A moment of reckoning for men and predatory behavior?

"The View" co-hosts discuss new accusations against prominent men and a controversial tweet from Ellen DeGeneres.
7:37 | 10/27/17

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Transcript for A moment of reckoning for men and predatory behavior?
The flood Gates are open against sexual harassment now. There 300 sexual allegation against to back and mark Halper Halperin. Both are denying it. Now Ellen DeGeneres is catching some heat for tweeting this picture with the message it's time to bring out the big balloons. People are asking if a guy did that would we be okay with that. First of all it's a play-off lyrics from her song. They're all laughing at the joke. I think it's important not to confuse a moment among people that are comfortable with power plays and using sexual acts for favors. I have a bit of double standard on this because Ellen and poor Sha are gay. I think this is the reason. I think it's more important people that are gay are normalized. If you don't know a friend or someone you know, maybe you only see it on your social media feed. Like it's important to see healthy body image because we're feeding our brains all day long I think it's important for people that don't have much diversity see that this is okay. It's Normal. My brother is gay. I think it's important more than anything in this picture. This picture does more good than bad. It's important to know all three were in it together. They're laughing. They're friends. You're not feeling intimidated or assaulted by my particular actions. I don't think you can necessarily use that argument if a guy were to do this everyone would be offended. If a guy did that I would feel intimidated. If you have a relationship and it's funny and you're in a group and laughing and making a play on some of my lyrics -- You have lyrics? I don't sing. I wouldn't like it. I think if a guy did this we would all be up in arms given the current environment where we are finally as women coming forward and talking about sexual harassment and sexual assault. I just never think sexualizing and objectifying a woman is ever funny. That's just my view. You don't like this? I don't. I don't like it either because I've had this done to me before. I mean I'm not a skinny girl. I've had really big boobs since I was 15. I think sometimes people think it's a party trick of some kind. I've had to tell people please don't take -- a good friend of mine took a picture like that on my birthday. I'm like could we not make a face when I'm wearing a low cut dress. If Katy Perry is okay with it, fine, whatever. I think any time when you're talking about women's bodies especially right now. Nothing to do with the fact they're gay or not gay. There's such hyper sensitivity right now. For me I'm relieved we eerp finally having these conversations. Mark Halperin is very well-known political journalist. He wrote game change about my father's campaign. I believe he won a golden globe award. They're commanding the narrative of all forms of media. I'm happy we're finally calling them out. I'm glad people -- men who maybe behave a certain way should know we're at a tipping point right now. You better start behaving like the gentlemen I hope your mother raised you to be. Exactly. If not corporate culture need to get involved. Do men need to be trained to behave like decent human beings in the workplace? The important part is this was posted on social media. Typically predatory behavior is when you get people by themselves and silence in the am Mo. It's bad timing. Bad timing. It's bad timing. Poor taste and bad time. We know Ellen. We all know Ellen. She's -- what we're talking about and what she's doing is two separate things. I think people were saying if a guy -- if they knew the gentleman -- if it was a guy and this was put out, would we have a different standard? It seems like we're split. Uh-huh. Maybe we would. Maybe we wouldn't. We're not sure. I think the most important thing here is that women have now made it dangerous for men to behave that way. Yes. It is now -- there is a danger of you losing everything. That's what it takes. Finally. Well, yeah because women got together and said you know what we don't have to take this. What the hell. And to -- also I want to say there will be times then there will be mistakes made. Yeah. So we have to also be very diligent so we're not sucking up everybody into this. We need to make sure we're really diligent about this. We really only want to stop anybody who thinks this behavior is okay. This behavior could now cost you everything, everything. Yes. It should have always been that way. If you think about it a federal judge ruled in 1977 that this kind of behavior was illegal. So it's been 30 years and we are still talking about it. I mean aye any that hill that was a water shed moment. Everyone was like we are really gonna -- women aren't going to be sexually harassed in the workplace. That was a long time ago. Remember when you said Meghan you wished someone would have warned you. Yes. In one of these allegations when the girl came home and said to the agent and that was really uncomfortable and he said yeah I heard that before. Why would you've send someone into that situation. I agree the picture is really bad timing. There's a difference between a photo on social media and sexually assaulted a woman no hotel room. It's not the same thing at all. I agree with you that we need to start at least analyzing it a little bit more. Also, not putting yourself in those types of situations as well. I have a friend of mine that came up to me regarding director Toback and said he came up to her in a grocery store. He came up to her and said I want to make you a star. That's a tell tale sign. In the phone call he said I need to get to know you on a sexual level. She said okay good. She knew right there. She cut off any type of contact with him. Yeah. There is no -- there is no upside to getting your integrity -- offering and allowing somebody to take your integrity. There's no upside to that. You will not feel good in five years. You'll always have that in the back of your head. I've said this before sometimes it takes a little longer. When it's you and you did it yourself, nobody can take that from you. Nobody can point and say you got that because. I'm just saying.

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{"duration":"7:37","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss new accusations against prominent men and a controversial tweet from Ellen DeGeneres.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"50765477","title":"A moment of reckoning for men and predatory behavior?","url":"/Entertainment/video/moment-reckoning-men-predatory-behavior-50765477"}