Meet Sparky the Tiger at the National Zoo

ABC News' Adrienne Bankert takes us to National Zoo in Washington DC to meet Sparky the Tiger.
11:52 | 08/25/16

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Transcript for Meet Sparky the Tiger at the National Zoo
Hey guys good morning I'm Adrian baker here for eighties mean digital. And we're off the streaming on faith but collide we are so excited to introduce you to the newest resident. Of the nationals through Sparky that tiger and if you look right behind it. You might be able to Ian and the way here in his being closer. This wild cat is one of the rarest species in the world and joining us live today is we've got you curator. Up great cats at the national zoo. We how exciting of that what kind of a big deal is it that we have RT here and why is this about grown man. The were an excitement in the attic is here. Archie came about less than two months ago. That he he's getting used to his new exhibit and if it's about romance because. He's here and it recommendations agreed with our female mind demy and so this is a very. Ping you with courtship you can't just the road to cats together and make babies now you can't. At introducing to cut your thing and there is pretty risky. We have to make sure that fair completely. A comfortable around each other before we do any official. Introductions with them and their chemistry they happen. We get to know each other first by smelt right I mean they haven't even seen each other yet that we have not done a face to face in front with them just yet. Right now it's just baby steps with him he's getting used to going on city arts and eakins are out there. He can also hear her she's actually outside right now and we might be able to hear her calling in the background. So he's getting used to her all her smell and once we see him being comfortable with that we'll do that face to face introduction. With what we call how you match. It's basically a gate witness and they can see each other but they can't physically be in with each other a lot going on your kind of like an arranged marriage to mean you have to cat. He particularly as getting used to a new environment. And then you've got this. Female cat she's already had babies with another male. But tigers. Alone that they're really not animals go together in tax break their silence here yet they are solitary and they come together male and female come together just from reading the and about we together. And then no go their separate ways. Insisting that we're really talking more of a hook up them Mary yep pretty much but if he ends up staying here long term it could be more than marriage. Out I'd like that committed tiger OK so well first off we did hear some of those cat calls. From demy when I first got here on C and fortunately she's got a quiet now but what is his response but how do you know that he's a little nervous or made yet a little bit. Advocate to enter into a relationship that we at personnel. Tigers make what's called a shout it differently greeting Noory. When she thought that him inside the building kind of barks back at her. And when he felt when he does that we know that he's kind. Apparatus are not a good sign that take it easy with him right right and use that it could be months before we actually happy feet to be immediately if it's 8123 months before they actually heat had a right absolutely. You have to take it well just because. The level of danger tigers and when needed and production. So we'll let his pace and at my pace we would never wears them together before any and their beautiful animals I mean looking at you lock on the scene you. You come on to this huge tiger and you beautiful. But tigers are very essence that it can be a dangerous situation. There of even been instances where if they come together to me. Sir if it came out not by clean or if they're just not. Ready to be put together. At the time I think he's sort accidents can happen accident and and the wasteful lists of the baby cut its contract that by the they'll be this. And a serious this of these full grown animals how big is this cat. Marquis sparking worries about 280 pounds. Eyesight and even the smaller species that tiger right they're very rare yet. You so much and Dartmouth mall at some species. The mail and accept just over 300 pounds connecting comparisons the largest with its Iberian way I'd. And with mission should read these cats obviously they live longer. When their here in captivity right yep mostly animals live longer in captivity because. Everyday. They have that care here all the time. Approaching here's the view and they encounter all of those things in the wild and these cats live about how long. Articulate to be nineteen years old. And that could be held one he sees here at act. But he is in hopes of becoming a daddy tiger. One of the virile tigers here or they're keeping our fingers crossed if you don't look at an. Critics say I mean help me along you're right I did some research but. Like this land act like we might have alone time. That what else. You like them ball that. He really likes to eat the ball way at the other end of every year OK here that healthy appetite I have to go up for hair might active. What are they eat partner. You make it be. And it is off reports me he's an companies right now okay transition we'll be mail and phones here twice a week. John muscles and music when it might be nice to Obama. Maybe if he's he is actually Monday and gonna get inside. So right now because he is fairly new coming out of the art were rewarding him with things like the phone and