Mandy Moore on almost giving up acting

The star of 'This Is Us' and 'Tangled' thought about going back to school or trying something else after three failed TV pilots.
19:44 | 03/10/17

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Transcript for Mandy Moore on almost giving up acting
How could you be late today of all day and he had hull. Here's who not only will use that he be went by and so would not call by call your office and you didn't so you're checking up on me now. It's just passive aggressive Jack okay the kids. They need it right jewels party tonight parents are home I already checked and Randall's robotics class DC beaten to two states can be. And please please do not like Kevin and filthy people themselves in the basement or hope for each other then what's so funny it's disturbing news deck him and she was nibbling and he's written ruling in reference stressed the only way to describe. Your sentencing cute. You and. Oh. Everybody I'm Peter Travers welcome to popcorn where we tell you what's pop and in the culture. And I don't think you will see anything popping more on television and this is. If you pick and a lot of that C she's laughing all I think so. And Edwards laughing at our quote happy go here on the show there's not a lot lately for her laugh that Nat not a lot of levity. It is great and it really having me and it's just. The so much to talk about the of these this is your first time on the show but I gotta start with. How you destroyed every one this is honest with them lash. Wealth I was not do that not yeah last episode banana industry needs you. Like Kelly and what's gonna happen Williams we knew real violent that this was imminent he asked but I remember I read scripts and tying. Pretty much had permanently. I was I was still upset and I just remember thinking of the country's different Hilton's. We're so fragile at this point in time anyway like we're all just barely hanging on my red I don't know Fiedler an island and lo and behold that was sort of the unanimous three function if it's. Gut wrenching. It is but almost everything on extra even laughed with these people have. Their time. And you if you don't know Indian. It's just that it's an. It is here inherited. A aren't I don't think that. If for no other reason in the scene that you have where you are monsters sleep pregnant with Larry Tripplett sitting and that share. Talking to those days. Praising their. And saying basically with me you're gonna get good and I. After I get like emotional. And was it was. Were given scene well engines. A bit and so pre and so and Knisley. Thankful to Dan Fogelman for changing nightlife he changed it with tangled. He wrote tangled and that's how I met and and then you know six years later I read this pilot and I had done three. Failed like any pilots that didn't get picked up and that's the work. Check in that did the three and a rod green around like maybe not meant to be getting at that hurt. And sure every act that are out there it knows that feeling and you you just are covered reevaluating your life and going maybe it's time to link go back to schooler blinked trying to handed something else and I know you could sing I. Acting erratic but I really it was solely in. Asked that I love television I love the median and I feel like it's where the most interesting stuff is happening these days. And I read that this is asked pilot and my job was on the ground they didn't see the twist coming at the end. And it was just such grounded. Nuanced writing but I thought IA the world do you absolutely anything to be a part of this even if it doesn't go any further than the pilot stage. Dan and John Glenn or directors and I knew that they would like you know be able Sid Sid. Get together group great group of actors I thought. Be proud of the work that we do if it doesn't move forward as not totally disappoint myself through Munter. Get my X relations Sally after three absolutely and then you know lawn albeit with pretty magical and got picked up than. Here we are Hispanic crazy journey we just filmed it literally like a year ago so. Been an interesting yeah. Didn't here it is but. Well let's start by just talking little bit about who Rebecca is for people I don't know anybody is alive out there who actually hunt there. Come CK CC what the ratings. For a picnic. Weren't content you surprised the week bye week and it's such a treat because we're back in the Nikkei activists and lean. She's the woman over the course of the series that we meets you know at. At as she's about to give birth cities Triplett and her life is about to change exponentially. He's married to Jack I'd buy my elements million who is like the ultimate husband and father was just pretty perfect. And makes us off to you yeah yeah I'm sure this account how do you live up to being kind of parent I hope my loan person is flawed heat. He's not that's the thing this is so frustrating really. He's the guy you do not like walks around every morning and shakes every crew members and desolate everyone and I you just eye opening in the ninth person in filling might not like I'm actually at the expense. I don't go hand in shake everybody pay I think the people you yesterday. Helped write. Good morning and good morning sir and I he's so polite and respectful and leveling and the best partner to have and that's. But Rebecca is assertive and she is deeply maternal but this is a woman that that I'm lucky enough to get to play from two when he. Three to 66. So you see her in the past its it immediately we in the U say yes sixty is the egg rates. Funny enough. Again. This show with picked up and and said okay but two weeks before we started shooting he's like I have this idea I want you to potentially play this woman. Present day and if it doesn't work. And nobody buys it like a 100% and well will tabled