'Love Is Strange': So Much More Than a Gay Marriage Story

John Lithgow and Alfred Molina play a couple in the new film.
13:15 | 08/22/14

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Transcript for 'Love Is Strange': So Much More Than a Gay Marriage Story
And we -- -- to -- -- his. Whom you friendly pretty -- getting divorced her and that's what -- thought to. Moved. We. We have to -- problem. And we found already. Sort of pretty soon we're going to have to move out. Now they won't be long before I get another joke and should be long before we find. Another opponent that. In the meantime it's just -- transition phase probably just. -- -- We need to -- study. Where. Did I miss something -- these last weeks have been tough ones Elliott. Losing the job looking for health insurance. We needed breather believe me moving -- -- -- the last thing we want to -- it's only temporary. Will find a new place. Very soon. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's -- happening now called love is strange and I don't want to tell too much about what it is because I have the two actors who were in it and I will say this you won't see better performances. Anywhere around. Right now. Then what you're seeing from Alfred Molina and John with in strange so -- Not strangely at all have invited both of them either he's a great way that could occur -- that I like. But it's been a long hot summer for -- may occur there -- A lot of things like this and the fact is that you to play you guys who have been in love. Almost forty the -- and I think the. The that the relationship. The central relationship of the movie it is is really the the heart and soul of the film you know it's the fact that it's gay couple. In the civil some of their relationship is is no -- almost. Secondary -- that that that the film's really about. About just how loving dealers. And and how it how it can survive even the most difficult circumstances. And what's really interesting and what we both found was was really interesting about. There was a very often. Films about relationships. Often stocks or more often than not stop at the beginning of the relationship we see people struggling and working on to create the relationship to -- to -- -- to get it. Some of to -- he knew it the other end of this of the -- Very I think it's. It gives the film a delicacy in that actually two I think it's told in the struck from the films so -- basically suggesting that you and John had some kind of the plane. Decades ago. Natalie it will liberal -- I wasn't really that -- -- reality show we were extremely good friends without ever having worked together. Mainly because of mutual friends and because it just. We are sir from the same gene pool -- both theater actors people work in England and then America. We have. Scores of mutual friends in common and we have the same sense of humor roughly it was it was very hard to ignore it. -- late Saturday. In the in the film bears. Because New York has now made it possible war. Gay couple to -- When your two characters -- that in the movie. It's -- -- helped pick the Hamlet that that -- -- that's the of that. That's that the camel to -- -- that's -- store the price camelback and but it's it's it sets off a chain of events and sits opposite circumstances that they. That -- Jewish characters have to have to deal. But I think. New -- somehow this film in a way couldn't have happened anywhere else somehow I don't know why. But it's it's it's -- -- -- -- a kind of love lists and you can sense it's also about real estate which is. Very big -- soccer team that's that's the thing I mean that the crisis that sets off the events of the film comes very early on. And it's a crisis that can only -- fall. But a gay couple. Fred's character is let go because. Where he works -- They won't accept the Catholic school and he not because they want a -- but by doctrine by -- -- -- -- fire. That's. A crisis that can only -- a gay couple. But the crises that follow -- fighting and -- job. Finding in the apartment living -- family room living apart until you could regret having him back again. These are the crises that everybody -- brewers. The beautiful thing about the film and what's a brand new about it is these quote hidden problems being dealt -- With the same sex couple. And an elderly couple and older married couple. -- so brand new even though -- so. Almost but now it's so familiar why hasn't been called love is strange. Honest insisting on ever -- of on the title has an interest in -- you know that fabulous song we sing in the opening. -- injury wedding reception. That was. Love is strange. Strange. A four game well we -- to have the title. Or we could have the song. We had to pick. And iris love this the title so much that we picked about the -- that's how it became obvious strain but for him. But as desirous sacks but it is a reality we as we have a legitimate job and we need you haven't given him credit for -- writing and directing the -- right right so. He just feels. That's what's tomorrow as to think about his strange but it's also one strange that we survived. My -- -- -- him. In fact his husband. And