Olivia Munn's Life With a Dog

The actress adopted a dog that was rescued from a puppy mill.
1:32 | 01/15/15

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Transcript for Olivia Munn's Life With a Dog
You just adopted a dog I did he's backs facing its hands. Little rescue here's a look you added do you think bill and higher level of my life my little cold dark heart has turned lighters and now it's amazing how dogs really do kind of transformed he is the sweetest argues rescued from a puppy mill not out your new York and men. I in the dog on an Exxon Imus and tell them nominees in the best dog ever he's. He was house train today and a half as much my boy. Back here that really good about it I have I have a theory that I have a theory about went celebrity's adopt dogs that they dog actually knows the celebrity. This. Game on living month. Look cute the Bellagio. Do they work it. He's so good he I've taught him how to Sheikh lied six Enron just hand signals what a lot of Ayman tiger mom. I violin by the end of the year yeah. A hand signals you want to see idyllic this is set. And then this is Jake and then I just point in life span. What you know he's he's still OK let me just as EG say chance he yelled lending is hand signals. Backing well I yap I definitely thank. Yes and he knows it yet and I do you make me made me proud people are looking.

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{"duration":"1:32","description":"The actress adopted a dog that was rescued from a puppy mill.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"28253492","title":"Olivia Munn's Life With a Dog","url":"/Entertainment/video/olivia-munns-life-with-a-dog-28253492"}