Petra Nemcova's Happy Heart Charity Helps Children in Need

Supermodel's Happy Hearts fund collaborates with Clinique.
4:21 | 12/05/12

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Transcript for Petra Nemcova's Happy Heart Charity Helps Children in Need
She is one of the most beautiful women in the world who made a living as one of the most successful models in the bids. But Petra and -- -- -- beauty shines from the inside out. After surviving a deadly tsunami in Thailand back in 2004. -- -- -- started to be happy hearts fund which helps rebuild schools in areas hard hit by natural disasters. And Patrick joins us now to talk about the latest work that happy hearts is doing that in such a pleasure having and you so much for him now before we get to the -- take us back to the moment when you decided to start the happy hearts fund. It was. In 2005 after being blessed and survive that doesn't for Asian tsunami. It was a time when I couldn't. Just not take any action they were children forgotten. After and to tsunami without any help put out any hope. And has spread -- idea again and appreciated became 5232006. And six years we have rebuilt seventy schools around the world. More than 42000 children has been benefiting. Around fourteenth at a fourteen countries we had the presence at. And that's just -- beginning and all this is really possible for partnerships and that and that's I have one exciting used to teach. And that's that's -- -- before we get to the exciting partnership with a -- I just wanted to ask you know that. New York has been hard hit by hurricanes and the obvious reasons are there any plans for the happy hearts fund here in New York. You know. The right after the tsunami in 2004 it. When I went back to what I recognize that there -- -- -- first responders -- and before -- for such -- put in place. And that's exactly the time -- happy -- is focusing. On helping. And -- got -- -- critical got periods to create sustained response to right now with sandy down monitoring the situation. And Daryn fantastic first responders doing great and important work now and with becoming in -- leaf that's that's. Our role there's a lot -- sense to come in during that that period in between that make a lot of sense now let's get to this exciting collaboration that happy hearts fund with a unique. Tell us about it well. -- it it says. A perfect partnership because he needs. Is incredible -- -- -- brands which has been always focusing indication. Education of their console opens just on script presents this education of their customers had to take care -- -- their skin. And it and when it packing -- has -- their consultants. What is the most important calls for them decent education and education of children and of course happy hearts fund -- its focus on education. And the partnership has and to -- the babies now. I shouldn't have -- time alone. That -- gifts for -- It's. One of -- babies is this. Refuse. The hard part easily and the other one is -- he shared that the and anything you want happy and both of them benefits. Rebuilding of the school's. Ten dollars from disbarred him 57 until -- few -- happy hearts fund and five dollars from the teacher -- a sixteen dollar teacher. This to happen harassment sound a person goes to to rebuilding schools is what great Christmas presents ten dollars and that goes into the -- five dollars from this yet so if you haven't finished doing your shopping at these are perfect snack Christmas presents. Really spreading a lot of love and -- them -- to your left -- -- to yourself this though because you you know you're making you left unhappy and you're making the child who. And how happy so I think it's it's just -- should visit very strong reminder that the design of -- But the packaging is EC to clinic asking hard it's hot and lovely -- it reminds you -- your heart is connected to a hard to be left funds and heart of children wonder what how involved -- you did you help develop a sense. -- -- it was actually already existing by he needs. That cooking has created this new packaging and you -- -- bottled. -- but that it did. To design reliever presents the DNA of both brand and its I think it's ready. If it carries the message of happiness even just making an absolutely pattern -- -- thank you so much for Ali you're doing for the kids and for being with us today thank you so much.

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{"id":17887290,"title":"Petra Nemcova's Happy Heart Charity Helps Children in Need","duration":"4:21","description":"Supermodel's Happy Hearts fund collaborates with Clinique.","url":"/Entertainment/video/petra-nemcovas-happy-heart-17887290","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}