Pat Benatar Still Rocks It!

On the road with hubby Neil Giraldo.
9:00 | 05/13/15

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Transcript for Pat Benatar Still Rocks It!
No other way to describe rock. Loyalty that is what we call them and so many others are that all views you can see why. You never get enough of their music and I'm talking of course now have a great singer pat Bennett. Neil Geraldo in the studio with us today we are incredibly he got you've got a lot outside when winning four out of I love that that out by the day. They congratulations. And 35. Years. It's pretty craze. McGriff hit what to say we're toy when his old I have Nikita studio opened the door our goal inside I don't come out until 35 years later improved. And very and and the memories along the way Friday's Harper's apology to me. We met in the Dallas area what little we met in New York City and I was in the Woodstock New York finishing the record with Rick they're tickled guitars and women. And and I just finished I was leaving little hometown Cleveland. Patricia was living in the city. And the record company called me up and says want you to meet this does singers that's as record deal but doesn't have a band was look for guitar players slash partner. Sources looking into heard of what's is good news is that it's her old that's so. I'll leave and go home to Cleveland and he says listen if it doesn't work you ticket. Practically without pay for what every in the whatever left we king McCain we. We basically. It interviewed each other race and you know that we get along pretty good these door. Let's it's always allowed for side it was was it enough for Italy's deadly lessons first thing it was let it first it. Yeah it was it. It was inevitable analysts at seven what came first in the music kind of came after that yeah definitely hate is on first and and we had an area. That we I mean we we were kind. Smitten with each other woman sergeant ordering relationships that we. May the record and write not what you know and. Kept our distance from each other but it was impossible you were very strong guitar players still are there are some very very strong start appears strong sound to use your voice obviously very strong as well was there what was your concern that there might be. Not to say look there might be a battle on the battlefield and went there could. Competing now at anything Lavinia. Because of the beginning Patricia saying it's it's a beautiful voice that I kept saying. You know if you want to be the rock and roll back and a hit the wreck that punch has got a beautiful voice. It ended together for her singing with the with a bit of the guitar the way I can play. She had a push yourself up I need our. I want it and I wondered that beautiful. You know raucous guitar underneath so that I could just you know for power about it and it was sent to us it worked in each other bit perfect. Shoot shoot shoot shoot even half a cassette business that you called her Patricia you did you were call her pat now. It at them. They're just yet another dead end and you have a nickname yes spider. The colonial village says the other. Many losers losers Oakland went wearing a spider come from. Tell us it's not very great story we were just on the first tour we were just walking around there was inspires favorite colors are black and yellow. And I saw a sign it was for spas fighters supper club or something like that Iraq and on the beach and Virginia Beach and I just don't you have black and yellow and he said yeah so I'm gonna call inspired missed over the lives. And there was an aunt 20 yeah. Ali just. Everybody put that down he was it was plugged in in those early years which have any idea that you would have human success you've had. And we know you didn't sit you to consider now lying in bed and imagine that Sunday we're gonna headlines and that I don't. But I thought we thought we would have five good years you know we thought we'd get weekly we definitely you're gonna get there we you know we're calculus exam just like jewelry anything crazy. So it now I never doubted that we were going to get there I we didn't ever ultimately. Be for this long so it's been it's been great. In this case who he just a list of the list right you've got hit me with your best shot love as a battlefield we belong heartbreaker what is the one song that when other when you wrote you first performed that you thought this might Knisley for this might necessarily. Kind of go no craze. Any. Less. You don't I like to say that when you're writing a song. You kinda know immediately if it's great it happens sometimes I would do it I go. You know tickets tickets and those never become its its the ones that you go. Notes and you can't that you can't chase it you can't. Try to go after and it just happens by its. So again what what is the ones on that you just absolutely I'm sure there you infinite like children where you can can't they play again. But is there is there one that just gives you that that just speaks more closely to your soul Whitney. Let's estimates that its heartbreaker it is always went from me because heartbreaker is the one when we. Matt that it was the defining songs that where he hears it would eyesight and I understood that he is something that we put those to these innocent that was the song. Where everything came together it was a catalyst for everything. And the leader con tent you know switching gender having FEMA passing those lyrics for me was Hughes. So that song for me personally always stands as well being one. Not that it's my favorite song I love this on the road is absolutely the most pivotal song for me to be it was sitting there. He and you feel the same way about that this sort of kind of I mean because Willie first public herded under radio. If it sounds so good. Just what we were recording it I knew we had and but that would hear on the radio and the compression for it's it's just it's that test so we've hit we've put it looked a few minor when you going to karaoke bar and you hear. I'm right yeah. Yeah. A I never know why. How would you have expanded yeah. Never gone that's a good I can live vicariously through. It's method lists that he said I'll actually get to actually do it. And yes in the rest of us have to get drunk and how he does not try to be balloons yet on exactly thanks for setting the bar if they'll. Added together do so now you're on tour 35 years later it in the more works in the future what's ahead soon yeah I get. Multiple projects that are going. Christmas record that I'm doing holiday Christmas record. With various people various artists. All original songs that we have songs and right now we're writing for artists and that I got a couple other projects that do what a couple good buddies from different Bentley from the Delaware resort I've actually do I kinda lazy when his likes to Wear so what's the great you have no idea. Public looks. I think your pulling your own relationship I mean you you get but I am but that Alley on the it does not only tit as a slick. An imminent cut the better it. Expert writer read about your. Who stands out in the rock scene right now for you who you listen to. Well I don't listen we don't. Well we don't Medina did I'd. We listened but we don't come misses of ambulances. Promising to musical theater talk radio because like it I can't I can't enjoy it. Otherwise might working you know and it is I can't resident surprising because you're analyzing you're not if I can't sell right but he can't because he looks at it differently than I've given a look at the ready for it the face of just haven't background music. Not rumblings. So this. So let's hope that you as to what he we listen to that you talk radio is it a particular favorite. Let's talk radio on Iowa and I listened to in the cars in my car in my and theater you know musical theater. Don't think I know that Patrick but yeah started off the musical theater right now and I love it. But one question to what he could back onstage because I'm too busy doing it. Stop and he get a life let us start at about. One plays right irony that it's. Well we actually yet we can't deal. The board are thought to have them back in. And we appreciate you sound surprised I had had a partner to rob thank you guys so much about in line Sharpless think what you're such. Gotten not as Freddie predicted and he beat this disease.

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