Nov. 10, 1992: Catherine O'Hara on 'Home Alone 2: Lost in New York'

O'Hara said she did not know that the first "Home Alone" would be such a huge success with audiences.
3:15 | 11/15/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nov. 10, 1992: Catherine O'Hara on 'Home Alone 2: Lost in New York'
Cabinet affairs joining us in this morning good to have you with us thank you lost him again nice going I'm sorry my parent moment in the movie his eleventh save steelmaker that's the one normally get her release on attention quickly in the worst way in front of the worst person to do it actually home alone is a little bit of a misnomer system wouldn't McCauley my Doug Jones yesterday and we saw the clip where he first realizes that he's in New York City. He's not actually home alone is on the road alone and I can have because they're on flight if not a man that looked a lot like his dad from behind. With that and got all it in new York and then has to cope with. We've New York City now. Good for us always works it seems that incidentally old jokes. Yeah. That if they've topped the stunts though that the burglars will we saw the under the Pratt falls yesterday and I mean it's it's the same jokes. You know work over over there when you're making home loan first time. And did you have any sense it that it was even going to be a success. Or be. That kind of success now but I like to sing like a jehovah's witness I knew and I knew the exact figure Connecticut and Connecticut. But now a dead I don't think now I think when you're just. When you're actually in something working in that you know you don't think of apparently don't try to second guess who it's good but you do know possible you have on have a sense to know what well in this program date today I can the sense do you the show's going pretty well today ordered the genius boy this is going into the toilet where. Let you know you must have a sense of what you're doing. Israel and things are going in the title but I can't tell the kids really. You didn't think you are not a pretty good script this as a chance to via. Yeah but still I've seen so many good movies and you know in my life than that we'll get him out or not bought by the masses just because it's good doesn't necessarily mean. You just try it I can only go by each day at work and when it feels good and having fun and it seems like everybody's you know sincerely trying to make it could then. And you hope that people are. See it and like it they put that way it. Eric did that surprise you do you think this is calling this is nutty. Does it one of the good reasons to get together for the sickle is it was the first time we all did get together it's a cue from the White House. If it hit a lot of that's not the fact that anybody actually walk on the set ago. Yeah I'm sure visitors lessons Agriculture Department calling us. Let's get that everything he must indeed he was here are pirate I haven't talked him he was talking June I have talked to him since the first movie came and I. Was struck this is really. Wonderful. Young kid I mean he's natural and that marvelous in this spontaneity to him and whatever and I kept think boy I hope. I hope you can hold that has when you get this popular as it is an echo has he done. I think he's as sweeten harmless as a child possibly mean situation I think confident it would scare me as some visitors center until the mob's that we gather on the street in New York. You know screaming his name and and certainly I said that they wouldn't. He's sensitive to the fact that he's a child also on her child's right to them god bless them for being able to. Not absorbing that. We keep a perspective concern to many felt. Things people who cannot and don't lose the perspective.

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"O'Hara said she did not know that the first \"Home Alone\" would be such a huge success with audiences.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"51177164","title":"Nov. 10, 1992: Catherine O'Hara on 'Home Alone 2: Lost in New York'","url":"/Entertainment/video/nov-10-1992-catherine-ohara-home-lost-york-51177164"}