Who Should Pay On a First Date?

Siggy Flicker's take on who should pay on a first date.
3:14 | 01/13/17

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Transcript for Who Should Pay On a First Date?
Lies east is because I. Meeting in person it operates what you suggested they're still. It's it's just saying it is Gary Lynch it's a very very much. And I believe that. If a man is asking a woman on the an inch knows that's just my belief I'm very old school I would never take credit card and I would ever be for me because I wouldn't be setting the recipe eight. Down the road if you're in a relationship phenomena relationship that you lost your job and help bouncy honey don't worry about we're in this together. But in a bikini. Men are hunters bring teacher they love the challenge if a woman makes it too easy. The most interest trust me I'm going to be fifty years old I know what I'm talking about what I think it's. I. So now however because I'd love men and I feel for a lot of men today because a lot of women can be very demanding. I don't care if you going to apple peace Cheesecake Factory triple play. Or per say I don't hear re talking. You ask a woman can't go where you're comfortable budget likes. But you should always eaten meal I have clients who come to CC I felt that I took credit card supply. Why peanut peanut clients why can't it wants you have. The date yet to lose. So let's ask you out and then you feel like I should page yeah I think Larry where I think independently. Justly proving that like I felt that he had and I I don't yeah items. I want you weren't a lot of a lot of men Klein sees me I wanna feel like I'm the man. And today women are so powerful that we're no longer in the kitchen and hear what you're out there changing the world we are out there actually moving and shaking the world. And we're bringing on debate you were frying up in the Hamlet TV markets school breasts feeding doing everything at the end of the day on me and wants to feel like he is the man. Let him lead and me and wants to lead. They feel good about themselves when they're leading to be in front of a woman who has full time job and powerful into evil that let them take the lead and give them the respect. So it's fitting if nightmare and female ideas just if someone invite yourself. Tracked by the kids. My age I would like to host you. Grammy. Rhetoric. Now if you are asking somebody ID. If you say hey I'd love to see you tonight I know that excellence is your day off so do you mind if we get together. If you're inviting somebody out at you wanna treat that person there's nothing wrong with that. But I very old school where I believe it takes six months to a year to really get to know somebody. People go right away chemical on the long an adult son they get sick and that person is vaccine will be field that are I want it me in the bigs over the possible to. To say hey I say I'm thinking about you don't wanna get sick and acted outside your door whatever it is. It takes time to get to do some. Acting in the for the first six months afterwards. You see my actions speak louder than words how he treats you. It's okay to say hey you know what I got this one I want to share. I'm asking for the beginning to let the man lead and they are asking for them for the Whitney took the lead.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"Siggy Flicker's take on who should pay on a first date.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"44768067","title":"Who Should Pay On a First Date?","url":"/Entertainment/video/pay-date-44768067"}