Preview of the new 'Star Wars' film, 'The Last Jedi'

ABC News' Maggie Rulli and Michael Rothman recap the "Star Wars" saga leading up to the "The Last Jedi" and quiz moviegoers on their knowledge of the films.
25:45 | 12/15/17

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Transcript for Preview of the new 'Star Wars' film, 'The Last Jedi'
Hello hello this is Maggie early he had the movie theaters on a Friday afternoon one because it's Friday what more fun. Could you be having to being at opening day. Of the Star Wars and the last jet that we are pumped to be here we just met someone actually. Came to that Peters took the day off work to celebrate her birthday that's the excitement over affiliate of Peter's right now so. To break it all down for us to keep this excitement going I am bringing my very close Fred improbably. I'm one of them biggest experts and nerds I know about Star Wars trivia and history the one only Michael Rothman. And it that it if you rap pop client your expertise and I read hurdler but diet don't tell that Peter. Unity ticket heck are we having Ed Randall time this Friday Robin and I are going to keep them popcorn drink some drink and talk all things and I'll start or. Apple let's look at this act happened diva. With lol no my Blackberry all of the pop and I think burning questions here four Star Wars the last Mike got people want to hear about here. We burning question so we let I'm do and I don't know obviously and we wondered what the people who. It's the Internet yet they have everything and what are people asking about start we're the last and it would of the burning questions that they need to know and the first question is is a doozy. When does the news hours movie coming out today it's didn't last cat so. Rob coming here David behind the camera both watched it last night I in the dark I've no idea what happened either gives away like Holland now panic. Technical. So first things first you're watching they're going to be no spoilers even though rothmans CNET and a couple people you're the leader of CNET I haven't seen it I do not want this to be spoiled. So anyone spoil the meat handling its job and the so yes. I note Oilers movies out today ever ghosts yet but. Our second burning question. How long is that these divers in the longest recently we've never seen the longest the other species who powers and all that is not. I feel that way it is a. Arrived from start to finish though. There you happens. Bryant pop or break second. Do you all of your popcorn friendly starts every day dad your radio heater and a key legacies they keep checking the bags and make sure excellent. A lot about a person if you eat your popcorn during the previews are receiving written what do you like all during previous. The whole thing is Donald feels that's not historically and nothing you know I'm really happy that it it called on him when he falsely theatrical. Movie. Our next burning question this a lot of people were wondering about this one and it goes to the whole franchise Star Wars they want to know. What order do you want the Star Wars movies and I didn't really controversial. Well yes. Yes and it it's I will say everyone's got a there's no wrong answer here if there's not a preference that the that your answers ran again I think it's. I would say yeah thanks so wrote one little little wild card and the standalone film and it's tough to kind of figure out where to place that. Summit but that the end is like filler. Like a fun day it's snowing outs it like it is. Might be later on annual they'll let him put to start off I would say. At this it's four to five earth. So you have a new hope. Then you have empire strikes back you just found out that Darth Vader. 35 you'll spoiler by the way is oiler a sorry it Darth Vader is Luke's father. Then you go back and watch once you threes you get all of darts background had find out why he turned them. And then you watched this six during the Jenna and I'm not the seven. Don't meaning it'll behind the scenes here bugle what will go any technical forty year Gloria you look very sceptical sceptical begun the new center we asked. Michael this yesterday when ordering that watch them and any sent to us was and the entire newsroom. Get half their like. Will know what I love got to. British that they indeed ever hi Anderson IIYY. Wanted to do you explain yourself when you see entire news or use BD one David barrack yet that we are saying. Yeah I'm shocked and appalled. I'm so why the whole like 451. Scene green and six. Went up or because your Connolly. With a cliffhanger at the end of five which has widely regarded by the best about strikes and you're shocked and awed by the fact that Darth Nader is Newt's father. And he went into why the heat why he did this you've heard all these negative things that RTC and show people out. That's an actual thing. And he does a lot and you've just kind of scene that's like evil villains monsters you kind of want to know his background. They did you know takes six hours out your day. Find out about that background. And then watch a term agenda have you ever watched all of these movies that are experts punish Vietnam it's. Nearly one Lincoln once and again. Hello a full day need I have done marvel marathon. And the place where we're standing on right now I think I slept for an hour during it was a six there. I'm stop yet it was. The second avengers movie and there was twelve movie back to back to back to back and support. Lybrand the expert out terror this is why I brought terrible idea how horrible idea never again superstar horse now. I think we're gonna talk to some more people that have the move there have a almost are about to watch we're already watched the new start wearing seat at Mandalay. But