Pre-gaming at the ESPY Awards

Soon the red carpet will be bustling, and the seats at the Nokia Theater will be filled. Tonight the sports world elite will be honored at the ESPY Awards from in Los Angeles.
4:55 | 07/15/15

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Transcript for Pre-gaming at the ESPY Awards
Pretty soon the seats will be filled with the sports world in late he asked the awards from the Nokia theatre in Los Angeles. Honoring top athletes and newsmakers in sports on ABC tonight. For the first time hello I'm Hernandez in New York also receiving an award tonight Caitlin gender accepting the Arthur Ashe courage award. After coming out of the transgender woman here with the latest outside an anti Peter's they be he's brandy hit Reddy a huge night for the sports world. High tide definitely Unix is building here on their red carpet as eBay to find out exactly which any list. I athlete is going to be taking home one of those SP awards you also mentioned the the big moments many are anticipating its CK Jenner and what she says when she except the Arthur Ashe courage award. Some of the best athletes in the world. A competing against each other tonight at the espy's for best male athlete it's an NBA should act again between Stefan curry and LeBron James. Along with the Packers Aaron Rodgers and Texans JJ wives. For best female antley tennis pro Serena Williams and skier Lindsey on are up against you cons Rihanna Stewart and Anna -- Rhonda Ramsey. We've hosting duties going to the soup Joel McHale. Six rows of athletes looking at me and not laughing. Wearing sunglasses that's something I'm looking forward to. The night is also about every living those unforgettable breakthrough moments in championship performances. In the Arthur Ashe courage award will be presented. The gold medal Kathleen spoke exclusively with Diane Sawyer in a final interview as Bruce. That it's me. That. Is where and people have to know that you can wants to. Identify as a woman. And still kick butt. Tick but that's right. We don't hear on the red carpet we're expecting to see a lot of these world world class athletes mingle with Hollywood celebrities you have. Kelly very gets going to be presenting Britney Spears only walking a red carpet and let's just seeing is in this awards show not like all of them but. You know we recent coming Oscars the Emmys but with ESB's. It's the fans at decide a majority of these awards tonight tied. And brandy got into some of the senior pac restore some of the big names in the sports world expected to be honored tonight. I'll use nominees as you said yes in the story. And jury to see if all the nominees show up we got a list and not just a few moments ago from some of the folks here working red carpet of his definitely going to be here I didn't see LeBron James his name or step Perry's name on that list. I'm either going to be but they haven't been confirmed to people we did see on the list Lindsey behind. Monet Davis she is that young girl who played amongst all employees in the Little League star pitcher I am not I'm really hoping interview her because she's change that sport for a lot of girls. Now knowing that they can also. Make their way hopefully to Little League World Series. Until Mattel host for tonight and going to be adding elements of a roast here as well. He warned every line in an interview he did the port tonight a few days ago that. Up for grabs he would reveal who is gonna go after specifically but he says in this world. With a lot of happy at where there's sunglasses and sometime I get back a little too cool for school I think he might be picking on them in the crowd. He does first time at the SU I they're he presented here when rob red ball was housed and they were hilarious onstage together so I'm really hopeful that you know a lot of that comes out I don't think they'll Miguel's going to disappoint. It doesn't take. Engender there are few would argue that he has shown courage but there is some controversy tonight behind the decision to give credit cards award isn't there. Yes there is there are some people who believe that this might be a ploy to get ratings and this is going to be broadcast on prime time television tonight and the folks every ESP and they answer that question and they said you know what. Bruce Jenner had this amazing to cap leak could have gone off into the sunset years ago and not come out and express his true feelings and what it was like to be a transgender woman in this community but the fact that he came out and had that courage. Definitely makes Caitlin Jenner deserving this. Arthur Ashe courage award time. All right Randi thank you so much for joining SA BC's brandy hit in Los Angeles. I didn't watch the FB live at 8 PM seven. Taina Hernandez in New York.

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{"id":32478334,"title":"Pre-gaming at the ESPY Awards","duration":"4:55","description":"Soon the red carpet will be bustling, and the seats at the Nokia Theater will be filled. Tonight the sports world elite will be honored at the ESPY Awards from in Los Angeles. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/pre-gaming-espy-awards-32478334","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}