Oscar nominee talks his role in blockbuster 'Get Out'

Kaluuya appears on "Popcorn With Peter Travers" and reveals how he was chosen by writer-director Jordan Peele for the role of a lifetime.
18:01 | 02/09/18

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Transcript for Oscar nominee talks his role in blockbuster 'Get Out'
Good to see you know brother. Yes. Ku students. So their own. I'm filling. Grace proves it we've. Christmas is telling me for much more comfortable with my being. Many. Want to tell you may do you think. It was nice to meet you Chris. Hello everybody I M Peter Travers and this is popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's a movie. That I've been screaming about all year called get out. And it's a pleasure today to have the storm that movie did you currently be cut. Not only is he being nominated for everything I don't know if the Nobel peace prizes and acts. I think pool and they mean. Dogs is lethal as the nominations. They really should have a about. But like we were saying before and welcome to the shop and he's great to have you here this is. Such a great movie. And I'm happy whenever I see you nominated and whenever I don't see Jordan he'll get enough nomination to get this. And oh I don't know if you feel that. Way you have Yang what is left in this district where you can unity this you know black is variety nick Aziz he's. He's he's a visionary in and I. He's so special polish again Michael we could go in with well he's like one of one he's not a book but could guy. A very special and in president's debut film maybe they they want more from him by just fooling people would be. Ready you know by now he hit. But it took pressure on him as there is a share on you do what because not only the critics come out and say this is a great community. Everybody went to box office the block bust. And raises heaped upon. I was just ahead of the critics voting meeting last weekend where you were named best actor national society. Often. Then Golden Globe nomination heads up the back does what happens to your head. Do you look in the mirror and say hey hey watch out. You've got it man you are. No no you don't go to. He's been on who that good myself it's. Took into myself and very tentative. I kinda have to vote enemies to me yeah. I did have you know I just kinda. I mean black. I just think this is the Fulton is just a pool of the love that eagle from the streets like from people who don't this meant this to me this this is just formulated for me version of that. How lassie is and I think I put them both in the same space I'm very happy that people be. Since then and so. These nominations. Mazen and alive if so it's been nothing is elect. As a human being you wanna be recognized. In your profession. It professionals agree you've been brought in to be recognized what you do you mean by your pays is tonight Stevens so it's nice. And that's happened but you people I respect. Baugh. Okay. Clearly if it isn't known Phoenix date so what Latin nine of them in a kind of black what does that really mean. Like in terms of black. A cause that's not me that's something not done so us cookie dude loan due Jensen and I don't I don't. That's when the key go you know I'd do this for the work and thought I just wanna keep doing what I believe in it and the people. And and how that ponds out how that lets buyers out this kind of you control the coups. It becomes the peoples it becomes you is the Crittenton. Become jewel from the what it means to you know what means that you view of cinema acknowledged. Or someone that's from I don't know. Flatbush or something like it becomes that guy's film or that goes film who who who want to make about it and they want me means a level. And it's a great thing though isn't what it's great that it's in everybody's. You know the guys with about a whatever you think whatever I think whatever anybody everybody else as what. And that's what I wanted to ask you to go back to the time where. You get this scrapped from Jordan PO. Because you see some people say oh this is Larry's. This is great this is the comedy. I've ever seen a comedy like this it's in the Golden Globe category as musical or comedy and other people say this is a look at racism like I've never seen before it's of serious. When you got the script from Jules. Did you. Think it what's important when you look agents didn't what you think what am I doing. What was your first reaction to win. I was lack. Are you allowed to me films this the than a few law a food dude who's gonna get in trouble. Of lessons in that among a kind of like get in trouble so by cool let's do not there but a novel is a century. Is to treat to me who's and the truth sometimes we gonna get in trouble for the most. What was the area and thought it was a very insistent question could I don't know black. The sometimes you think stuff as a as a bad medicine and food let you can't say stuff. Because it who make some of the people feel uncomfortable. Moon so he fool like you have to back a and so he wasn't. He was escorted now quota