Madonna Defends 'Blowing Up the White House' Comment

The singer said her remarks were "taken wildly out of context."
0:51 | 01/23/17

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Transcript for Madonna Defends 'Blowing Up the White House' Comment
Next and they got a fiery words that apparently got her and a lot of hot water with the secret answer yeah a little bit of trouble the material girl took the stage at the women's march on Washington. Over the weekend saying she thought. About blowing up the White House saying she quickly back pedaled on that comment however in a post on its a Graham saying she was speaking. In a metaphor and didn't intend to. For it to be literally taken that way still the Secret Service is reportedly investigating. And making news oversea is down under Bruce Springsteen kicking off its Australian tour with a declaration and show of support. At that in Perth announcing that he's joining the new American resistance. Yet he. He tells a crowd. Our hearts and spirits error with the hundreds of thousands of men and women who march Saturday's day in every city. In America there were certainly a lot of celebrities who were part of that movement over the weekend that where.

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{"id":44981847,"title":"Madonna Defends 'Blowing Up the White House' Comment","duration":"0:51","description":"The singer said her remarks were \"taken wildly out of context.\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/madonna-defends-blowing-white-house-comment-44981847","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}