Opera's 'It' Couple Talks the Making of Their First Album

Soprano Ailyn Perez and tenor Stephen Costello team up for "Love Duets"
10:16 | 06/04/14

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Transcript for Opera's 'It' Couple Talks the Making of Their First Album
Opera singers Eileen Perez and -- to -- are taking the music world by storm they are singing duo so impressive that some critics are calling them. The Jay-Z and beyoncé. Of opera. Yeah. A okay. -- You know almost certain -- -- night. OK. We're. Okay. And they are set to release their first album together called love duets and we're very happy that they stopped by. The studio today congratulations. On the now very much love duets based on a true love story between -- and fair and it. I would got -- we don't really like it. -- -- Get married 2008 -- even working on -- since then did you always want to work together you know we we went to school tournaments for remembering that the federal arts a small conservatory in Philadelphia that only accepts twenty students. A year. So to have dance -- and internationally obviously and yeah from a huge pool -- needs to have -- -- that circumstance is amazing -- -- is. But then we we kind of sort of dating 2005. And we didn't really out saying in -- -- The average rent when you go out similar work together all the time right kind in just happened I mean it means a great singer and we happen to be. And in you know in the right place right time and and the same people actually -- So and it worked at that -- points and -- -- sound great together and we were being invited I think whenever a person seasons with the San Diego has remained Juliette. And the man -- cast system. Had no idea we were dating Gary gauger anything Tenet is they -- ahtisaari to -- There are finally had a NC -- tells the story -- He heard me first and then he heard Eileen and then he -- all of worker with some disarmament originally had and then realize later that we were actually together. Yes. No yes and then -- we've just come back from London where we've seen in last caveat that together. Where they knew -- -- a couple but it was our first time. In that theater. That is -- -- Israel has a very -- love story that I'm sure a lot of people are very jealous of because sometimes it's like -- at odds like the drive through McDonald's. And the fact the matter that you can actually expressed that left through this beautiful music is beautiful looks form of expression. Obviously has to shape the performance in some -- because there is real emotion that's behind song it's true that does and and it helps a lot of scenes like in Romeo and -- for instance there's two scenes there's one in the bedroom scene and a lot of times when you. When you're doing Romeo and Juliet with someone else who don't know -- -- -- crime scene from -- essentially and I've never met. And you have to vengeance and you've only known each other for maybe like three or four days and it's like well we're gonna get really comfortable right now and blowing out of bed together. But when you're doing with your wife you know it's something you've you've hopefully heard Don. Wow but it is -- director's cut this edited version I'll answer your and well into -- -- comeback. You know here you used to it you know -- to you have a little -- comfort level had been in the last seen as the tomb scene and it's. The first time we did Romeo and Juliet it entered -- -- -- -- -- rehearsal. Ends. NIC -- laying on the two minutes the first time from man seen seen her since he's vanished read from the city and and there are some and realistic about it because we travel time we're always together right and -- -- -- carry -- -- next time you see here here. It is significant other could be and that kind of situation and it just something about just too realistic for me and it was a little hard at first to do. If if if you've never been to this it was government opera before -- it is very very powerful on the everybody has heard opera. But to experience it live is quite a different. If it is quite -- different moment. But when -- on -- and you -- having this kind of very intimate moment in your late inches away from each other and you are literally yelling in each other's faces are -- not. Yet which is hilarious and has that could you can't keep your mind like -- right next. I got my ears are ringing the voice is traveling in -- -- but you know this incredible music. Is what really. You know what -- we still -- Incredible music album fifteen. We'll. -- -- just transporting captivated inspired and I mean that's why we love -- to share this album but it's also why we love to. Suspending it in and develop ourselves artistically apart as well. Something -- opera and you're seeing. Real people on stage with a -- pressure in front of him and the voices is just carrying over there's no amplification whatsoever. So what you're hearing is is actually real voice that's coming -- person. And there's something about that even even more onstage with each other Los Angeles -- -- listening now that