Luke Duke's New Project

One-on-one with "Dukes" icon Tom Wopat.
9:33 | 07/29/14

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Transcript for Luke Duke's New Project
I think about -- there's always room. -- -- And in some who. -- -- -- -- -- -- Keep coming back from a paid -- she says. I'm gonna love you and your whole. Until the smooth baritone. From singer actor Tom -- -- of course of the Dukes of Hazzard fame belting out tunes now. And out the new project that you can see and hear much more and more happy that he's joining us here today top thanks for joining us today thank you have -- -- 1979. When the Dukes of -- started I answer many questions for you because -- -- -- huge I was born and I think. I was born I was a huge fan of the show. -- Childhood dream come true well that's nice of -- to -- it's it's been a big gap. A big piece of entertainment for a a lot of generations and that seems to be you know part of our pop culture at this point. Is it did the staying power that that show pads. Is mine blow. Well I look at it like it for myself I've always been a huge fan of the Andy Griffith Show bread in May -- -- with -- and and Barney in the whole crew I mean I can sit down and watch half -- dozen of those in a row. And I think that's the way it is with with -- -- -- its family oriented there's humor -- -- there is. We poke fun at ourselves all right so and of course there's plenty of action and the good guys always win in the bad guys don't get her to you know I actually arrive that the things that they live to see another day friendly -- -- -- for the get I gotta say is a former fat kid. You know and I -- -- always watching guys getting to the general Lee you don't open the doors I tried that once in my mother's car. You really should have a disclaimer at the bottom there's -- try -- at triple no the generally in the 69 chargers had a big big flat top of the door -- which helped a lot but should assist what. Why -- hand handles are for our for the week I guess. It's the thing is is that you guys you and and John Schneider have had teamed up. In a commercial for auto trader and I wanna play -- for this because this is great I've not seen it. We -- get -- yes I'm already on -- traders grew faster car. Music search and you. Now what I do about lot of traders are you need to think about what's -- About. I see this would place. Can we get an in Orange looks like duke boys from the one. Like. Ridiculous. I think it is that must adjust selector reunion like none other -- -- -- -- win a lot of fun actually John's got a place Louisiana and we shut it down there. It was as Larry gatlin said they made us an offer we couldn't understand. So but we had a blast -- it and that's the first I've seen avenue looks pretty -- it looks it looks pretty good he looks great I gotta say elected that the tone -- the that the flavor in the appeal of the to have it is totally captured the auto -- really nailed it about one. I think -- is that your career has suspended the on the Dukes of -- you've been on Broadway Annie get your -- catered affair both of which you had Tony nominations for. I think -- you look you -- the stage as much as you television. Well I -- stage is actually where it came from. I studied voice at university Wisconsin and actually I started doing musicals -- I -- -- I -- -- twelve I -- And been doing a member -- so -- 5050. Years with the. -- and I've been blessed to be able to work with a lot of great people of course in and -- -- -- as Bernadette Peters and catered affair where is Harvey Firestone and a the -- -- -- to show last year that I worked with. Cicely Tyson Wright -- trip to bountiful so you know it's it's kind of it's a beautiful thing and then. Of course like a couple of years ago Tarantino calls and we that a film -- worked in genuine change -- I've been really blast YouTube you've hit that you hit like this all ends of the spectrum as far as the performances concern and fortunately for me has been at a pretty high level you know yeah that absolutely and then -- I've got your number. So many great classics and because the thing is I think so many people. Realize that but that obviously you can act in the same time you can -- that an audience's attention. With just the microphone. Again it's something I've been doing a long time and -- while we were doing any future gun. I had been making country records before that mean for different albums country tunes did OK you know -- -- -- -- -- today. Mr. Schneider had -- number one's it and so he had a great deal of success with -- but when I was doing -- -- go and they asked me while we are making the cast album if I'd like me jazz record -- And once I started singing that stuff it's just like it's like phenomenal her shoes it's really really comfortable. And I worked with the best musicians in the world I have a trio of New York City. -- for example this last week and we worked in Wisconsin right about twenty miles from my hometown of in 800 seat theater. And caribou was -- and and I brought my -- there and and I had three -- -- matters. That veterans. System. And it was swing in it was a blast -- -- -- concert from 700 people spot on the -- to the hometown crowd yet there is that. And it's also it's great music Brett. We mix up the standards with a few more contemporary tunes that we give -- jazz treatment. And then I also do some original stuff right -- To -- this kicks our campaign that you guys. This well actually this came about before. Before -- -- named today. -- I've been talking to John for 45 years but make a record we we've done some performance together like in casinos where we'll have. A ten piece band and was seeing everything from the Dukes of -- things on looking back Texas to. Trouble from music man right you know we do -- wide range of material. And so I wanted to make a record and it seemed like Christmas was one of those things where we there's a great deal -- great material. And a lot of stuff that's been ignored for -- often. So. Long story short we're making a Christmas record. And whereas in the fans to if they wanna get involved and this is the best way to do it and we feature -- intimate concerts in. New York City in Louisiana and one of the rewards was but is -- -- -- a trip. It's an afternoon drive around Manhattan and success for America. And getting a slice -- maybe -- Bruschi. A lot of what does -- scare that's the beauties of -- kicks or speculate everyone wins from this me now is the campaign benefits from as well but people that make these contributions. Get something out of it I mean driving around Manhattan with Tom what pat is not a bad way to spend at five coastline and the whole thing is fun. And the thing that I think I've really come to appreciate about kick starter. Is that not only do they help you financially but then they have an investment in your career right. And these people start to show up and they have you know they've got a lot of enthusiasm for what you're doing. And it's it's been really exciting we got a few more days left and we still got a few slots left in this place -- that place as far as the or awards ago. The people can get the information and kick starter Tom -- -- dot com stage. So on screen with. What it what else is out -- that you attack. Tom. -- one thing I did. This last winter was I directed a reading at at the flea theater. Jim Simpson's theater downtown right right and I've worked there are several times I've done electric two hander. Open book play about 9/11. It was called the guys and it received a lot of attention. So I I intended direct some more from both on stage and on film a little bit you know. -- right now it's I've been so busy in front of the camera that I am -- going to behind the sentence. But but it's gonna show the diversity obviously the diversity of the duke boys. Well and John's doing great -- -- and some movies down in Louisiana he got he has -- done these were -- this next one. And -- the the really fine thing about. About that show was. Was that -- established such really. Tight relationship yet I mean I have six natural Brothers. But I count him as number seven and it's I look forward to -- -- see him shortly. The thing is -- -- you see that in the dukes of hazard obviously you here in the work and look forward to the Christmas album. I've got your number obviously is out right now you gotta outdoor Christmas parties and religious society an invitation my dad how to turn that December 2 -- -- down I will absolutely be there Thomas at thank you so much appreciated my pleasant things stand take -- Yeah.

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