Megyn Kelly Talks Conflict With Roger Ailes, Bill O'Reilly

Kelly opens up about sexual harassment at Fox News and some of the reactions she received.
7:21 | 11/17/16

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Transcript for Megyn Kelly Talks Conflict With Roger Ailes, Bill O'Reilly
The fantastic Megyn Kelly. Make it I want to talk about the title your book settle for more he said he got back from a Dr. Phil episode. Measles doctor yeah and day. In nice to be a very unhappy lawyer. My practice nine years and it are there any other kind I'm sorry I finally lawyers are sometimes so I have to listen I'm a small town girl from upstate new York and income from any money and income for many circles of power. When in cover the country club and I need it into law school I went Albany Law School it's my hometown I kept put myself there yes thank you wonder is why any. And that. I put myself through law school and then I became a learn I felt legitimized him like I I am serious person popular acts accusers that so I drove. Very hard through my nine years as a lawyer and worked very hard and did very well. And so it's hard to admit. I wasn't happy. That it was not working for me and there is one night as I discuss in the book are sitting on my couch in Chicago and good old Dr. Phil came on in said. The only difference between you and so when UNV is you settle for less. And has just ready here at you know slate of these things can be sort of cliche unless you're just ready you're in for me I was and I resolved in that moment to settle for more. You can see it even in my journal entries which a lot of which include in his book my hand written journal entries which I've kept for twenty years. That I kept asking myself how can I sell for more my personal life in my professional life it's really just a gut check that I want people to do. To keep asking themselves if they really are happier and better were would be whole. And if not to Tim. To dare to make the change because I do believe hard working get you where you want gotten on you you don't hold back in this book at all when you're talking about Roger ails you claim that he repeatedly sexually harassed you I commend you for not only not by the way it's a riveting read. This thought and helping out didn't actually get. Well I wanted to include the chapter on. Else because. Let's not I had no need to come out express this publicly to anybody right I was out it is one of his accusers against my will but. It was out there and people male. But no one talks openly about sexual harassment but I mean I eight. I know a lot of women. And I'd a lot of powerful women and I know very few women to whom this hasn't happened everyone I know I it's amazing. Of course yes is happening right. And women have chosen for so many years just deal because that's what we believed we had to do. To survive in a man's world to get ahead to not be labeled as a whiner complainer someone who couldn't hang with the guys. And that's that's a position I was in when it was happening to me and I had no power had been there for twelve months. So I kind of explain. What he did you know I don't get ended salacious details it's a couple just so people can make up their own minds whether it amounted to sexual harassment but trust me it did by any measure. And at the time I didn't know what to do so right. Want to tell his supervisor when it culminated in an and incident in his office which I read about and settle for more I call a lawyer. And but I knew the reality of the situation that you fight you fight. You know went to head the General Counsel. He would be career suicide for him he control all those people. Right and the end of the story basically is that when he finally got accused of it by my colleague Gretchen Carlson and they other women started coming forward. By that point. It dawned on me that it was not just me which is led them led to believe at the time by my supervisor. And by that point I did have some power and I used it right foot but. Now detail its interest in Bill O'Reilly. Is having a little bit of its have potential review because he suggested that you are making Fox News look bed. By speaking out about how it's interesting since he was accused of sexual harassment himself. It does he see the irony in what he sat Stupak. And don't know the answer to that question. But listen I'll say this. I didn't have to put that chapter in the book as I said but I had a talk about it with Rupert Murdoch and lock the Murdoch who our dealers at the Fox News Channel or running the company now. And they both felt it was important to include two to their credit is that good a said this is a black guy we got through it let's just. There they said go for you know I'd go for it's important we want women see this story. Women have start talking about this race not about me that I guarantee written all other women are out there and they're going going through this. They have no they believe it's them they blame themselves. As far as bill goes I think there are. There's some inching back stories in the book about my time at Fox News at outplayed I love my colleagues and bill says summing on the air the other day which is true it's a great place to work. And it's full of really hard workers and I love them and with them for twelve years. But I do think that you know some people in particular some men have had a very different reaction. To the outing of this story motion then and some women in ticket there and you know I just encourage people to be open minded in a written realize the message they're sending to young women. In trying to. Diminish there the reporting on suggestion that you are making that network look bad. By saying something isn't it that Roger ails me the network look back right yet that's exactly what I said. Lawyer representing sales gave the statement earlier in the week I categorically denied allegations making Kelly Meeks about me I worked tirelessly to promote and advance her career. As Megan herself admitted to Charlie Rose watch that interview and then decide for yourself my attorneys have restricted me from commenting further. So suffice it to say that no good deed goes unpunished. What do you want people to take a wish from. Your book did you did you did praise him and that it to be in any time yes and it is possible to both be harassed by somebody and they go on to have a good working relationship with him and that was the case for me yet. You know after Wright complained in avoided him. He stopped. And he got the message and you know. I now know moved on to others what I thought at the time was just moved on from what would do if he came into your office now and did that to you. A Sony tried to sexually adult now and now it would go down very differently how how what we sat down. I would stop him on a spot I mean now I feel much more power back then I was like I want this job when I got it got a job in TBI it would have so excited sailing event television for twelve months with my dream job. Right right stop them right and operate in the middle and I'd say hold on. That's an appropriate but you have to feel empowered to do that and honestly I think if you read this book settle for more you'll see. If you're not feeling empowered and if you're feeling just maybe like a weakest the weakest or weaker version of yourself vs what you could be. Maybe you'll see a roadmap to fixing that because. I sort of lay out over the course of my career the opportunities I had to grow I wasn't always strong are empowered or just this fight as he planned to sell. Doctor yeah. Yeah and there are a lot of flat. Take a block away I edited it you'll see this story more clearly and settled from a lot of big thanks to Matt and Kelly for being here her new book is called seventh floor it's available in stores now and we will be back.

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{"duration":"7:21","description":"Kelly opens up about sexual harassment at Fox News and some of the reactions she received. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"43612171","title":"Megyn Kelly Talks Conflict With Roger Ailes, Bill O'Reilly","url":"/Entertainment/video/megyn-kelly-talks-conflict-roger-ailes-bill-oreilly-43612171"}