Preview of 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2'

ABC News' Michael Rothman and FiveThirtyEight's Walt Hickey give us a preview of "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2," which hits theaters Friday.
18:55 | 05/03/17

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Transcript for Preview of 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2'
Oh. Heard Michael making big problems. It. Sit. In about the income and new of the entire galaxy. Nobody would do it. Yes and in the film. I obviously to find out more about her character ego which we know by now is Chris perhaps other outlets was the big question. School sailors outlets dweller. Yeah and we knew we knew and guardians want that his father was something it was Lou the word Glenn Close to use them being each in and didn't. And power. When a planet out that. Alan find out how they tinker stealing our the group now we have vinegar before and potted plant is walking around him thing. And it will is around. And me. Rich because. It. The worst. Off. Of them. I. What. Did. Six. A a neighbors and it's. The the and that are emerging at. Least. It's in. Guard that's a really great point I think he brought the war on this franchise that can never get it right. Guard is one thing was on the first movies that really got. Marvel content right. And we thought there was a little concern going into it because Patti and me. It's great to meet agree. On the New York City or even an Iron Man filled. But how do you make a film in the consulate you know outside there's all these different. Clinical is that they're actress Elizabeth stations and James Gunn director. The writer artist line. Defense. Job and he was fine it was light you know throughout his back to where we learned a little bit. The more right here and I. And me and her sister that she needs more a man and Karen guild. That deal. Their backs or a little bit they're the daughters adopted daughters and. We have to look at that us. Will line and hit mr. behind him. Route and rocket goes on and on and he really an amazing job and I just talking weeks along about. And that. Lean and you're. Limited. Between. Oh yeah. It added. That those movies. Leave it. To him. I get them here. As recently. As. Isn't released. And yeah it. Was delivered. Him. Has written in this but it didn't even spur. And when I. We. Knew. And there isn't exactly. The we cannot. Even yeah. I think. It really. Here are on the winner people who. This happens a lot Marvel Comics that you noted that the avengers had been doing multiple iterations. And usually. In their stride as there first can easily the most iconic. Legacy of the guardians the most three and team has been one that's. Kenneth stuck in pop culture when it's really great acknowledge. See his classic characters meaning that a we cannot. To the fans that have like. And waited fitness. Or. That would. It. The decree was that roan and hit crazy guy who won its U. And I'll let that killed an uproar. Yeah. It is an. Yes say no to some degree I don't who plays I think it's that. And he. Equities from the night manager here is also and and bear it Tikrit. Yeah. I knew that it. Isn't it. Yeah. Yours. Yes we some some we can say is and we can't there are essentially she. And his. We isn't that the teaser trailers and the trailers we've seen in this gonna watch this point she it is. Engineered to be perfect with the human being the perfect. Eating. And mean I don't know like bold choice of colors tour for perfection but that plays enrollments and impeccable other bigger characters. We eat look Nadine Mok and looked down on any. Portals or any other life forms that aren't reflection and to sliding. It will. Be an uphill thinkers press for facts. Here's. We did a little bit. Is predicting quick. Routes and we have. The looting and recently slipped. Gangs around some. It was his biggest both collectors and they're. Really. That's. An. Immediate. And they lose the. This important that in the book I divert you you'll see it. This is not in any war but that's coming up next here but it's anywhere collapsed on us a little goat and. A lot of the characters do but not adding to lack this. I think ego to get involved others including told incidents like it always kind of Dayton. They've played mostly negative with the aid of the year they look slicked back with what's in my iPod and ending and care when there. He will turn to the good side when an air whatever. Being. Hold dear is that think. That does. That mean members of its. The bulls. At. Eight. Yes. I. Things would include. The and that the Marines. Who argue that the or. It. Little story about Stanley and nearly identical to have a new and if there really really cool story. Yet I'll have to get then you a live who got every Parker covered which we don't. We're gonna yeah. Wearing Ellison personally. Com they're like central component of this. Some degree and they're. Every canning university and isn't ours is right leg Iron Man could be. I don't know that Peyton. But then the data can be no new evidence leading into the line