yes camp where beaver snaps later. Delaware named publisher David I don't mind you Clinton at a proper respect and you can make it work and is the idea that it back upwards never a bad idea. Some apple up another thing. If you think people had questions about a subject I read David over at. An analyst tumbles and and focuses on the yet feeling that we've lost it it. I saw this other interesting question that they had four. People that rafting on the ball they want to know of one of the most searched characters are some you need all gotten your search in this area this is get here is it that you have a guest. I was a snow. They'll correct well alerting question what's with Doug that later but the most searched characters. Deviate. It's obvious I I would that he is currently in the nagging feeling evidence that BBA's. And that is exactly about who works predicament. They were not the most searched parent the sense that there again they're delightful creatures look like more imports leaders well go to. Number Ford and ray was number three in the two Luke Skywalker got mixed and number one. Nearly half an elegant but now want to pick her yeah not even really part of an indictment he just delighted settlements. I mean not casting any this movie. Are not about no no no no but enforce awakened the end mentioned plated it's always going to be apartment it's hard talk about starts that's about it and. He's pleading with the kind of bill I think any franchise player that the company. Attitude at ethnic and maximize industries. But we got that horrible. I order attempts to go backward yeah that's another don't do this vote that blocked from entering the way that let them grace and kindness and ultimately. Because we want to put robbed made to the test that I'd done I got I don't Hala at. You're getting into the act so. They got Star Wars expert knows everything more than an on the commissioning needs and what worries me thank. So drop thing is going on illegal to sell it never. Obama so rock band is going to. Beautiful full recap from the recent Star Wars movies there was a lyrics yes of course they get that you're coming up to what last genetic anything. When I was using cannon of the affiliate called out aren't there some counseling and real life yes when the time line it's north Lincoln's speeches here and the united at a significant and I'm Rick unfortunately I cannot. Yeah I thought it was done with that we like little like doubt looking down the edge and it's not a the most daunting task because this is like a 150 feet down. Actually get the now rob Manning can recap of the forcibly into the eyes closed clients I've got my facts instead we're gonna have and do it. Going down an escalator enough following them not gone and actually in the incident happened for work you've reached the bottom so if you're planning on suing her if you can do it. It doesn't just and I watched Rothman escalator recap of the forcibly its first public theories surrounding mountains as that are you can decide if you look at it and period admittedly funny cute the you you Davis I got it on account of swing at all but again do not only is 38 when he sent out you know. Skip a beat up I did a poster are its. Up or so they can Luke is missing he's he's hidden for some reason. Snow and the first order are ruling are trying to rule the galaxy with that this could still. It with a Tyler red at the iron fence. We have put Damron who is AA inaudible played like a young Han Solo is also partly Diane. Land on separated for some odd reason we don't know why. Later we find out it's because Cutler whether there's. It spends. I still looked Oilers. Days and then act brave battle. May battles Kai load she defeats in. Naval build a separate ways and it made his apartment and she does the end his is like favor. And movie. And state. You know quiet. There. I was pretty awesome yeah. Oh. All that busy catching up. That way though every line. Brought in for it that is where that they'll that's exciting. Plot twists also. So that is where relieve you didn't do you know and indeed mr. forgot odd bit I was really I was actually is making you do it recap for my own personal in the. An academy them so that silicon this is again nothing that we say here is not out there already. So this movie picks up where that we leads off so your son of the first things you will see. Is obviously ray. Approaching Luke that happens in of course awake and giving him his old like they're back. And escalates every he'd lost years ago when Darth his father Darth Vader cut his hand off. I the pain. Obama here I mean and I hate it when they see you then family therapist who got solid pitching in as two other burning question the lug it we're asking. About as you sort of just brought up one is. Is there any chance you think ray is going to go to the dark side. Anything is possible that the watch night or its air and as possible I think. I will save about this. This trilogy there's three children is now writes the original one. We have the people's we have needs and I think these are different in the sense that they're more modern. Again nothing aren't getting any away but I think we're gonna see. We'll see. Things outside of just like good in that state there's going to be obviously mixing of the two I think. Again speaking to conjecture here but. And is not. Giving anyway but I think they've said in interviews as far as Ryan Johnson as the writer and director idea Mark Campbell you have if you really plays ray. The reason that Luke says the jet less and in some of the trailers as I think that's and it just didn't work out in the past. We saw Darth Vader turns a dark side because he couldn't be with the loves life. This is scorned. They helped us so I am going back