the idea Atmel Catholic and older actress but I really wanna go for it had about six different make up tests until everybody was. I bet did you have some. Really point out there I hit I wish it show you pictures have it was like goldilocks and tree there. You all you young men and write to me. With high indiscreet I was wearing a month and hired like. Mask of prosthetics I had this long. Been really great way to. Thinking I think it is an isn't like this is me. They initially. Like over. 66 that she's in the kind of think she should be by patients and vibrant scenes like this fully realized. Soon. She didn't want her to be like you know. Wrote roaming around you shouldn't be but she is fully realized that writing in the end here player she's not perfect she is not. She did a lot of strange things I don't make them unpopular choice choices. Not telling him. Lying idle and lying by omission and it's lying by omission and those things but still we feel for what she's want to. I mean it's set in what decade. I'm well moves right in unison around that mean the kids they're born in seventy and eighty. But before this season is done we'll have and that we're back pack rape apportioning Jack Harris that's in 1970 laden nineteenth and eat you. It means we cover her from 72 all the weights at present day you know like eleven about that. Is you. You have always me and you have an album called recovery time but you always talked about having things for that decade for the Eric I was. And you're now I get to live and not much and I would like has a lot of our stories sort of in central when kids are not eat movement but 88. But any time that says where Rebecca and yet it's pushing forms like. Pressure but I do love visiting Anthony's of the fashion music and young where Backus lake. Death we have seen the hit musical tastes there's a lot of like the S and lie in Joni and that kind of stuff correctly that got of these. Rebecca is trying as we're watching her now. To have overseen career and she's saying I wanna do something she embarked on earth trying to embark on when she first met Jack and I think. Be meeting Hamdan sort of altered the course of both of their lives and I think she. So to people that creative side of herself when she met and they got married and then decided that a family. And it's only something that she's just revisiting this juncture in her life the opportunity through it came about the kids that lean. They're kind of pretty much self sufficient and I think. It's a real point of contention with her and Jack in their relationship because she's always just been hit bit in the life and the mom and constantly another. And the fact that she's that a pies. I yearning for something outside of him is re me it's difficult for him to process and for him to sort of fully support which is. Frustrating getting frustrating and their reaction to he has been frustrating too because I've noticed online in my don't ever go on FaceBook guys read the comments. But there are so many women who are like you know we're back has at all how could she possibly like. Leave her husband and her I mean isn't that responsibility is is to them and them alone. In 27 play that way that would be very saddened to think there is like first 1996 which I now would still twenty years ago but unlike this is we're living in the president Cheney lake you know women can try and. And and do it all and I think she only is it to herself to honor that side of herself in. She has given so much of her life at that at that point to her family that. I mean a couple weeks off to go on the road and might leave her Geneen doesn't seem like he's asking for too much. But in the present day in terms of sterling K brown hair and his wife is a thing called I coal marriage. I call on marriage. I think it is what you don't lie you gotta take that card and today I act in. Of the about that yet about this thing about our relationship and that should trump don't ever don't abuse but at what you do it's I call that. Is what this at. The great yet the great term it is apple will you do when you're in you're 66. And. With the actors who are playing now your growth chuck. And I mean how are you dealing with the three of them do you try to stay in character when you're doing that or do. You all tease each. I can't get involved in a teasing so much because you know first of all just then. And Chris are so funny Sally say he is just. For Salomon is one of the funniest individuals on the planet and Justin's really funny sterling really funny. I think. When the energy and movement everywhere and around each other like people's wanna be goofy and normally when I'm in in the east and so far in this first season when I'm in the prosthetic lake present day make up. It's normally like. I'm disappointing some one and we're going to a funeral like it's never a happy time I'm had I really after they remove myself from lat and in the make up artists noise it's at that would be shouldn't stop asking you can't move your mouth fat lunch because you're moving up not panic they're gonna come unglued and I have to I had been badly sit with my headphones and a quarter he's doing the hunting him there's pregnancy that mean that was that was at valley I was a giant Alley. That was another factor that piling debris that actual like prosthetic belly wait 35. So I was like I write this it dramatically changed the way that I walked and carried myself but. For that episode we had one part of the episode where you had to see the belly so we had to use the prosthetic match the pilot. The rest the time it was dire fountains. It was and let my idea is I mean I was still like a gigantic like object in front of me that it was easier to care. Of the things do go through. Tort reform. At the duke was this always. Growing up again. We use saying this what I am