'Mean Mom' Throws Away Kids' Ice Cream to Teach Them a Lesson

"The View" co-hosts discuss the proper ways to discipline your kids.
3:52 | 04/21/16

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Transcript for 'Mean Mom' Throws Away Kids' Ice Cream to Teach Them a Lesson
Okay here's a story a mother I guess some bloggers somebody who writes well anyways she's gone viral on FaceBook. For calling herself the meanest mom ever out why she posted that she took a three kids outside scream at when they didn't say thank you. To the people who serve them a rebate acknowledged the woman. Who gave of the ice Graeme she took away the ice cream threw it in the garbage. And took them a lesson she's as did she teach. When I think okay this time. It's. That's not what it so I don't know what. I did the state and to me with my kid was I love my children but I'm there to be their parent not their friend okay. And they Actel that one role if you want something in the house has asked for permission. They are taking advantage of arbor baby Saturday at ice cream asking getting permission right they came up the steps yesterday in the book had loud pops and that we just have this conversation you want from me just ask. I took a bathroom and garbage in light of the meanest mom and I'm like. You know blacks maybe I am the meanest mommy you know I take you up specialty send. We do fun things to get there and we're gonna go for ice cream on Friday it famine of the night if you. Mommy doesn't do this I. Every did keyless they sound when they say that you're being the biggest and meanest mommy that's where I think you're being in the news mommy ever well and our parent and not enough crap I didn't really yeah I do I think it's important to note that the kids were five years old anywhere that's all I had 75 and I think what you do as a mom. Is when they're getting the ice cream you say what do you say and you remind them their children a five year old is in kindergarten. And I just I think it has as parents we have the ability to shape lives and and and make make. People. The bitter kind and gracious and I think when you're being mean by throwing away the icing over five year old you aren't a me mommy I'm a mommy. I have a committee cabinet in my house all the kids know where the goodies not gotten rice crispy treats and all the kids a country my house is going to the the way is supposed to do this when I grandson is being raised his five. From when he was too isn't and he had to seek might might. What's his son now. Would say. Now he has named Alfonse he would sake I'm David he would say advocates say thank you back and bite is not that child automatically says bank my three automatically have told me at preschool that might trio has about matters he says please he says thank you as excuse me he says Evans are. He gives eye contact and you know he goes to played eight you don't need upgrading to clean look the parents in the ninety thank you and then look at I am so yeah I got out my right executives began yet you got a handsome and I'm not always know and like you know what. Good turf dry and -- asking federal financing stronger now is at NASA pioneers aren't maybe I nearly got so excited I became an effort to hide it and if they actually go in and do it properly X acknowledged the person they get to the net to even acknowledge them honest I think in the mom. For giving her right for giving up my parents always what do you say what do you say when he's yeah that automatic slip I don't hunting what you think nobody. Asked to be a consistent thing and it has to be the discipline has to be you know. It has to be some in that. Here constantly doing so that it is ingrained in them as they grow up I think that's an eight year old it's too late first of all I just want to remind you guys that there's a mini adults who probably eat your eyes you are taken away yeah ask. I probably did and they just felt like. They're going to be replacing military life I love that he did something but I find they have harsh enough personally what it's maybe have done well the way I was raised that's a lot more than just thrown it away NASA choke up let's go we need going say thinking please your sorry and kind of kind of an embarrassment graduation did you back on the right track but I group in the south thank you Redmond. Thank you so a lot of babies today so you yeah. I don't Angola.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the proper ways to discipline your kids. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"38577171","title":"'Mean Mom' Throws Away Kids' Ice Cream to Teach Them a Lesson","url":"/Entertainment/video/mom-throws-kids-ice-cream-teach-lesson-38577171"}