to my underlying theory on movies that every movie actually a love story in Rockies. Lesbian love story a story Nickerson who apparently loves a holiday themes and man thing the diehard love story. But the at the Crist veto on and it's giving act on the plaza. Start worthless or I think I think that the moral of this going to this trilogy and plants and that there. Any time in history when the when you put people to categories news Peter that it's never works out there's got to see an engine float life. It's only got that was like you to comment here you noting her and let there's an haven't. It is on the other question is why so many people. Google unit. I don't know again and I can't of that and he gets his back then we haven't singular instance I think. Empire strikes. He was training Luke and I think visitors are expected to return agenda when he dies but at this hearing becomes only the force same thing as though they want. Suit cannot really gone. They're never really gone yet there always are the force that that's not well they. They communicate with each other. But when you say it. Late. I realize how amazing it ridiculous that sent the same time colonies and they become. As Obi wan said in this first and and you hope you strike me down there will become greater than anything ever imagined. Flawlessly within. He didn't say it happens and it that'll stick it up at. Could you re enact alzheimer's movies like mission that you can. Yet when you think yes opening credits it. And only at a so I'm we're going to now have another tree because at that thought my god I hope what lives. Three handouts with the gap and get your gear yet let's start with me. That let him back. Some degree yet. Aren't you at the beginning that if the OK we think it's asking a question panel asking to be fair. I'll do question from my recaps of these that when no I didn't change an accident which contain cancer which is sagging flooding in Canada. I don't think you let me. OK and let's see age. As these things. Who are Kyle little ran his parents. Wow just wow books. All Democrats. Meet this didn't much stock worth. The units right now then. Not would you wanna answer we're alive and our future which was dealers you an answer questions in miniature to Hitler. Yeah. Spoiler alert we'll give you a couple tracks and Monday so I'm gonna talk on the phone a friend. So I was just asked a really doozy of a question if they're good all around do the up expressed and it makes fun of her when you lake which business lessons that question lies. Who are kind of rents parents and apparently. It's not mean about a girl's witnessed with my hand him a reaction. Do you have a runs parents are. We did and as I. I think that it rained and we haven't doesn't that they're not grass at Ghana. I believe if I go back to the recesses of our memory and think about her later arrived and Han Solo yes and that's the plan yes yet. Now general land. Yet that and communities to either way yeah I I don't ask another question. Look at what their next target clash look at what is named. Elaine back. Cadets at Arlington Lillie I think they're gonna he has in the past we've seen the evil empire which is ran by Darth Vader and the hamper I. What is the new and afar it's organization tracking over the galaxy so that this. I think it's just us armored. And you got that they went what. In the evening ended and that link inspired booming. Movie Maggie cheating a little Ole miss it offers its. First and and then it but things you if you're not chaotic. Bursts. And it's. Up close up. I. Didn't. It's me. I'm. Let's take a nightmare. Some for the rhetoric and other you adding anything goes news outlets. Adding that I. She get a percentage of the profit that we didn't talk about the plus one thing. You're. It's it's really you know living at the Pat's cheese to be fair we bombard her. In the middle usually is moving ideally believers organization it you know. The outlook for the coming up race an of the best new movie. The first boring things that you really green leaders knew. In the first disease. That that's another burning question yes stuck with what the deal with. But the deal at that. Laugh yeah he really needs he with a lot of room still I'll tell you this note is. In the heart of the first organization and that the Essex. What we know from for a force awakens nothing in this movie is that basically he Stacy supremely powerful. Dark horse he's there all it's in the past no Darth Vader or the emperor or are. Others. Using dark side. And he has allegedly. Put her up to Kyle ran you wanna meet cholera and Aaron it's led to believe that he's the one and in color and turned to the dark center. Don't know why we haven't seen in the flesh yet OK as a sort of curious as in this movie we know we'll see in the flesh we've only seen via via hologram is that the very tall. Cool I've read about ten feet tall biscuits and he's he's tall Shaquille O'Neal. Yeah. I. The ominous will Wear red ABC did some are asking people that's are and you could win. Swindlers yeah did you get questions right. I'll I got joint department outlining come I didn't come on and sadly as we're talking about the background information Dennis cracked let's note counseling and no more late into opulent spoiler free zone yes yes. I haven't even again the movies like the and it oil and I have no idea what happens. Until what are your name JR care they are and get rifts. U singers to orchestra and Hewlett Netflix was. It's gonna get in ever now in Everett. But it Maggie this is Michael and myself but you it's history now with something. Some duties of all the goodwill I'd like it question that in the conference. We get you get you. Did they have an Aslan. There is there the character named