outs and traits and sent people and how that makes you feel. And Denton. Can and ago. That in and so is that kind of thing when I could let this film could go wrong the it to wade is a waste of it is like it's. Could you get away we've. A black male protagonist kind of you know why won't Newton. In some areas yes if you didn't could be brought so that's what it was it was like okay cool. I don't see nothing. But I feel it understand this. And if that was true if those bodies. Off the vote law can be so that I just as quote by. IDs it's not talk enough kind of lack. Can incidents in the articulate its aside and vote would yet. This is this is what's needed the and that missing. And we had a Jordan find you. So what's he some initial hoopla Euro meets its own. Which is on channel fool but coach McMillan 2011. That I wasn't really did really roles but close. It was it an in line. And and mullah timer on postage tools and maintenance though. And then Netflix happened. And anyway when he sent yet and it happened new Netflix. And then it was a wave of new people briefed Weasley. That found that Euro. And June was one of them. In the script came by and and I read over how to watch how could lose it is this typically buy there was a guy who audition day or any Panova how to. That's how do would be stuck at an Arab. In Indy goes. I was like of the defendant to a group. Me and then my. Yet when he's on you. And and he would Butler. And I just couldn't believe. He knew who was. It's a great thing because that episode of black mirror that you did where you're basically on stage being judged news. Now in your heating everything commercial about it the world and people buying. And and just having this. Anger about it must've been something that he saw off for Kress. I think Lisa is that he was a bit like these sort of emotional range in the law and that was necessary phobia. Also news and it it's not just that that's. By through. A food there the frequency to most of frequencies to say. But through the loss that speech that the Euro if I'm production. In gal that kind of black on the kill kill kill anything gallons gallons get out lives in Newton. And so it is has parallels in terms of just emotion walks. But. Yes but Chris is playing your characters played pretty cool in the beginning. But when I look at that poster of the and that should that. Hit and it isn't scene in the movie. Where Chris is basically. Going into that place there. And slavery comes right back to us now it's basically a white world saying this is how I'm gonna control in him. And we see his anger come is that one of the first emotions you felt when you read it and got. How my gonna play this. And already it was this if over the audience and my I didn't really it was more the pol icy nobody came out to me the script. And then in that that citizens in with you diction. Always the idea he was in new addition I had to do it and then when I did I would oh woo. DC's a lot of times I don't know who until I do it and readied about Reid and trying get lack. A kind of have cut a motion sketch of what I'm about what to do it right you know Peterson and the lines and then when I'm in there it was just calm it would just be this wave. And oh this is really be this is meaty this is whoa this is things like. This is type in into some. Some brew. Grief and Rupp paying. So I didn't do see is and I just who is like. It how lawsuit is less not always because and ago time he was but Latin disinfected. President to wins are infected then is that she. Game works and and like who has many pluses you want owes Hillary. It's gonna come when you address it is condensed gush out you know he's gonna and you have to do something. Some can abide and then that's how our consulate was that as we and they hadn't talked since he was a new kid in him. Didn't the narrative that he gave himself about are you laugh I am to blame for my Mother's Day in some capacity because I did not mean I would start though it's gotten. And and so he's going through dot motion. And then you see is. Manipulate in the situation and his grief and his pay for us. But college and and for the families it voids and you know foot Latin powers that be you know that's so it but. When it first came out with. This is gonna scare in this is going to be something that and it scares you but on another. Because racism is scary. He meant that. There's huge sound like you have them speaking. On a black. That government when I. Yeah at the end there. Period it's if it is. If you've seen so people getting killed on the State's black and you know horrified what that. Horrified and not the best because world we have seen him one of the biggest was the scene and no and it's real. So I think he's more social friend Santa Ana and that's the genius move that. Two would and did he does he eat dairy no more inches of snow who has knows OMB's it's just like just just. Just how other humans make of humans to cause of the color of his skin and what that boasted of a person who's feeling that oppression. That's very true but there's