going to be an eye grabbing your parents not and jiving her parents and that I was born in. Every year that the sixth graders put on and I remember when as in first grade I saw Oklahoma. And I watched the girl who played Laurie sing oh what a beautiful morning Helen. Lake spelled out I was mesmerized and but island view that. How to do that but I want to do that and I would just like walk around how sentencing you know what a beautiful morning and my goal was to be the leave it. And the six great play when I got there and and I was I would have only gotten dollars. Happy into a partisan and development called me you've got yeah outlet is to me that was I thought that I peaked in sixth grade I was like if I can be bullied the play. That's that's coming kind of be it from there it is only recently president and I. Have always had is that relevant as the only things. Experience Opel but you know you've become so successful so yeah. Nan rein her in the air and he wins you I was fifteen when he added saying Dan. Plan crazy. Killing another life I was out dude he does it less of the but what you grounded enough to deal with that. I IAE community young age that I had really great parents. And that's kinda keep everything you know have that foundation. And none of this is gonna work so. No matter what like that the twists and turns that everyone's life takes the fact that like I did have that foundation of good parents Mike solid upbringing. Mom dad never want to be a my manager they weren't already had just didn't they just weren't always mom and dad and he traveled with me on me when I was doing everything you know starting off in the music industry. And we're just mom and dad and they Wear you know there to support me in the mean that now when treated me any different means so therefore I never regarded. Myself and he picks have we all go through the twists and turns but you're doing asked spotlight here. That's different is especially when you really young and you're touring that Backstreet boys and instinct now trainee. Went from watching him on like and T need to like six months later being on the road trip crushes on. Which island. Kate just you can take. Obviously. That was ever a crash but lake lab and I was an watching them perform in just under lake said. Chaos that followed them relentless. Mind boggling to me yeah. Are you back to. In now that the show is third among hanging in I me. Have kind of thing about me again say. I'm writing in the morning and then looking Kingston. Not anybody's like necessarily bleeding from music for me but I wanna explore that again initially he's they have that foreign. Like had a tremendous amount of success with music and but it's. Fun and because it's never sort of. Pigeonholed me it's allowed me how freedoms you kind of whenever I want and no one has. This I don't have these sort of unrealistic expectations like number when you had a hit record than. Number one record. I don't really have that in my rear premieres. But it's. All this it's and then you've had success in you making it not be overwhelming. As it was but people would remember that. When you don't movie's laugh until you did walk to remember. That's like the notebook of the new century you think it's good people every Valentine's Day when people say what's and I watched it the more minutes until that changes things to. It then I have been very lucky. I think hair very few times in your career that you can be a part of something that lake. Means as much to use it means to an onions did you feel it when I did it have Ella a lot can member and now I have that with this since last and it's like how it twice in one like time is. It's remarkable I'm so so lucky. And there's a movie everybody I want them to watch that cuts or didn't do very well when he came say yeah it's basically high schools story but it about religion. Ed is in critical of religion it's critical that justice and so it really works now and you're on the Hannity you time ahead of quietly get and then and princess di. In the handy for a kids movie when are they looking at all actually. Philadelphia little evil big aliens. Who now look at me and a half way what you did it. Some had islands that was half I just wanna be friends up there. Sweeney who was studiously positions and go away I think if any friends and off and do. Actually so and now you going to do reprisal again entangled the scenery yet tangle of had been picked up like behind two I can't think about it a -- which is fine mean Allen and in England's later backed right Elvis cool music and a shallow end. I loved playing that character for her hair back haren back magically by some crazy circumstance that people have to watch and eat it. It's it's really. It's night the like have these two different parts of my life kind of ignited and percolating again I think it's great especially if you go back to the music chest Smits in the east and well. And it said it'll it'll happen I just happened at a figure that. Oh well this show ends. Constantly with everybody's here in a bit of song black. All of your dirt here. Your show how I think why did the same but that we do IOC what you can and what it would let a couple of you know I think we should do we shouldn't go back to candy. We should cut a guy should not we're not going I I think since you brought it. We should do oh what a beautiful morning since. That was the one I got. Even some medical and I am not in sing sing at an even though will just they all punitive foam are. Well landed viewed as well today although I have got had wonderful. They and everything's going my way you write it's beautiful thing yeah. Awards from that. Keen didn't. If it. Birth everybody. It's important people bursting into song love seeing you yankees don't think she.

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