What Makes Robert Pattinson Curl Into a Fetal Position?

Peter Travers asks him the one thing that gives him hives.
10:22 | 06/20/14

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Transcript for What Makes Robert Pattinson Curl Into a Fetal Position?
Which of those -- -- -- -- -- -- Here's your brother. -- Where is Andrea. -- you probably received. Q2 Hillary's. -- -- -- Hi everybody. I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what is happening at the movies and there's -- happening now called the rover which I think is a terrific movie even though it's about. The world being truly screwed up. And -- stars really too screwed up -- Pierce and improper patents and so welcome to him. Thank you have you got an it and move into I don't really did and it was just and I wish it had them before -- -- -- the president is still I think. -- just take it away from moving but. When you do a movie like this and you guys -- in the outback now the for guy he's a stranger to he's probably done tons of walking paths payments leave I yeah -- I don't know about it. But you've cleaned up good but -- spent a lot of time together making this movie out there in kind of no -- When this happened that you both god really your kid show. Again yeah. Not I think Richardson. The man I think we did that thing -- -- I have been -- to review and completely. On the subject. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know we we we -- it laughing it resent having to remind us of what it was we were actually doing because the films. It it really operates on -- on the label. That -- sort of behavior in the film is is kind of sickened to tune to what's kind of going on and in. You know him in the in the -- picturesque -- -- defined -- -- laughing at the ridiculous things that we. Knowing that leading to a -- -- I think only the things get there's another act in -- you -- -- very specific figure how to -- something in the other acts not allowing you to do it but I found. -- this it was kind of hadn't OK -- -- announced as the day before its end of two that you can't -- and everything is. Equal in news -- -- you know -- in my tax on some level kidnaps wrong really because. I'm trying to track down his brother his brother has Stalin -- in the is something on need to do so awed by assuming -- kidnap him. And so the relationship from in some analysis recently you know what -- be -- -- bombed and establish a relationship we now have a place at the beginning and it anyway. So -- away with this two on -- that have nothing to do with each -- but we just stuck in them and that cabinet truck. House. And your character is even though he has a name in the credits I never really hear you column now I don't think I realize that he's Eric easily. And I find that. You could mean if you really good. It's going to go home that he can it be competitive but we should say that I mean I did terrible job -- -- -- to say. That yes these three guys have stolen. -- -- -- -- -- -- He's mad about that and wants it back and -- their card goes after Clinton. Comes up with -- -- -- -- -- -- Also slightly unity. As -- Reynolds. -- so we know and that's. A thing. Let me my character written in the -- it didn't even say Eric and to -- man it was just meant. Them but -- that -- the man that development and one of dominant. Just be too close to who you that's -- home home before. But you'll -- character is not that Smart is he's mentally challenged. Kind of -- mean what I said it establishes that they've miss. That he was to someone who's. Everyone thinks. As in some -- challenged but he's actually you know and so he's just been told is the entire time so when his relationship with -- that Vienna time. He's really had any kind of autonomy as -- it's. That's -- -- -- the mechanism that actually thinking so rusty it what does that maybe has never even being used if and so it's kind of opponents lack of independence is -- never really had to be independents. He's in treatment these hearings -- treatment he's. Disabled and so and and just really believe because it is. Again and said the main Molly coddled or anything Evans missed an idiot and just -- Giving slapped happen at once called it and Nadia Cohen you do column. Which is something but the most insulting thing I think my mom -- schools we have of that it never. Covenant with -- really aggressive at -- The Greek that let. -- did you two stay in character because you could do that did you both take he Daniel Day-Lewis. Approach. Urals arms about this and now we didn't stand and you mentioned Daniel dies -- yet we reject -- Whatever maxis an enormous credit. But I really kind of weather and of -- easily without even trying yeah how many. We have -- -- living together in little. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's -- tonight when you're in Kerry -- on the -- really on some level. It's the -- life -- it was Tuesday that mr. -- He weeks. Of shooting. -- accident -- in Iceland as you know. It's wandering off and I mean these towns on -- right for you because there was -- paparazzi -- kind of you know it's terrible for me that this program. -- he didn't mind -- he started that. I remember last time I spoke to in Austria you were in called name -- all right so it didn't people following them yeah -- that's hardly is -- -- vampire like rob -- you would still I was I wasn't that I just for example but I. -- but yeah I had -- ties to that but nothing like this nothing much courtroom -- So they wouldn't the paparazzi gave up and wouldn't come to -- location it. There was no there was no would stay and then as we believe because we've had been one hotels on the innings town. And says he wanted to -- nuclear. It has to just religion and -- -- live and you cod on something and it's dangerous. And then. Say -- man and ones. -- -- one and one -- to and our crew look for a way to benefit echinacea accelerating that holds yeah it's so sad. One -- or -- It was probably at -- something else. And everybody is any had to say Mel Gibson in mad Max. I think I've just been a lot. Has -- patents a look at a flood of payments -- -- -- -- -- so as we come to the hand guy analysis on it it's our musical part. Now look at I don't want to hear that because both of you -- musician you might not have recorded anything. You guitar players if you've seen them -- -- in the -- -- question well you. That's amazing that's now. Can you -- That's it's gonna government. I think that's the issue with it's it's not summits that we're not musical it's the suddenly think of us on -- He wasn't the anxiety -- -- in here. There's always something that's -- we always do that anymore. I can suddenly fill in my hands -- it's -- swimming but what that guy was here he hits with justice that you started doing theater. You started you did was about us. It wasn't my office thing but it was we talked about with an -- that that we're and you heard did guys don't. So what did you. Cuban -- to. -- during that particular moment where she's -- so you didn't move on and school to that next step. In those in the -- relative to its company. Aaron. That was the first thing -- Sensitive dancers in would have risen -- And yet. -- Snippet of a song is be on -- -- you know he had a rose in his teeth I got to -- first at this. It's -- dancing beauty in all that time in Austria you can didn't take and -- -- And singer and -- we have -- -- things 4:4 in the morning for in the ruling people's retirement. Harriett the appetite hammering out the lights down. Up to its. -- I'm not I'm not good enough momentum to competitive. But this segment that was just -- about being good. It's always been about not being able to will bat a little snippet of some kind ballot. United is a love story this news I I know that that he's seeing her movement itself exactly -- it happened. Devising. This is. Skin. -- because you couldn't -- a clown paintings of fear of them there between Unionists. Good. They -- accountability. And the but I -- It was really -- really priced -- yes I've never seen anyone -- crawl. Let them. As you -- here on the show before but. And -- you had. For thank you thank rob think you've got.

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