Newt Gingrich Wants Muslim Americans 'Tested' to See if They 'Believe in Sharia Law'

The co-hosts discuss the idea of religious-based discrimination.
3:25 | 07/15/16

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Transcript for Newt Gingrich Wants Muslim Americans 'Tested' to See if They 'Believe in Sharia Law'
Just bring up new Gingrich quickly though because he is gonna play a huge -- you guys are gonna see him in the trunk campaign he's gonna be out there is going to be talking he saw something on Fox News that concerns me out to take a listen to what he sent I'll tell you what others. Western civilization. Is in a war. We shouldn't. Frankly test every person right here who's it who. His of a Muslim background and if they believe in Sharia they should be deported Sharia is incompatible. Would western civilization. Okay now. Flat out now this is personal and constitutional yes we have something called religious freedom in this country we don't condemn people off the bat or put another. Well we should that's what we've done it before in pearl during Pearl Harbor. The Japanese they had to answer two questions if they were seventeen or older if they would actually volunteer or thing agreed with the US politics otherwise they would get deported so we've done it before this is a huge issue for me now because what it means is that Donald Trump has set a tone. He has said you know bad Muslims when Everett now you have really Smart really educated people Newt Gingrich is not stupid hopping on board feeling that they have to defend. This kind of nonsense where did things again and again I spent I don't think so I don't buy it. I feel like he has set a tonic because he's the nominee people are gonna jump in and feel like after depended that is unconstitutional we have religious freedom people at first amendment rights. You do not condemned people. Based on their religion just because of what they believe that any god and the color site you're not wearing a map doesn't think people don't ask questions how even execute that. Planned like we can get through the airports right now member how many times you get congress Marcus we could needing. Get would catch her flight to you think now we're gonna strip have all the manpower to screen all these people asking these options well is gonna work like it's critically Donald Trump went on. Fox and said that it's time we declare war niceness and he's at that we should ban all Syrian refugees from coming to this country's that's a point that he's sticking with but I'm interested to see the dynamic between he and pence because pence. It's very much against the Muslim man and does not believe in the loss of this summit in my guess about a push. I didn't Muslims from entering the country now I'm getting Syrian refugees is different be concerned with the refugees but they're not being vetted properly so these people are coming over people are saying oh it's all women and children. No it's not a lot of times it's an end up fighting aids that are not be indebted to see what their tires are to Islamic extremists and that's different than saint just a treasure was long. You're not welcome to the United States of America was supposed to be what would have been melting pot was closed to welcome everybody that embraces what we stand Juarez. I hope that's true sometimes not the time that as a show. I'm Fred. She's said the best way to find out about someone has to do an extensive background track. He added engineer and I get eighty outgunned and only about making it I ain't Akron checks if you all the sudden or throwing a maps and I don't people how how can you just ask one question and not know whether people are buying our hot grate my. If there's no execution venue its sound good in a talking point or headliner to eat but it if there's not can't do that. You also have to look at when people try to get their citizenship there's a question here they have to answer we should get those questions because it's like really that's why you have to know I don't even know half answers that testers are. And I think Aaron yeah eight I have friends and I don't wanna know I bet that doesn't show me that your American don't know that just shows me that you researched I think in your exhibit and I.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"The co-hosts discuss the idea of religious-based discrimination. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"40611731","title":"Newt Gingrich Wants Muslim Americans 'Tested' to See if They 'Believe in Sharia Law'","url":"/Entertainment/video/newt-gingrich-muslim-americans-tested-sharia-law-40611731"}