Lost & Found: Here's What Was Left Behind at the 2015 ESPYs

Take a look at what stars, athletes and fans left behind at the ESPY awards.
2:46 | 07/16/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lost & Found: Here's What Was Left Behind at the 2015 ESPYs
We just hope the 2015 past the awards Republican almost 6000 people for the and it was race today if we've had everything from people's ideas and drivers licenses to you. Phones that backpacks to sweaters and pants you want to do anything that someone brings a sense that event he imagined. Something is lost. Yeah. Wow. The hockey puck I got to got to Boston's one is that someone you know bought it at the birds nests location right rusty Staples Center. That brings us and to show. Or to evade brought from home I assume with the intent to hopefully getting through occupiers. Carcasses of the best because we know that they are going to have to cause that night. As we try to stay a little later received an investment that evolved of this but I think Randy. Which action about her as many news. Has likened anime expo in them by the law they're favored. Property and bags they came back worked at the act without. Here that would help me the. It. For every event. The staff obviously checks the seniors before we even my audience in the theater. Just make sure that all the seats in order and if anything left from either production or from something before that they madness continues they once has gone on. If something gets turned into them or they noticed something blocking and our collective brain targets for us that are the most that is get found at the end of an event. Mayor elect Graham Greene band a disappointing when it gets back with pork items that. It after it they that I the it's hard to let them know that don't have let me try to give them a little bit of Salt Lake City youth and youth and yes. We hold on to items for thirty days hoping school on payments once this thirty days and up it's known for that item that we donated. Packing but I know they're still in it right now. They're eighteen.

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{"id":32505798,"title":"Lost & Found: Here's What Was Left Behind at the 2015 ESPYs","duration":"2:46","description":"Take a look at what stars, athletes and fans left behind at the ESPY awards.","url":"/Entertainment/video/lost-found-left-2015-espys-32505798","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}