Media Members Saddle Up for the Big Apple Mechanical Bull Challenge

ABC News' Amna Nawaz held her own as she competed against other press members from the NYC area.
28:43 | 01/04/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Media Members Saddle Up for the Big Apple Mechanical Bull Challenge
Hey everybody what's up America I'm on the net not in my head and Johnny talking midtown Manhattan and it's this I nearly every thing I. Absolutely it. And I are about to become fast friends or immediate enemy step out. I think it's me or meet the huge competition in the Arctic national writers right here in New York art art. But an amateur competition and because my team. Never fails let me in a situation in Iraq potentially embarrass myself. I competing humid than any get up there with some other reporters and folks around New York rickety EU on it or eight seconds which doesn't seem like a long time. But actually building an attorney when they're out there I actually it's easy to them any right here to tell a little bit more about writing and he Hartley he would invite you grenade at. I can't. Evidently it's Cooper Davis twenty T. World champion professional bull riding biggest kicking here has now thanks and congratulations bigger. You know there are budget amateurs about to get out on this thing how do you feel I'm. It's exciting to me. I'd like to watch it in an exotic lending. And the first time writer I have never been on Monday evening what New York like to thank you Victoria what do you tell me moving on tonight. Oregon. Our goal is eight seconds right what does it take to be a world champion at either. A lot of work about a thin in the June and a you know the slash. That's what had accidentally. Time to the world champ should get on bundling. Millions on executives. Gets going anywhere from about eighty. The ninety. Students. And that's not an easy mark. Still I am very tall or a girl it that it did you. Love letters and. Students. Let Stewart would never written before is that we're. Back to Pittsburgh. New. The evening at their shots and nightmares there's we'll have a gun and investors. Yeah. Delighting in the first place started writing rules in his sister's boyfriend. Yeah. And. Tablet thing. I was about thirteen counseling and predatory lending. Is there to help me I don't. For you it's just that you rightly Charles area and between fuselage. Go yeah yeah. Limited's 082000. You're here because it competition hasn't regarding this weekend to tell that there what they can expect that never eaten already formed what happens in. Cleaner simpler and it's going to be kind of rock stars he. And he fire everywhere partisan look at who's in the world's top thirty live guys in the world and that's something everybody. It looks like they fired a police. I heard some noise is that it really get going any negative outlook to be around and it gives look at it from the sidelines as mammoth meter. I think it's a much are you guys stick around I think we're about to get this thing underway. Any second now and Louise and I will be friends. We'll I really you know. Okay what. Right now I'm Lynn wolf yeah. I don't think. We're not. Okay. Yeah yeah. That we. The and yet here. Yeah. Did you. You. A little. Yeah. The that you could be seen as. There it is there. And oh we do. He didn't hear. Me. The it's our home me. I didn't post was pretty easy thing. It's. Fitness is little reason to be pretty. If there greens senator. In. He's a blue pool. He says that they. The blue eyes were on the brigade this. Here he. Legal. Oh. Whether you're ready. Yeah okay. You look at. Yet. And he. No movement that. With Google news. And eight. The U. Well yeah. What it. Yeah. Sentenced. He's the the big. This. Is. It. It is only valuable. The. He. It. They know. Eight. Didn't. And. Yeah. Hillary Clinton and beaten. It's. Yeah. I'm a billionaire he answers he. Only. You can. It's back. Yeah. And he's. A. It's. You can call him. The how. Yeah. Yeah. Looked. With the. Yeah. He. Won't. Cool. Yeah OK yeah. Even go to food. Look it's. Good. And he. We. Yeah. When I'm hanging in my life. Just out. Yeah. The we're. The best advantage. On that is how did we didn't. That is yeah. That is you know. You X. Act hat. You are we went. And wooten. Who. The movie media and yeah finally. I. The woman who. Okay can million. I didn't want. Maybe you. Fat and day. I. It. Yeah late movement. Oh. Who. You. I feel that isn't he hard earned minimum. I didn't feel more confident and we didn't you know American does not pay it back. In other you know wait and I knew it yet and yet but I think. The I believe he didn't. Please help me yeah. Okay. Well we weigh in here who needed. And we'll. Side. Do this we. And. The you hear that. Hearts I think it's. They really aren't losing art and a pair. You know we're. That. Yeah yeah. CNN. And yeah. Yeah. Good. Anything. I really think you yeah. That. Out it now. We'll be. Brutally. We look around you wouldn't let them. I. Yeah Bruce Lee Bailey coming. Men sat here. Yeah. Us or. Oh. I. Yeah. Need but yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Hate us and this table below its. Blue. They may yeah. The. I. This. You get a clue. Have. Didn't. The. Yes we'll let him. And. The earlier this thing. We'll. Yeah. If one of them the better. They don't look good. Did a great. Okay winning. We put it including the movement here is that would. You could I think the neck and didn't he didn't. Vote early here. We will be. The this. Yeah. But that. Movement. Yeah. He wouldn't be. Couldn't put benefit. They remember the yeah. Yeah. Little. Yeah. I premises. And I'm alone. Hey you know. And you and look. Lisa. And yeah who. Wouldn't you agree that we regret movement. Recently. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah it was all those who want to do. Okay. Maybe that. Yeah. Yeah. Flew. Me. I. Through. And he this man. We're epitome. We're it. No clue. Live to. The the we have been through that it. We. The hope. And yeah. I think. The people who feel good seasonal flu. And we'll. Yeah. The world food. Yes but it would reported. Yeah. Yeah. Lock. Right here and not eating on. Earth. Yeah. Mark yeah I'm. When. He and you need not he's morning. Would yeah. It really remember that moment and I would like this it. Oh good. And okay. Yeah yeah yeah. And. Say it could. Palin thing. We could put me. Oh. He beat. You need. And yeah yeah. Good gentlemen. I get back. Yeah. Yeah. Indy. Week. 89. You can you behind. Those. Release. Include that part he. Yeah it. Releases what was that we've. Yeah. Great. Blues. Well. Yeah. And we're. Quick. Movie. Outlook. He. This season and good food you'll. Are pretty. High fidelity. Your hair yeah they're cute and funny and I don't believe that somehow it didn't you know. Yet. Aren't you. Didn't it isn't even do you really think don't look we can patent and.

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{"duration":"28:43","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz held her own as she competed against other press members from the NYC area.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44555453","title":"Media Members Saddle Up for the Big Apple Mechanical Bull Challenge","url":"/Entertainment/video/media-members-saddle-big-apple-mechanical-bull-challenge-44555453"}