it's incredible. I remember. We didn't choppy -- together in Berlin with the -- certainly MG. We had -- -- with him before and I never heard her -- once but to be in front and have -- powerful voice coming it was just amazing when the term applause. And just -- Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah I mean -- we're coming up we're very fortunate people we get to do we love we need to do together. And we get to -- incredible incredible artist okay. We are at the same time that it -- to -- be the rain on this love -- are anything but when you're onstage and things are going well. Are you -- to separate out work. From your personal life and so when you go home EC you know you -- a little flat in that part of this. Does that happen. -- we stay out of that and you know that technical. Aspects of what we're doing -- -- static. It's -- -- certainly what all relations is in the same way. I mean you -- well what -- doing it that well I was doing this -- because you are so I think AAC try to keep that you can almost mark come. -- into thinking they can look back almost even more complicated than that you know those like. Awkward question -- Yeah. That it is zeroing rich that is there's no good answer to -- -- of -- what you just pretend you didn't even hear the president we're doing it. We're doing -- analysts are together and -- resistance is contends that it is just it's together with no arbitrary and and we weren't together for -- I feel like you're doing -- -- enhancement -- -- stopped and we asked the conductor was friendly Stephen -- the titans have. To mist of rain as we're both kind of so let's just working and it's -- -- very -- -- And where is stops the door what what you are holding Chattanooga Tennessee -- me you know you -- -- doing -- dishes or cleaning house whatever like practicing together. Are you rehearsing together no not together yet that we just are we -- -- -- now. -- -- home and we mean we did in Tennessee now since 2010. And we probably spent collectively maybe a year but not even answer that makes. Wow so easily practice on the road and will meet with -- is wrong with our teachers -- while more on the road overcomes new York and and work there so we we're gonna try to work more -- we just we just kind of council we'll see how that turns Chattanooga Tennessee I would obviously striking as the opera hotbed. But that is now think clearly when you're seeing compared if you take a look at this -- that this this is the cover of the magazine that you've got. On opera now I mean you guys love this the fact that you're being compared to Jay-Z and the odds that this is a beautiful pictures in of itself. But when you start getting accolades like that to be. I was there saying yeah it's exciting he just leaving -- here inspire -- inspired by it all artists we love we love music we love. Mean I have beyond but almost every album I've -- and -- traveling analysts have everything -- were downloading like crazy and we love movies we love the actors -- we watch everything you know we're not miss a thing about classical. Artists aren't really shut off from everybody else we always. He is in the air force -- you get that's sort of stereotype that Clemens PBS -- like button down and I left PBS on the support and well let you know you get you get the kind of image -- your boxed into that and in fact and that's the problem I mean we've met some really cool opera singers and opera opera is not. Is not for -- like this uptight stuffy RS -- you know it it it can really mean. I honestly think -- -- young person's needs constant opera experience for the first time we're gonna move that could analog something about it about the music empowerment that's receiving -- The production that the cost of scenery. The people behind it that means it everywhere and the very particular crash that there were just really. And -- has not come forward Brian -- opera and that's and that's incredible -- that we have a severe that this is through the wrong performances that that you just have. We have the voice in its most purest form. It's not a -- digital enhancements behind it is just. What you were given what you've been trained how you. Been communicating. Have you ever thought about working with other artists -- -- working and others on we know that we're crying we -- in China and the opportunities to do that we -- We have I've I've done. A longtime friend -- -- players played an -- people. And he -- the jazz -- asking me if one. A classical track. And often trumped. Up to reluctance. A matchup we'll keep an and we'll keep -- and -- since the act. I it's -- it's called love duets thank you -- -- continued success and.

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{"id":23996381,"title":"Opera's 'It' Couple Talks the Making of Their First Album","duration":"10:16","description":"Soprano Ailyn Perez and tenor Stephen Costello team up for \"Love Duets\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/operas-couple-talks-making-album-23996381","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}