Megyn Kelly Claims She Was Also Sexually Harassed by Roger Ailes

The co-hosts discuss the challenges of reporting workplace sexual harassment.
5:05 | 07/20/16

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Transcript for Megyn Kelly Claims She Was Also Sexually Harassed by Roger Ailes
Is being reported that Megyn Kelly told investigators that she also had been sexually harassed by her boss Roger Ailes and encouraged other. Another colleague to come fall when it's well. You know is this is this a nail in the coffin of Bob Roger sales. Yes has been you know this this is it. I what was interesting to me from the very beginning is that Gretchen Carlson only suit Roger Ailes she didn't sue Fox News she didn't suit the parent company 21 entry implicate and is do -- she did it shouldn't sue him and that implies to me most most people. Try to go for deep pockets at least two every when she didn't do that that told me that was very personal to her husband has deep pockets he doesn't he might admit that it. I don't like you're crazy and I in this like she hasn't yet but it's how I think it really struck a chorus though. That she. Wanted him to be held responsible and now the fact that the superstar the network making Kelly is saying the exact same thing. It it's it's going to be over for they've got to take that extremely seriously because if you think about it in terms of sexual harassment. Mean only 29% of women report sexual harassment 71%. Down. And that is that is really significant back typing has got this mouse you let it go I think it happens happens to me about his. It is slated don't know I don't know it just sort of deal with the yourself you say yep write something. Damages to deal. You have so foot but I'm me and you deal would and it. But if it's your boss you can you can't see your boss and so that's why apparently they could validate dealt with a for a referral a long time yeah I don't mean you don't suit up as so easily if it's your boss I'm saying is that while Ronnie did you wanna try and how you play this like Megyn Kelly this is a ten year old thing that she brought out now vision and cold taste like how come up and I'm she waited so long. She had a great career because Roger L towns that wound now they asked and we'll update you do you not. Turns out that you didn't have the scarlet letter on you wherever you go the point that the ground soon and so disgusting as what to get another job yet you say they Gretchen Carlson you know her husband is is is that it has a lot of money. Oh what about the single mom. With with kids it's getting sexually harassed and she can't quit that job I Gianni that Jack up. Davis tells why she wanted the John oxygen yeah we did not mean detaining and well but may be if we didn't make it so easy. Now you know most changed had he had I don't think that's the thing is I don't know I feel you maybe later I'll support you make it impossible. For some wanted to get fired for saying. This person is bothering me you make bad again right along well yeah they static even if things are bad winter that mean Null because you again. You know listen. We didn't have the bulk and then we got the vote in the rest of America in 1968. You have to start somewhere. Well there are and how we don't make it. And my mates forever because I've CL. If we don't make it so easy for people to continue crappy behavior question no we know what's gonna say any thing. Or they too scant if you know that going and say hello. There are policies in place there HR policies in place it is not a normal for the company you worked for that's true but in most in most top offices in go to the HR director at dad being harassed and they can't fire you. You for that. But this Harris point they can. Make it more typical art or unit its I would let her again it comes you are to change the law you have detains a lot it's hard hats. Yeah look at a company that not looking out for you and I don't mean this and mean bad news to you people from a topic you do what for the company. They cannot the company won't let what they should not get paid by the company there's this is HR in my opinion my little crazy opinions in city seek an independent. Body that can take a look at what's going on and say. We see this to. I have read this statement objecting to an attorney Susan testers for for Roger hale told ABC news that he never sexually harassed making Kelly. She also told ABC news that while there have been proposals discussed at this point there is no exit agreement in place. About it he denies. He's denying what that there's an exit a group that he's going a bit that he sexually harassed making I'll get away houses and lethality chef sits it out. Exactly if it walks like a duck and it quacks like an ice at black cracked I think ultimately like. The truth comes out. Not sculpt my experience pat I'm pat you don't know if she's at the neck and he was never this is it's foreign to meet but that's only in my experience I feel like in these cases. Whatever they choose maybe it it's gonna come out and and that's consequences for us I'm not doing her grant what every woman on this F that way you have a few people who say you're not. At a guy just a thought. So you don't feel as special he was apartment to meet in a lot and we'll be right oh yeah he loves me.

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{"duration":"5:05","description":"The co-hosts discuss the challenges of reporting workplace sexual harassment.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"40736942","title":"Megyn Kelly Claims She Was Also Sexually Harassed by Roger Ailes","url":"/Entertainment/video/megyn-kelly-claims-sexually-harassed-roger-ailes-40736942"}