Oscar Winning Make-Up Artist Creates Horror Makeup

Academy Award winning artist make-up artist shows us how he creates horror makeup for Hollywood's biggest movies.
6:31 | 04/28/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscar Winning Make-Up Artist Creates Horror Makeup
John and lord right now and now we can actually speak with John John we've been watching you. This whole time how amazing thank you so much for doing this for us. Although. They make you pay you for. Thank you for me that's happened for us here. We we were we were listening it's absolutely and we were listening in as you were talking to Lauren and and sharing these great stories. And you just telling her how she's the star so I think everybody in the studio in the control room where all like. I'm the benefit me you bet that that's a lot of bond yesterday aren't learning. If the natural admiration society here. Sosa John take us through because if we. This it was this guru who it's because geo and on the it's always been watching you we we haven't yet revealed. What monster here turning her into. But but perhaps you can you can start getting some some tips some some little. It's. Well. You know this is this. This this character that we're doing you me something some people may think it's a monster. But it's it's actually character. It is. It's a character very famous film character is squads he moto. There you know. I thought that's. You can tell it's easy minute through a lot of men have been actors doing Quasimodo but we're gonna do with spin on it. We're gonna do the female cause you know. I think its efforts. I think its first. I don't think it's fair to say it takes real skill to turn someone as lovely and Lauren. In two. More scary looking character as you're doing right ever kind of walk us through what you've done so far in insure. And how much longer this process take I mean this is a real intensive. Process over the course of at least an hour right. Yeah I can normally an outfielder probably ask for me three hours to play this Mika. Including Aaron other departments and come and help people this make up off. Sit on your area where we're beautiful song really fighting the good fight here. Yeah. You're staring some stories earlier at I would like to know more about that you have worked with every why you have won an Academy Award and Emmy for your work. Is there any one experience that stands out to you at either the most difficult. Or the most challenging that you have to pull off. Well. He should make him that I is that a certain degree of difficulty and even 200 real disputing make up what kind of missed own. You know to get certain amount of eyeliner and knowing how much to apply our individual lashes. But I yes. It is type of make for prosthetic make I guess Dick Tracy go back 25 years. Was probably the most complicated most complex make ups. And then you know what's funny is we were as we were listening to you. And ward we we heard her ask you what your first film was. And you've done so many John that you couldn't remember what your first film was it. Yeah that's you know it's been it's been forty years this year for me. While. So what's a card isn't kind of go back in time. And I have to be honest with ya know I'm truck I'm doing my best to talk can work at the same time. You're giving a marvelous job I know it they can I can't imagine the united skill it takes me ask you one last question we'll let you get back to work. You were you mentioned a started right out of high school now and curious how you knew this was what you wanted to do. Yeah it's kind of weird I'm into like. The old universal horror films. Early on it when I was a teen nature. And those brewer like amazing to me and I thought that they were. Light real people that they got these people from a special violent. Perhaps and I are asking my mom if these were where were these people come from its use like no that's a makeup guy. Who has a maker box and he actually does this is exits it to trade. So. That's at the wheels in motion to try to figure it had to do it. But the guy that really. Kind of inspired me and still does its it makeup artist named Dick Smith. And Dick Smith does that make up in the axis is in the godfather movies CH tomorrow Brando. He did the old Sally area makeup and on the dais that he is. For my money he acknowledged dean prosthetic make. And I was very lucky to meet him when I was a teenager. He took matters when his protege. And then he was the one it recommended immediate NBC in New York. When they used to have an it department and had stiff make up artists working there in those days. Dick Dick was the first makeup artist and television and BC and he started the big department in the fifties so we had some call. And so I hope my career to Dixon that. Parents so thank you Dick Smith. That's amazing that's amazing will work we're gonna stay here watching you. And for anyone watching right now you can tune into live channel two to watch Jon and Lauren this is going to be an incredible transformation. We cannot wait to see. How this is going to turn out as as she turns into the character not the monster. Quasi mode. So thank you so much John and we'll see you soon. Think you guys very much. If it's an honor to be with you awful is an honor to have you here thank you so much.

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{"duration":"6:31","description":"Academy Award winning artist make-up artist shows us how he creates horror makeup for Hollywood's biggest movies. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"38739341","title":"Oscar Winning Make-Up Artist Creates Horror Makeup ","url":"/Entertainment/video/oscar-winning-make-artist-creates-horror-makeup-38739341"}