Internet Sensation Turned Hip-Hop Star

The secrets behind T. Mills' success.
9:25 | 07/31/14

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Transcript for Internet Sensation Turned Hip-Hop Star
That's. Is the aptly titled -- -- -- -- brand new single quickly going viral online with nearly a million views and it comes to was. From hip -- -- Internet sensation teen -- -- the country right now and in the studio with us today thanks to stop providing day -- and -- so I just wanna go over some of these numbers that you've been able to garner online incredibly impressive right what -- your other song stupid boy nearly ten million views she got seven million views diamonds a four million views you. You know how to make a couple of hits I think. I'm -- I hope so what I've found. Which helps -- go viral its authenticity and my first video shop for a hundred dollars we shot in five or six hours and my friend's apartment. On key -- it we posted online and -- in the first they had I think pondered her 150000 views that's correct. From a hundred dollar investment a higher dollar. Only thing that we spend money on the friend now looking for like some serious royalties I would imagine no you know -- actually -- have benefited everybody -- got a lot of work -- that that kind of launch is directing career. Is definitely my first music video that. Helped launch my music career -- and now we did it literally within a few hours he called music some geared Washington music video -- Never shot a music video for -- do it. So that you put everything on MySpace right is that over the prospect -- start off on MySpace it was a -- like leg of the MySpace there right uploaded it on the -- featured on my page in. I woke up the next days. Had a -- -- views so you get what kind of popularity you see this spike in interest and then he starts signing with some record labels -- is that how was that. Yet we got we put the video and then we started getting calls and one label option -- -- the flight in New York they want -- New Jersey and mean LA. We ended up signing with Columbia records record grateful for can ask for better label their partnership. And they really got division from day one we -- -- and to me and things like that do not happen to people like me I come from a small town in California Riverside California right. And record deals only happen in movies so the whole time I was happy I was -- -- I got to pinch myself but -- is this really happening right now. And sure enough it did it if it actually does happen might that we will get an overnight -- it was like slow gradually building up to beckoning me -- millions of people following clearly someone's got to pay attention. At record -- 100% definitely. I don't feel like it was an overnight thing because I'm living you know on the one -- in the studio working these films releasing him. I'm from outside -- could see how it looks like that but there's definitely a lot of work that goes into it rehearsals recording and touring which is my favorite part shooting videos. Talking on -- with my -- the reaction. You know those are very important things. You know eventually you talk about Twitter and obviously because the -- that you capitalized on the power of social media -- to really get your name out there. We were chatting just not that long ago with someone talking about how celebrities -- -- in Seagram FaceBook whatever it might be as far as weighing in on political issues do you do that I mean you hesitated to -- -- share your personal opinions -- -- that might be controversial. -- -- -- I like to brighten -- today dress I don't get too political I don't get to in depth. But fastening in my mind I'm definitely going to speak. You -- SP shootings that happened Santa Barbara right as a tragedy I got on Twitter and you know spoke about that. And I'm not really worried about. People's reactions you know it's my Twitter it's -- Seagram's FaceBook and they're my support so I feel -- it's it's cool to share. A personal point you read some reviews its opening up and connecting with people. In -- -- that musicians and artists in and entertainers have never had the opportunity. And I always easy example of my mom could tweak The Beatles. When she was growing -- read how in packed full that would be my dad could FaceBook message Elvis when he was my -- -- that's crazy. You and imagine and then also might temper what you are -- out there as well thinking that. That kind of an image is going to be exposed and seen by every one. I try to make it as authentic as possible -- postings you know I don't -- I don't just post -- -- you -- I mean -- studio someone. All of -- itself giving -- -- -- -- this is what not to. This is weren't eating today this is what I'm -- -- this awards show tonight. It's cool because it's it's truly behind the scenes it's like you -- -- could take picture in my bedroom and could see would have my walls and what kind of -- that people get crazy about -- -- -- Oh yeah everyone wants to know like you know you know what what kind of run. It's bizarre but -- do you live in that kind of world we -- people when another because you're trying to build that kind of personality like would -- -- you know. Hang out with this person based on I don't know. -- a little chocolate on -- -- that that's for the transformation that you had in the style of music because earlier on some of your work. Was maybe -- more -- -- towards a mature crowd are you -- now more towards a younger audience. -- I feel like. The first series of songs that I made I mean I was. -- 1920 year old kid who got a laptop and just started recording songs I didn't have much experience and he put a lot of thought into the house is doing way. I want to do. Now. I definitely think my approach is more methodical and I've grown not only as an artist and performer but as human being and matured a lot. And I feel like the songs are just getting better and getting deeper thinking more personal writing about things that are really happening I've had opportunities -- -- around the world have -- to Europe. -- off Brazil all these -- countries that you know. Not everybody gets to experience these kinds of trips and so that makes for really good stories rhetoric -- really good songs. So I would say that. This whole experience is just been. Inspirational and and it's it's easier to write songs now back then when I started I was like okay. I need to make something that sounds cool in the house. Not necessarily every song will be based in fact it was my dreams and you know read a creative brief line analysis. You know it's a lot easier to I think relates myself and and -- how I feel in my experience is -- towards -- -- -- So speaking of touring your turn now with bricks and bricks and -- -- -- yet. -- my broken I love that song -- which I mean when I first heard it and and I doubt that I felt like the creepy old guy that likes. I think that the sale rack and Abercrombie but that it is it's got a -- like it's got a great song he's got a great tune to it so how long as -- -- going on. The towards a month. Yeah that's all across the US and Canada. We started in Boston last night we have two shows Irving plaza. Actually came out for -- in my broken her last name Maryland's infant stages it was awesome night. And that really cool dudes are when I saw them the first Alicia they played at the Roxy Los Angeles and I went there before the torch started. We -- hung out. Com it's great guys mean its contour to your senior video is an obvious he's here -- here you are incredibly game. How long did all of this tape was -- it was this step by step process. Definitely I got my first tattoo when I was fifteen about to turn sixteen. Okay started on my legs so that my parents couldn't see -- first. This so that I that I think the -- back into the back we'll -- my problem was and never stopped getting tattooed so. They just progressively went down my legs more and more right and you know not seventeen months on my foot -- -- like what's that think. And -- got to just showed Oklahoma have more taxis -- to my surprise she was incredibly cool thing. Right and I just never stopped is is is it an addiction an -- -- an -- of a negative sense but it's like you you finish up view it heals over in an elect OK let's scheduled an excellent I would say it's an addiction my problem is finishing its like I have. Really big pieces and then I just get antsy and I'm like okay. This is gonna take another ten hours -- sort of my chest right now. And start another project so what I gotta do right now. It's finished everything that I have and then move on the next woman well I guess they say that you know true art is never completely -- -- -- something. I I relate to that -- numbers read at a fortune -- somewhere. So the rest the starters -- bricks and wet. I'm job my album this year working with doctor Luke -- executive producing super excited -- -- -- fan -- his for ever. The -- 90% done. And -- was promoting all I -- do we just -- video I'm going on some radio tours after the race and dates on the issue in some more videos from the album. And I'll prob be torn again -- very -- single coat all I wanna do -- mills thank you -- --

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