Miss Teen USA Faces Backlash After Old Tweets Showed She Used 'N-Word'

"The View" co-hosts talk about how social media can have lasting effects.
4:38 | 08/01/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Miss Teen USA Faces Backlash After Old Tweets Showed She Used 'N-Word'
So water act tackles like a heart. Eighteen year old Carly hey it was just crowned miss teen USA Saturday night and already there are calls to take that dam to our wet. Because apparently she seeing Sweden. But and more and it's not hurt tweets. And she posted the when she was fifteen years old and about three it was US China and you know being hip and cute stuff and she's going there was something that so and he will say no and she had been out. Half. USA standing by her I think she has to go but I I I put this one on this team and how can you could have such. Strict protocol but not gonna look at a teenager social media that's like the number one place at a meeting came. I also thing we tell our children all the time. Be careful what you posts right. Be careful what you say yep because it could come back. And I think. Debt she might be a nice girl she apologized. I think debt to keep her says to young kids. That I bet I it's OK SA whatever all I gotta do is say. I'm sorry and it and there's no consequence that I could be this way I think you know. It she has ago if she Haston. The hot ground. You know when you must have class as Miss America yes because of some pictures there in. The beautiful lady and yet it and another door open but her but at least you don't know them. Plus I'm supposed to be a role model for for for all women and I think when when people look at that they feel it does is people feel marginalized they feel like what is she saying I also think their should be character clause in there. When when I look to the web site as miss teen USA seeks when people are sagging goal oriented and aware. For the loss is not aware of peoples in the so I don't know what you antenna or not she should hacked this is about character when you whether you want to be or not when you take a position like this. You become an advocate for a cause you ready for all women. Then Vince and speak for everybody don't they don't racist comments and get away and what does not up. Aren't sharing it wasn't just one time there were like five or six tweets needy get it happened in world but. Really I Tuesday when you heard yet get into an entrepreneur in what was funny to me she said several years ago I had some personals oh and I'm not. It was three years I've not met my personal struggles that you got my husband's got mom might help out. The struggle you all. It would start you'd you'd try to find a name yet insert grim account I'm trying to fight what and a oh. It's Conte you get regular at least there was part of a broader yeah outlook pregnancy plus it was black I don't enough. Because there was some controversy he will fly hay was Corey don't miss teen USA it. When people online pointed out that top five finalists look lack sank arms. And I that this is the scene early different eye makeup I say keep this. And the woman I'm I asked because so much I'm so decent the tab after back to be outraged. The outcome if in the white women at its how do you tell her apart I know I thought they knew it lumber and it's like Beckett would be no we're I think she backing. And just different I got that's what I honestly back yet. It would it was not federal. Erin you know what you know they are all the miss teen USA. Look around young yeah and isn't looking right now does that I'm you have. It for Roger you mention debt wet and this young lady Carly hey it's that she's is a few years ago I use language it's inexcusable I apologize. Due to a number of personal struggles I was at a place not representative of who I am now but your hard work education maturity and thanks in large part of the sister that I am confident her pageant I am proud to say that I am today about her purse and I hope she continues on that route out for her own sake. And exhibit at exit we Michigan about seven damp. Yeah its yeah. Yeah teaching how. It's not that it sometimes it takes so time you can't just alert maturity what his dad lives. And then using it to like you mentioned we tell our kids taking the good example children that what you went out there never die hasn't come and it had an NASA wants to know and so it's important to remember back.

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{"duration":"4:38","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts talk about how social media can have lasting effects. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"41046415","title":"Miss Teen USA Faces Backlash After Old Tweets Showed She Used 'N-Word'","url":"/Entertainment/video/miss-teen-usa-faces-backlash-tweets-showed-word-41046415"}