also in this movie the coal opting. That culture. Both of black culture of saying you know what. I might be racist. And I'm and treats you and a certain way you're going to be much isolated because I'm that take what I see in you that as life and energy in. And steel. But they take it away. You know what ever it is. And you can't do anything about it I'm gonna puts you index sank in place and I'm gonna take advantage of me that would engender tremendous amount rage. Yet because then you'll be humanist. Yeah. You'll like the fun of you who author Christian and if you that I always about to be about Otis this to see in this and so you even see me only found out this month like Ewing took to this summit was indeed it's in the lead to skin as they could use lack. Is he here budgets say this like is this. You'll eat if he speaks the US and eggs away kind of thing that they don't understand and they don't one vote legend in and they kind of golf I won it by no one it. You know me and and so and that's and that's what Jordan managed to pin point. Is the fact that lie. In Rhode Michael what guys man Michael when your eyes when you see humans believes that men wearing seat about a when you. You know don't what you don't use I want it I want you Ohio and in light of what it the way I do it but want it to the to feel like you'll buy it's actually me. And and then you can see that in all capacities the I mean that's that's now if. In the world of acting that your aunt and. Is it less because sometimes in the arts. People don't seed that the skin color as much as they see it elsewhere. I mean it may be different for you might be cast in a way and they can say well you're not exactly will we want for this particular part. I think that's what get out talks about is I don't think about it and Kate. Really like outdoor light manifests in different ways and it's just that we kind of like believe that lack. That kind of racism is more is just more sensational since they've while is more viscous mole it's a rule like. And. Can handle be in old Byron sometimes justice system by. Constipation. Johnson. I turned do my. Newton and people spoken but he seemed pleased with the trajectory your careers. This is. The that the injured you're black panther next is that sounds pretty cool is crying coup there is a pretty terrific direct means of team yet he you know it's. It's. Yeah I'm I don't it's it's as it is though is happening bonds got a I don't understand. Not as a cycles is due to what. I just I did it was like a lot of. The stuff of boys from not the footage many tenants when he eleven sucker punches and what Steve McQueen soulful with those in line. Brian social through Medicaid and lives to a missile gap outlet this is a twenty tents when eleven so I thought luck Aaron. That's incentives could do suffer believe him because that's what's. Caught me in position to do stuff that these so is there any. Thing that you're afraid of in terms of where you're going in your career is there anything that you looked at. At it and say look I have all this success but something's bothered their something. Inside of me that may be time I have a little bit of fear about. I mean just that the exposure ally is it eleven it is an indie film you know it is so you kind of like he did it you wouldn't think that this would be. In this space a year off nearly a year off the was released so it's kind of all while lack. I'm already fitted black and I covenant lite I didn't like a kind of light do in the work and then. A climate ties into pay through work in the wet capacity so on this kind of lack cool. Will you this is the first time you've been on the show yes they don't know it and it's wrong. No he stands in something you know is there something in your head that is Scioscia that you can associated musically with Chris and get them. But I associate music theme music could you. This little bit of something. It's a good question. Soviet Condit the I. And evidently. But at least. The little bit blood in the league that song. It's just is more than debate more than to going need to hear from you all what meeting and I really think the little bit of them. That. It happens. Strange fruit canyon is is Nina Simone. Some who opt out of that in ages. That needs. Let on in the eighties and ended the changes in. There. Better then. A good Arab. Have been well. This is not really like what you behave in supposed to do in life and this has not been a game and an. I. That's from a prominent athletes to agent as of immediately changing up. Why not what we're you have to. Who retook it makes things up it even happened yet.

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{"duration":"18:01","description":"Kaluuya appears on \"Popcorn With Peter Travers\" and reveals how he was chosen by writer-director Jordan Peele for the role of a lifetime. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"52960756","title":"Oscar nominee talks his role in blockbuster 'Get Out'","url":"/Entertainment/video/oscar-nominee-daniel-kaluuya-talks-role-blockbuster-film-52960756"}