ray H. I think you're out. Second if you can got back out. My question for you is first answer me I mean it'll be this bad riddled. It's why is that raised a best friend at the robot mediate called BP. Who of them and others. You're questioning was gives producers. Yeah. With a I don't I don't think. I had. I didn't they don't get a so all the joints when the pilot I think it'd always hung. Company is about ease congestion air I would say it's safe to say we are to DT VV eight he's the model number in the books and also have like gave the key unit. BP easier. We have triple zero X and I think it again villainous CPP. I think it's me like the Mossad that by the model and these are the Jewish you guys believe that I'm not on scared to warm up tick some popcorn I'm really I'm really get anything Elliott I left. Got popcorn Korea the funny thing is this entire shoot I've never seen as the hours some didn't like he. I think it's a life. I have either get along but Richard Dickerson and I have a good one. Who was left. In a uncertain stain at the end of course awakens after. Battling a certain dark horse user and lose. But he held as a. It of course that way in. And I I gave you him by saying he. A hole dug the main guy. Now. Although element is the dark for you. All they gave me. He's all like yeah yeah yeah. Let us start tat. A. Look at Tuesday they'll get you kids with and units mainland. The only indeed to get its busy ticket that with. That it's like it let the candidates didn't. I want more what mark. Think the goodwill in. You have in mind who will be doesn't that mean OK stinking rich light Saber. Did rain. So he'd need to go color or even described it didn't rain bring back salute at the end of force and its own fluent. Yet there is a lot stepped down. That's and a delegates that on the think the Green Line Lee and had to be on until he lost Atlanta. And it took the readiness was there and they threw that somebody has given me. Please do not get out that it did involved in the that bonds due that day. Enjoying does the movie and then come back and talked with about it we'll have also spoiler and a time. I think he'll utilities that have more opportunity for you own now we are aware that Lucas film an ABC miserable on let me company is the I was thinking it's the ice that's what that would explain that has that there. Well I also wonder before we part ways here alleged sentimental for a moment you can but it must hours memories. Here. To snuggle up dear friends gather around to calculate get any of them and Naples Italian home at it. I want to hear what your favorite star wears memory was let me give the first time he lied to meet its start raising your life. North Pacific man I is Thursday's. Borrowers and still thousand Colin it's eaten. I'm not gonna get myself as payment plan. And then to start watching and who's currently don't think that my roommate in college was. Like loves flowers and I just got hooked ever since then it's been kind of on those things. So turning my favorite move and it's. I was never surprised he is obviously had heard the hold or hater thing inside I I didn't have a twenty here. Spoiler free zone we do here. I would say a. Well I got it so would you like it or not. The creek wells. The very last concert grand instead which is every regard as the best of the treatments right it's when Vader turns. So. I remember getting tickets. And grad school. And driving like an hour and a half opening night when they still littered at midnight it wasn't like 7 o'clock it is now I think now they've moved it up leaving the night before. Think it went 7 o'clock last night. And going with my girl for the time. Getting there like 1145 running the theater. And who walks then it's dislike them randomly nowhere. Some guy dressed in full of old England can only thing everyone starts she ending up he takes about takes his seat and and that the crawl comes on in the movie in the music comes on it was like a pretty unforgettable moment. Let me speak to these. How incredible it isn't coming generations start where jazz band and how the matter where you I would DUI across the country they're just hours and every little breathing as we no matter. You talk to we would be covered celebration in Orlando to think basically annual Lincoln eggs and convention for. And everyone you talk to that which are first number it's like oh my father or my mother showed me and asking our watch it. It's like it really is like no there's no with a phenomenon they can think of that is so that connects the generation so much this one is his interest it's it's amazing. And it's on to little kids now he stands as he manner and words coming profit his eating hot and alliances. We'll let you know and we're just letting off so early want what what is your favorite stars memory aside from that we got to get fat and sick well I have to say I growing up. I came from a Star Trek family yeah. Now at look at and it went and I watched. A lot of tactics but until recently when the most recent force that we can skew mat -- with all of my family over the holiday tacked to a similar moment where there's a different generations came together. The data rather so excited about his it was really a moment and the others as Willingham. Tickets are putting him not look at this and my big hit fifty irate that we're finishing our popcorn and toddlers. And hopefully I get to watch this movie producing and everyone else here has seen it and it's killing me and leaders whether we get up but if you go see it let us know hit us up I'd expect you really. After a Roth then of course there's a ticket I picked it. And down in the meantime though enjoy your Friday with the guys around back.

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