Mary J. Blige on 'SNL' impersonation of her, 'Mudbound' and more

Blige discusses her new movie, "Mudbound," on "The View."
8:54 | 11/14/17

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Transcript for Mary J. Blige on 'SNL' impersonation of her, 'Mudbound' and more
Now after 50 million records sold and nine grammys, she's doing a whole new thing, baby. She's doing a whole new thing. She's got a star turn in the powerful new film "Mudbound." Please welcome the woman who put the new music to "The view," the woman who is kicking butt in every direction possible, please welcome Mary J. Blige. ??? World's gone crazy ??? ??? I think that, I think that, I think there's only one thing to do, go crazy ??? ??? I think that, I think that, I think that we should go crazy too ??? Very popular. Thank you. I don't know if you can see backstage but everybody was up dancing, singing, you know. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I'm so grateful. Thank you for everything. Now, you walked out to the theme song you did for us. Right. You wrote it and performed. By the way, do you ever get tired of hearing your own stuff? No. I mean, not now. I mean, I'm so happy that I'm still around and people are still listening to me. It gets us going every day and we still think that's our voice singing. Not. But, would you ever come perform it for us again? Sure. Do you remember how much fun we had? We did. I don't know if you know this but sunny also -- yeah, we have -- I think we have some B role. Joy is in a panic right now. That's the day I got stuck in the elevator. I don't think I'm doing that again. Was so fun. For us it was being part of a music video which I've never been a part of. And we will never be again. You kind of make your own videos at home I heard, and I think we have one. Oh, no. Yeah. ??? ??? My husband recorded that. I love that song "Just fine". You're killing it too. Thank you. I like the curling iron. That's when I do my hair. Let me ask you a question before you get into that, you're now doing more movies. Yes. You're not done with music, are you? Please let folks know you're still going to be on the road doing music. Yes. But people want to make sure that we don't lose that as well. Yeah. I need that to curl my hair. I need that as well so I can't give that up. That's therapy for me. That helps me. That's your talent. That's my baby. That's the reason why I'm here. That's my first love. You're about to have twins. I know. We mentioned your 1992 debut album "What's the 411 "My all-time favorite. What do you think of when you listen to it now? It's iconic. It's really a hot album. I mean, from the "Leave a message" all the way to the end. "Sweet thing". I worked out Busta rhymes narrating the whole thing. It was a time when everyone pulled together for me. Heavy D is on there. Everybody is on there, on "Leave a message." It felt like everybody was rallying around this young girl who was coming straight off the block and what's the 411 and everybody was supporting me. And it feels like that now. Now that I go back and listen to it, I'm like, wow, people were really supporting me back then. So yeah, it feels good. They knew you were a star. I didn't know though. I didn't know I was a star. I just thought I was, you know -- Taught you how to be supportive of other folks because you've been incredibly supportive of other artists. Yes. I'm just saying. Yes. I'm just saying. Why not, right? You also worked with P. Diddy. Yes. What do you think of the new name change? He's brother love now. He went back again. I heard he went back to puff. What did you think of brother love? If that's what he wanted to go with, it sounds like a cool positive thing, brother love. Like that's a positive thing for today. You know, there's nothing negative about that. That's true. I don't know if you saw but there was a sketch this weekend on "Saturday night live" where celebrities were doing different impressions of celebrities auditioning for the live action lion king and you were parodied. Take a look. Hilarious, ye. Today's guest, simba! Reading for simba. It's the calm before the storm right here. Mary J. Blige reading for pumba. Hey mama, agangya! She got it down. I can't take Tiffany haddish. Tiffany haddish was the host, how do you think she did? I love Tiffany haddish. I met her when we were shooting "Mudbound." They were shooting girls trip and we went to a cookout and there was a girl who kept making jokes and everything she did had us in tears. I was like who is this and we go see the movie and it's her. She is -- she is -- she is unbelievably talented. Unbelievably talented. And beautiful. Like a beautiful person. This is just the beginning. Yeah. & You know. Yeah. Let's talk about your movie, "Mudbound." It seems like it's a very relevant story. It's about two families in Jim crow south. Right. One's a white family, one's a black family and they're forced to live on this farm together. Right. Right? Yeah. During World War II which is an interesting period for movies. So, um, you say that it's relevant. Why do you -- what do you say about that? Well, it's relevant because of what we're living in. I don't think that the Ku klux Klan has gotten the memo that we're free and that we all belong, everybody belongs no matter what color you are, what gender. It's ridiculous what's going on out here. And it's sad that -- it's sad that this movie is relevant right now. It never ends, huh. It's just sad. It's really, really sad that we're still here. So I mean, yeah, exactly. Also, I saw it last night and it is -- you're terrific in it. Thank you. Talks about the friendship between a black soldier and a white soldier. Yeah. What we were talking about earlier. It's really important. I think we have a clip of your character Florence as she's sending her son off to fight in World War II. Take a look. You just come back. I will. You come all the way back. Yeah? I love you, mama. I love you too, baby. ??? ??? They say it's bad luck to watch somebody leave. Oh. All those young men went off to war believing that if we could prove that we could fight for our country like everybody else we could be able to get the vote, we would be able to walk on the street. This is all the history that maybe kids don't know. It explores that. It explores all that. It's fabulous. Terrific. Really good. Thank you very much. Thank you, whoopi. Do you know what that means coming from you? I mean, you have no idea. It won't get you on the bus, but you're really good. Thank you. You know. And it's never enough time with you so you need to come back in between everything else you're doing. I will. Come play with us. Come be one of our guest co-hosts. This one's going to be on a break at some point. So come. Our thanks to Mary J. Blige. "Mudbound" is on Netflix and in select theaters Friday. This is an important film. You need to see it no matter what color, no matter where you're from, this is an American film. You should see it. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"8:54","description":"Blige discusses her new movie, \"Mudbound,\" on \"The View.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"51143497","title":"Mary J. Blige on 'SNL' impersonation of her, 'Mudbound' and more","url":"/Entertainment/video/mary-blige-snl-impersonation-mudbound-51143497"}