Pop Up Dave Matthews Band Exhibit Opens in NYC

ABC News' Will Ganns gives us a tour of the Dave Matthews Band's 25th anniversary exhibit at the Morrison Hotel Gallery.
14:54 | 06/16/16

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Transcript for Pop Up Dave Matthews Band Exhibit Opens in NYC
Hello everyone I am well against the easy easy digital if we are down in New York City so. Haute districts we are as you guys just not to worsen. Hotel gallery. Fine art music photography and I hear Aaron. Yes and what is your role here at the gallery. We are all Oxley kind of Jack of all. Streets here the gallery. I and one of the gallery. Managers here enforcement taught art gallery your New York City and in now Los Angeles. So right now we are specializing in the show we Dave Matthews Band we're celebrating 25 years of the band. And specifically twenty years of the album crash when he uses. The El Paso. I'll let you guys take a look around. There's luck really insisting that I'll be here and absolutely. Sewer until. I heard some of the photos that we'll be looking at. Tell us where did you list. Well laws are written this action here this is what Parker Brothers. This is actually the bricks and academy in London which is being used in human or humorous bands of rain bands starting in sad case. You know please support sleepy tutors your city. Writers and photographers that. Has been photographing. Need your hands he Matt he's but wrapping fish. And since you work really closely with these bands both he stands for we're rob twenty years or so last. And then there's another occurs there's numerous for talkers in this exhibit since this was coordinated with the when they're management and the band itself. Can't tell us a little bit about that process how a lot of this work shows just how an economy today and selecting which photos salute photographers start start about a hundred photographs bears that photographers and the band. And their management and then. Take a look at photos they would edit images in an image is out. And we finalized its about forty one's photographs exhibit. And he exhibit oh needs it opens tonight we have opening himself tonight he and then it's gonna officially opened the public tomorrow it's gonna go for one half years ago. Cool and it is free admission to find. Free admission. We are we art gallery which were displaying photography but all the photographs are for sale in various different sizes. And various different prices. I'll I excellent. Take a county that connect concrete. Error. Well there's there's six photographers. Flew to here's another one of any move grenade rumor he's an Austrian photographer. Our name is another one in which he hits and only the stand for top five or six years. He also photographs fish he travels below these bands on poor you know. The entire report in North America. She you've worked them doubts are too. Really incredible and he doesn't really mean he's like pass. As displayed here. This is cool has really become a man this is another irony humor. Yeah yeah yeah. We we. And obviously grenades community. Leader. Where we goes. This. And effective taking your nearest city in the Meatpacking District in 1994. And this is one of the first photo shoots this hour Saturday with Steve Matthews pat. It's easy all all. Of the band. So just you know young group of guys just right now from Charlottesville Virginia. And you know just coming through the ranks in the music industry at that point. So when you guys 20 yeah and there are I see. I and ask follow. Huge ball aren't expecting at this. Absolutely so tonight and we're expecting. About a 150 or so people were more than two hours are very well could be more than that right you know we never knowing than during the course of the month in which the exhibit is. You know we're definitely expect people coming in from all over sort of the states and anger as well as in Europe now coming in who were fans of the band will come into C exhibit. Still I mean they're still. Playing shows there are their favorite just out of Virginia couple nights ago they play. Tomorrow night there are down like Virginia Beach either they're doing an enormous torch started an 82 months ago and we're going until probably October. And anything. Well. Who also we'll and it's obviously we can go yes. This day. There's a problem photographs. And other photographers photographing Dave Matthews spent about twenty years as a photographer Danny clinch. Danish company one of most prominent contemporary photographers today and this is one in which detainees. You know look at possible camera and with the the camera actually kind of slaves together in some progress. Muriel live shot onstage. And also it is also game clinching and T he 1990 Toronto. Any other person he's become you don't know he does when he gets hired by my band's management she's photographed the band. He becomes you know essentially part of the band he's done that with numerous different bands and years. You know classic he's bigger power is out there would who partners Pearl Jam Bruce Springsteen. He he covers everything in the last twenty years still eleven photographer is high anything. Process do you stay in a trash can order it depends on what the band has been looking for wins Steve Matthews band he. Humor Parker's. Absolutely there traveling with them photographing a lot of shows you know thrown down below. See the photograph him in the back seat behind the scenes on the tour buses. Everything else will. They really get all access harper really needs read write and you see that from yeah photos. Of the union period. Taylor rulers in Venice Italy 2010 and obviously he's walking around dance with the man wrecked. You know it's still it's not just somebody showing up to constancy program it is now off you know fifty photographs. With my digital camera and under these people are traveling with the band and the band has. The complete trust. Do you