eat when he inside. Out at act that you're trying to balance out by halftime. So for demise I mean again we don't fever right now. Tell us about her activities and community that being out tiger had threatened Hugh Cobb. She isn't momma you mean currently have her son. He's three years old. Her daughter's Taguchi and balance due. About a year ago and she is buried site that Burke he's here. Yet you and very exciting ever since we got RT. Extra thickness that she's being. Champion alive that's different ingredient found it okay elements involved marking your territory a lot more than usual. Things now the minds ready for. That earned her life and arrow man. And so are hurt this is a good sign because she could eventually give you that more cuts and more tigers for people in yes absolutely. And for those of us who are less inclined to be prime defeated tiger exhibit. This month. There Bert what want to read that people kind of see tiger. And the most beautiful animal. And that really on a lot Sparky he is Atwater cat he's been in the water literally every five minutes the back in the water. But hookers that they get got to go back to that childhood stories yet. But animals. When he's he's still here is used to admire. Right now he's sniffing everything. He's been marking it's territory and there is some kind of flat in the yard. There's multiple overlapping sent. We have not yet put him out in the yard where alliance often go out we have our share lines and I hope it. And beaver and health and well right line and surrogate there's all kinds of things back out the popcorn. And a little bit hung my help. Fort demy and Sparky. They make the love connection they see each other. This is again months down the road what is the next that I mean. So they'll go to you ion here. What's the net and that F. We're actually keeping track. Hate and lies behaviors. More knowledge about when it is safe to put them together. And once we see all those things you might even mutual Chaffee head rubbing it demands that they really like each other. That we go ahead with actual. Physical introduction and and it apparently happened. Like human related at all if we made a match but you're saying that tigers could noodles like they snuggle. It's called head wrapping up in the cat that they you know man and revenue LA there's something. They're cleaning you. And it differently thing that they do and these tigers do at each other if they like each other. But then with tigers naturally I don't know how the acting activities and it is quite different but in the wild. They'll mate or reed and men that do what tiger just katic goes on his merry way and that on raises her baby's alone. Yes that's exactly what happens from here they would have if they began reading here it would probably laugh over a period of a week or so. And then we would be at the start to wane and the female would not become not interested anymore rally at that point we would just stop letting them together because at that point it can become dangerous again if she's not interested. At that if any and all that off she usually called today. Variety and she independently raises her cuts and coming how many cubs are a letter with tigers they can have anywhere from one of five but averages like you okay to get through babies. You have those few. Baby cuts here will you read more tigers or would you send those off other duplicated with the galaxy partners they will most likely go off other's views. It's really up to that tiger at that penis species survival plan. They tell us where cats go based on Internet. And so again there are only a few hundred of these Sumatran tigers left in the wild. So it's a knack. Nationalist views plans to make sure that there are more tigers defeat for coming generations and that like your screen absolutely. Because there are so you need cat's in the wild you guys are kind of like. And genetic. Safety. For in case and things in the wild we will have these guys here in news. And they're native to Indonesia they are yet island of Sumatra OK so prayer for people who have come to the national zoo and again the nationals it was completely free. They get to see these animals that they might ever never see death. Absolutely in their entire life. And is Sparky is it personality I mean is it more aggressive or laid back. He's a laid back at the story yeah you dislike the film yet. But went with what I guess I'm surprised that he's so quiet he ever come they come up. The people or he's getting everything right now he's. And our tigers went outside support him he's now in everything and are sensitive. And you and it went into the people like now suspect and I think at. He's not afraid of Labarca yeah yeah and and I noticed that there are the bigger crowd here at. And they the folks come back to try to feed Sparky aunt and and what our question for you and that we've got to wrap up here what is art evening from. Sparking born at that war means children do an Indian and I'm not a 100% sure but I'm guessing that children named. Pick your right. We thank you so much for. We really appreciate it we've got a night a crowd here at the national view it never. Got to visit Washington DC and come out is one of the previous. Lenient view that everything in my life and I really amazing property and marquis. You may not wink at puberty is certainly thinking about winking you demise. The tigris we'll see if they have babies and a few months interviewing here for ABC digital ABC news. And again is always on me but I'd have a great day back.

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