Omari Hardwick Talks New Series 'Power'

Hardwick plays 'Ghost' in 50 Cent produced drama.
6:42 | 06/23/14

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Transcript for Omari Hardwick Talks New Series 'Power'
Sex drugs drama. You're gonna get it all with a new -- sent produced stars TV series power of the series. Is about a nightclub owner slash drug dealer struggling to balance the two lives. Today we're looking at to have the man at the center of all the drama -- -- -- the -- -- taping in heaven and congratulations. Thank you -- Democrats in order to you that's -- -- through the first season yet and already been picked up for season two with at about how can you tell. He must -- someone on the inside the vehicle for you guys -- city man. Pity as you said and I -- and so my pronounces it -- It's right in you know you know -- well here's the thing at a C teleprompter five zeroing you know not -- felt that -- he hit but. The team any -- Texas is producing this -- and do it now it's been amazing for. -- a network to get a a text from Michael unity yet -- of course has movie act like a lady think like a man to -- and we're good friends any tech -- man how do you get a network so much confidence that you dead after week one. -- you know it's it's humbling -- -- how do you answer that question has been made I think we're -- personal from the creator of the -- can borrow a shark -- well the -- planet itself -- is it's really nasty -- -- bring audiences and -- it'll have the staying power staying power I think he's just an intricate write its. It's that obvious life of a -- which everybody wants to believe to fantastically there they're juggling something rash and some but it's gotta be married with three kids but then of course to be. Sort of dealing with two mistresses want to mistresses that other woman and in the second mistress -- the club right right and you notice characters in the show that want me to remain with. With what we started out with which is pharmaceutical. Distribution. Right there right with a politically correct way -- -- you're. Asked drivers were to Britain next it's very few good pretty aggressive and do some some research on this educator at the clubs in New York we have you know shoot -- -- there we -- him Brad we've come here and and I think we both have -- own in the clubbing enough but. As -- is as -- -- -- an appropriate stranger to the velvet -- no snow streamed into Vietnam and we both are of a chronological age where where we've seen -- days -- 4 AM. Right walking out of a club and so we Indians must resistor them just in terms of like. Trying to married to man this guy times is every bit of demented want to white have Bryan Cranston of -- To what Tony Soprano was brought to light by James Gandolfini and innings ought to send the folks you don't you know the club I -- that's a that is a great -- -- because I think that's -- people love about this is the complexity of the character because -- is. Unscrupulous of rules that you happen. People do fall in love with your character and are rooting for you and they're they're asking. Good guy bad guy right right and I think at the united everybody has a -- too much of a little bit of -- again. Good guy in a -- I compete with each -- and I don't think you know the real world allows folks that. Our lead people to -- what I do as an actor I don't think that. Their business setting really offer them an opportunity to show the demon -- Angel -- and of course -- can Bob old stars and fifty allowed me to show that the numbers being televised first yeah I mean usually get caught the HR department that's when something like that have injured in a -- I play a clip of power. Shut us down tonight. -- -- -- -- -- Bears want cops -- shut down troops illicit street in the face the nation and the industry so room. But didn't hit you shut down that we -- tight and that would mean and you get a good deal with some bull Charlotte club down Tommy. Was more money up in that we do it every of the we got about a woman just dissolved. Do you want -- -- That's me. Right out of the gate in season one intensity of the character right there but so so so -- obviously not been picked up for season two. As an actor you -- through your mind thinking how is this character going to develop absolutely how's it -- which span absolutely I think. You know says a lot of what you did you even ask me -- question but for me. It's hard because I'm a poet you know and so there's always this -- that lies. Underneath me creating characters as an actor because it is the poet and the -- and so immediately my mind goes to look at got a a million questions not only for Courtney rent for fifty. I got a million questions for Chris Albrecht can email him and ask him whether we can touch on this because I always think you know acting is overrated -- the writing is great. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And so yes my mind is constantly run and again of what we can do. To push to. And to be embedded one and hopefully season 34 of five will follow I think I think that a lot of writers out terrorists are like giving the big clap for that because I think I think unfortunately you're you're right -- -- -- they the writers. The -- department the craft of the words that are being put in the script don't get enough recognition and applause nor does the editor. Who makes us look good it makes it -- makes people come back a lot easier well it's it's it's collaborative that's clearly working. It's all coming on the heels. Dean Mary Jane on the -- -- -- right this minute that a cult like following on this show man except that if you -- any idea. This is gonna blow up no you know was really. I knew with his Salim a killer mark -- -- -- in the creator and writer and -- -- -- for -- well right and they had a shot and Gabby in -- Crossed -- in terms of those that follow her it's again the folks that follow again union so. I thought we had a great shot you can the the cool man -- widow of Richard Roundtree playing a father right. And in this of course you've got -- Barbara empowered you get Debbie Allen claim among them also working with some great legends. But I didn't noted being -- -- with a mean -- -- a power has been it -- Slam -- home what's the the winning it -- what's about the slam dunk because everyone wants the now we coming back for another disease and -- wanna know. 18 daddy's anything you play anyway I realized. A united -- I mean if this. About matters of our Hardwicke it has power. I'm stars thanks so much very humbled to be here thank you -- thank you.

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{"id":24267820,"title":"Omari Hardwick Talks New Series 'Power'","duration":"6:42","description":"Hardwick plays 'Ghost' in 50 Cent produced drama.","url":"/Entertainment/video/omari-hardwick-talks-series-power-24267820","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}