Will Use Of Phrase 'Radical Islam' Help Solve Terrorism?

"The View" co-hosts discuss President Obama's speech and the Orlando shooting.
5:13 | 06/15/16

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Transcript for Will Use Of Phrase 'Radical Islam' Help Solve Terrorism?
President Obama and Hillary Clinton four slamming Tom for his take on the tragedy and our land not this latest land but the one. That involved the mass shooting and Trump's claims that the president is avoiding the term radical Islam techtag. And left town is no magic to phrase radical Islam. It's a political talking point. It's not a strategy not once has an advisor Munson man if we really. Use that phrase red turn this whole thing around. The terrorists. Who carried out this attack. Wasn't born in Afghanistan. As Donald Trump said yesterday. He was born in Queens New York just like Donald was himself. Contingency points while the math I mean it's aids in you you can push it towards all kinds stop but it. It was homegrown terrorists. Right well in regard to. This particular instance one thing that didn't bother me that the president said is he that the line where he says not once has an advisor mindset and it leaves that freeze were gonna try this whole thing around. I think some people respond to them not using that term don't think I calling it that it's gonna solve the problem. But I think sometimes. I'm one of those people that feels a little reassured that there addressing what it is not in this instance not in this Orlando shooting OK but in regard to the greater problem with crisis. I don't think there's an area in between one side says we're Pena a whole religion were vilify global religion. The other side in a ways using their own political talking point by not addressing what it is that in this particular war against ice has. It is born from. Is mom extremism. Like not a whole religion that he used to say that extreme is and they said that what good and I African translated the Islamic. Park and if it were Christian or if it were. Well I think he is not afraid to say radical christianity that doesn't affect me so why I don't know why it would offend. Those of the Muslim faith if we sent radical Islam because we're not throwing an entire nation or another I wasn't enough and enough MacBook when the president says six and radical. Is lot of people say that's not strong enough it's like you know. Let plenty I think the problem is people have said he's not saying it. It's so maybe he did say no he said he might have today an essay editing and I am so mad that he doesn't have an angry attitude throughout this holding tire change and what I have to say about that is think you Mr. President may not having an angry attitude. Because we're angry enough we need someone to calm us down in times of need we don't eat cool plot and you know putting salt on the wounds more than necessary at some chest. Words don't do and what. Let's go and I'm he's wandering the but I. The issue is lit Obama is trying to not exacerbate. The problem he is not trying to aggravate the Muslim community because the is an ice because ice is would use that against us and will radicalize more people on the other hand you've got. You know Benedict Donald. Saying things like you now we got a bit there responsible call them by their names and all that thus alienating the Muslim community which we need. To help us to fight ice as. That's basically what's going on. Because head Donald had Donald specify. The true. It have been a lot easier to deal when. These folks this boy did not come from a anywhere. But where he lived in the United States this was this is United States terrorism. Same is thinking big guy that shot up that's shirts yeah it's no different it's no different than the guy that shot up the school. I am more concerned about us. US military backing Donald to actually use actual facts just doesn't help that doesn't get that GI. I may be please tell me if I'm wrong. Subtitle what half yes confusing. Start talking about the victims a little bit more here and not necessarily oh what word is it we tend to worry about the people that got such. I lossless ever worried about still wears a the president isn't saying well we're not talking about real issues that need to be talked about in this did you (%expletive) I. Think people are scared because if you don't look at what happened they're worried about what the next one will look like so I think the reason people are cleaning is not to ignore the victims I think they're saying. Help us understand what caused the so we. Eat a good way to get home grown terrorism is what happens dangerous it's dangerous and you know whether it was an. I don't know what assault rifle was people can Thomas has this is all right let. Whatever assault rifle he you stood but people are saying we don't need to have exacts. You can hunts you can do skeet shooting you can do all of that what know where. In there. Amendment does it say you. You should have an assault weapon it does say though you should have this weapon whatever weapon you respond to act. Under a moderator with within moderation will get to the that it specific way.

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{"duration":"5:13","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss President Obama's speech and the Orlando shooting. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39879273","title":"Will Use Of Phrase 'Radical Islam' Help Solve Terrorism?","url":"/Entertainment/video/phrase-radical-islam-solve-terrorism-39879273"}