Designer L'Wren Scott Found Dead in Apparent Suicide

The 47-year-old fashion designer had been romantically linked to Mick Jagger.
3:00 | 03/17/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Designer L'Wren Scott Found Dead in Apparent Suicide
I'm Dan -- New York with a developing story out of Manhattan's west side where the girlfriend of Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger fashion designer Lauren Scott. Was found dead this morning in her apartment. The latest now on this investigation on a -- BC's Eric church Aaron what do we know about this story so far. Well it's just developing because -- and Scott was found dead just after 10 AM in her apartment in the west Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan it's very. Well well known building. On oh eleventh avenue and it's one of those buildings where you can drive right in and taken elevator right up your apartment a lot of notable folks live in that building immigrant -- assistant. According to police sources was called of the building she walked in and that's when she found her boss that the noted fashion designer dead. And the death is an apparent suicide the medical Examiner's going to have to make a final determination and it's far too soon for that. But police say there was no foul play suspected. Have they gone into any kind of ad detail about this apparent suicide will -- -- with lead them to that to that cause. -- and Scott was found hanging from a doorknob inside her living room by her assistant and there was no note but there was also no evidence of criminality no evidence of any foul play. And so authorities -- are working on the suspicion that this was. A suicide now why and and and what the circumstances of her life where in -- police haven't said an and they won't necessarily be interested but right away. The very quickly they were able to -- -- no foul play seem to be part of this sort of displaying no -- -- suspected in this but when we expect him more information. Have police or. Anyone else -- the -- connect this investigation said when they might. -- to -- more information. Well there their they're. I'm going through there investigatory. Details now and once they they do that maybe they'll have a bit more information but there's not really a lot to to investigate once the medical Examiner's office rules this. A suicide if that's in fact what it is because in a -- there's no crime to investigate police would. Effectively be done so will be left to those who knew the -- Scott we've heard from Mick Jagger the front -- of The Rolling Stones is currently on tour in Australia saying that he is completely shocked and devastated. There are those in the fashion world that are are speaking out now in fact she had tweeted or at least somebody had tweeted from her account. Just in recent hours so -- even those closest to her it seems. Didn't see this coming or didn't know anything was wrong if in fact something was wrong Butler and Scott it's believed took her own life just after 10 AM here in New York today. An ABC actors -- on latest on that investigation Aaron thank you for that. I want to bring in our energy -- lessening master on this -- truly shocked the -- Scott's famous obviously her own right. -- aside from being Mick Jagger stroke friend is getting -- the most headlines. -- she is a force in the fashion world the -- Scott started off as a model became a stylist and then. Just a couple years ago developed her fashion line but she was beloved by a blisters she was Nicole Kidman's style less. And her dresses had been -- from by everyone from Penelope Cruz. To Angelina Jolie -- this is a huge huge loss in the fashion world how long had the couple been dating. Big feelings for over a decade and just a couple months ago Mick Jagger stepped out with her. To support her when she developed AM -- line for a banana republic obviously he's on -- right now he's in Australia so they're not together. They weren't together recently by its they've been dating now for the better part of a decade. As you pointed out there they are in Perth Australia there this picture was taken before the news broke this morning. Is there any statement or any reaction then whether it will be canceled whether Mick Jagger -- -- turning back stateside. There's been no updates so far I think he's right now just -- trying to come to terms with the fact. That this has happened he said as. -- that he said that he was shocked. And devastated so I'm sure that once the band has a moment to take this and -- figure out some thing. I would be surprised if he didn't come home for. Funeral or what -- the memorial plans are. A tragedy for Mick Jagger and of course for the rest of the world as well ABC's Letzing -- -- lastly thank you so much they appreciate it of course you can keep up with the latest. On the story in real time downloading the ABC news -- -- the story for exclusive updates for now though. -- -- -- in New York with its ABC news developing story.

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{"id":22943700,"title":"Designer L'Wren Scott Found Dead in Apparent Suicide","duration":"3:00","description":"The 47-year-old fashion designer had been romantically linked to Mick Jagger.","url":"/Entertainment/video/lwren-scott-found-dead-apparent-suicide-22943700","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}