photographer this. On this past guests had absolutely no a lot of people who come. Here to the Morrison was not gallery will get slowly and get to travel ban but this is the next best this is the next best thing in Munich and that's. He gave you where it's yours. The is the fact that he's not photographs that you see. But these cases these are ones to probably never seen four. Or need you where he ultimately happens. Searchers looked and he everywhere across the Internet. But these really are UV images that people never seen before. And again as you might see. It's for sale next salutes the injured QX. Worry that. You might sell out after an honorable as that and that's where. We only hurt that. Congress. Yeah. There's the photograph weird you know business in 1990 hey this is number one 250. So you know very well and we can in the first week we could sell fifty pieces in this you know it just depends on the viewer's experience of what they're looking forward enough from the keeper color photograph her plot went. We only hope that the photographs do sell they sell in addition the prices we'll go from there because its us you know. As he saw through this all step pricing in this race. Yeah what's he look he. Plumber. The news or yours. Ever. This is yes. You know back to eight people players and letting minors and now days people view there so. If you've been to a concert last night Pierce's. And he you can see here just the light coming off the salt on and so. You know different technology different time periods not to remember twenty years ago you holding up a lighter at a concert re not that encore that one final song. Whereas nowadays it's your iPhone yet. You don't have to worry about Bernie your finger I think that way at. This is this jesus' birth and it's the campaign yet in this wonderful pieces like and a front gallery here. So what if not. Our V gallery that her focus is music photography from 1940s. Until tempers today. The founder and galleries these deals in us. Houston photographed Padilla he adores horses hotel I'll cover tennis or thing and it did over 300 album covers. So prosthesis staffers album she's Hillary tax around. Jim Mitchell. You need made him and recovered and this is the last sixteen years ask here so. We brought on numerous photographers. Everything from the past yeah Harper's UK. Photographers. And we also have photographers and photograph actors and actresses in the that it. And then over here is yes this. He's not date it's this is it's his. Books. This is poker game clinch the book he came out with about 2014. And this is incredible you know everything he graft compilation from 1990. Really cute until 2014. So I mean if somebody comes to used to date Matthews exhibit and they loved his work they see there are not familiar are ready and coming here familiar we have books might. You know all workers represented the any you know what this does he was when he came out witness. It's great book. So you know you can flip through the books and if we don't have the fruit of that particular photo on the wall you can look at the photograph from the book. And you could purchase programs such book in the comparable prior to. Sun peaks especially for you slap. And most recently we we just as an exhibit down. Which Bob Dylan's. We're celebrating. Photography of G Hannity here and it was Bob Dylan doing the don't look back toward 1960 66 actually right next to you. You were standing next to east sorry. Is. Others and it. This is an audit stated this is the only if you don't laugh and all seven her markers in all periods different keys. Under all sign behind Bob Dylan. In the sex sells for 25000. Dollars. Well. And there are a bit of photographs you know there's photographs that company. The sex plus on her Monica's notes for smaller programs twelve inches by sixteen inches and they start around 1800 dollars. It. You know when we do you have signaled her moccasins. Those 5000 dollars and he said. So. I didn't learn at age if you assists. Take a look at all of the art and it it while the IQ on China feel free to. You know I'm sure people just. Two weeks we saw this over there yes these are we just wanted to put these smaller photographs these are examples we might. Perhaps we just reinforces the vision. These loans that someone. Or All Saints. My New York City Fire Department. Then you can purchase something like this and you know these are 350 dollars that the program can get peace friend or ridiculous. It is you know game clinched other pro owners and this is the workers here. You know our favorite shots 1980 five's this is right here in the country where Kjell crash. Was coming out this is here Atlanta Georgia. Fox theatre. And this is like poker tour carruthers. Yes that their government and this community a lot of programs bands and so you pharmacy ordered for being with us. Really good sure they don't know. In they project when news future passionately. Here is when I'm here. And it's. Each time. You know post. Super. Max even just looking you work in that. This is what highlight. That's a part back announcer still change acts yet just me attracts. So this photo in this photo are what fifteen years apart more than us. GAAP and are. Fifty years of school they're still. There's a total digital yeah. Meatpacking District in New York City and this year's world where no. You know ultimately to crowd of 20000 people and AJ. So again DA says it Otis noticed today there's an opening process and 9 PM your gallery. And he exhibits can go one here be worth the time now.

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{"duration":"14:54","description":"ABC News' Will Ganns gives us a tour of the Dave Matthews Band's 25th anniversary exhibit at the Morrison Hotel Gallery.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"39918918","title":"Pop Up Dave Matthews Band Exhibit Opens in NYC","url":"/Entertainment/video/pop-dave-matthews-band-exhibit-opens-nyc-39918918"}