this had gone. He's a big inflation over Lambton. Like technician though lend him. Eight unit closed it's posting comments. They're running into the night. Yeah. Here's. Where this famous Dakota on the east and American captain. Those that told Kodiak. It is also an in sounds just aren't. Here in the cop movies. With giant much it is and flowers. Yes we just didn't Walt look. Obscenities that we try to show you an average attract and if the. It's. Yeah. Yeah. I. It's an arrest has the simplest have been the same thing yes. Us.

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{"id":36845614,"title":"London's Magical Lantern Festival ","duration":"14:40","description":"ABC News' Louise Dewaste tours the lantern festival to celebrate the Chinese New Year","url":"/Entertainment/video/londons-magical-lantern-festival-36845614","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}