Boris Torres. Painted that the the paintings painting Bentley he unites or collaborated. On the look of the paint because -- acquaintances. We decided not to use my art. All of -- like one of my pain since it hangs on walls part. Wu and and -- -- tell us which to look for now it's it's a boy owner -- in the opening scene made the camera lingers just for a second. Also very typical -- To use the experience in the background actors. The other tell them about Ali. Photograph that -- I I had I have a photograph of John mind. Together some function. Like it maybe twenty years ago Manama. And I -- came to my announced suits him us. And I he's he's he's he's -- assembly -- to believe that that I had his -- says so. We used in the news insist is that in the men there's -- -- makes a big deal about this isn't that we would have a photo and I. In you know in a frame on the side -- and it and it is there's there's little touches. Up Photoshop Jews. Five years ago you know we've barely knew each other time it's just random beats again looking at Fred here and -- a lot of people would look at and say. Joshua fox. Spiderman is that's it. And they would still see. Us. They would still say who else got from a you know but he was -- -- -- -- I don't know -- Goodell -- here. The we -- we the magnificent it is -- we have there's of -- that this going to be a time in the this could be its value would just for the -- -- can't -- But rather dire -- demand we both. We we've both done a whole. -- unlikely rolls of -- -- gain of out of luck large -- rules. And no you walked on the street and you can get recognized for anyone. And that's -- kind of cool thing you want the ones and mostly -- well. Recently. For me it's been the trinity -- on that -- the plant. This it was a warm Fuzzy and everybody. We loved it. Although he. Had a great to swing back and forth between such extremes. But when I see Fred I think. I think I've seen in boogie nights where he's Heath -- aria -- great performance. Well he's hitting off firecrackers suggests -- it's a musical. It's terrifying thing wings lead you've been. It's a -- all the little package of that the first time I ever saw Fred was in prick up your. -- a very warm. One -- well you're about copyright there's something -- -- -- can contribute to watch it if you read it it the width. With the green screen. And the arms dealing if I were rich man we would just rehearsing lose to see what kind of range of movement we had and a one point. One of them on asked me what are you doing -- to the movie. And I said woes and as we recommend him going into wrestles with Fiddler on the Roof angled. -- -- we just. I just went into like -- -- it. Richmond and they they they discovered a problem if -- -- it's quite the image it's it's it's it's one of those things but when you look at Fred and his work whether it's on stage television and movies. The one. That sticks with -- the most of what ever reason red. -- -- he was so extraordinary. And -- -- claim artists yet he deregulated Mark Roscoe. And Tony nominated. Actually. Want. Just. -- member of rider was apprised him. John's very -- to mention the fact that he's he's 11. -- fact of the I don't know I do. -- God. Yeah it. -- Be fair what was the John -- perform so well for me there -- two. There -- 21 of course was the world according to -- which completely. Numbers saying this because I love him because he sat next me but there're -- performances. That you remember because they. They kind of changed. The rule book in a way the rules get read the book gets -- written -- this two performances in my mind that is that. One was John. -- Ruben and the other one was road to narrowed in -- -- Those of the two movies please I walked away from those performances just thinking. Well that's. I'm an actor but that's that something else does something else going on -- there's something. This transcends anything that I understand. -- about acting and the other one was. The of them when we needed -- -- success. Which I thought was like this. This I don't not just because of the because it was a musical but just that the -- the context was was interesting which is the the viciousness. And the kind of this this elegant cruelty that was just -- just let me. That's the best review I've ever -- and they show always ends with song. Does -- -- that some people don't believe me because they're not watching yet but. Now you've both been in huge musicals I'm sure you do -- On the -- of the strange have you ever sung together. Not only in what now -- to -- we -- we sent a matter of fact the very first thing we shock was that that thing I don't you read it really that duet on the piano bench and its prime minister. So I'm looking for a little bit him on can't even remember the words -- -- that he'll help you would do. You must you got regime may be -- and to me that's environment that I'd -- -- baby. You got what it takes a case -- -- you got your way I'll take it. Penn I could've gone on and feels strangely twins -- and a half. We all. -- -- If he felt about it. Peter took got a letter depending.

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