which is this. Any third. Let me down like. So witty and as he does regularly in several films at this point that. A. Press and I will look to you know violence going to be currently. Because you do everything leading entity. And that's obviously has its. Not immediately. Elliott in an interview that you think that it what's gonna go on any war I think that contains now. There's. Lot of work there's a lot of work that very self contained story you can see this movie with out he would guardians while you can without having seen. Outlet or 1213 other movies don't worry I'll be at Laurie hawks on Margaret Brock. That is that the board ago. They quickly look at a lot here. And we don't you know I think it was in the old something else an ordinance is working in the book also in god. Yeah I mean they've done. Very good willing liberties when it comes demanding better. The arrogance unplug the undergoing a lot of immigrants as they could be laying ground work for work welcome Patrick that we have to come down on them yeah I think that does not get it. A lot of them. The threats brought up their homes that that was a little. Off independently. Yet. And luckily it only begins building that it would make sense not to do that it. I get hot and tossing back and forth I see your point in a magazine. Dynasty and the larvae and having your in the meeting but he acting out an incumbent I agree. We we've been telling our missiles we do that. Against Medina. And you wouldn't have been as with the story in the ringleaders here what Hewlett or Q what do you think is normal hours. I don't know how they're gonna plan we can be honest and and and talk about what happened in the book in any war and yet in the infinity gauntlet. Is opening on the war. Including Anthony what we we will get another time because that's a creek Newark. And hitting golf league and anything anymore. And us. We've seen in prospect of other movies. Has the dominant you had to eat endless at and a look. At their house is Denny godly that your. He's really not evil war work or positive it will sense that I mean yeah. He covets that I'm any of your but it let's finally he dot don't eat in the book he becomes the Whitley acting. Guy and he becomes the whole thing. He's not really Melissa that he won't go against Iron Man particularly because I hate you he just like I can do it all do you is the very. Look and I was exit left the perfect word and with the gauntlet. Five or six and the Owens. Unites us externally if anyone and. It was in the Ellison and other characters in the marvel universe of people that has done it and if it's. Limit the power to do anything you do is you'll see in the book you go back the outlook looks he snaps fingers and weakening. The people are dropped or he can you can create what he once you were just. Lake Wolverine at some point in the battle where Eagles at Edwards adamantly becomes robbery like latest on the grueling that. Everything's. Out of this evening in the universe are going to be. Preventing. Under. And yeah yeah. An. Ounce hit his. And it everyone we've seen. From the previous treatment that was a trailer park into orbit there was like making love links we seen Tom Holland Slater definitely Chris that was and Robert Kennedy junior. I mean it's gonna be. The big build public support here but we've ever seen wearing. Ever was exactly the. But the most obese means hiring numbers we have and it is that. Daniel actor. At least learned every everybody they were standing here has been with an accent probably record or other. And he argued there really is is to break his to lose its own including earnings. Really it's in the I think in this one. So much more understated he didn't argue want it was a very likable yet ultimately. With the lake and the higher than character in this when you really get to know him. More than what is taxed or deeply buried fronts role. When everyone knows. You know will Doreen it's just distract here and and that her ego he knew I think he's really on the three and the easier ego I think crap I think young. It's not again. Into the Jenin easily remembered this sort it out yeah. Although we're doing away with it sounds are currently pilots actually at her. It. Has garnered yeah that the collector. One is is division at the moment what is in the tender care teams. The folks from the first. Starting out. Political notebook things aren't like Michael Beasley Glenn Close has like let's. Her Oscar and a hat and where he had an and then number five. Or suspects yet you'll haven't. Knowing. The lemont. We're working in the Morgan I don't want him out and doing what and. I'm not. One yeah so we it's under control and an economy that's hasn't been he and Lucas hasn't been any. Actors who play the estonians have into the decent we're that he announced one week in our best actor or perhaps the oddly it's relevant indicators out today yeah. What's your money and it's got incredible police units got some of the. Netflix that we than daredevil always been the main things don't look weak standards essentially I don't know in the parallel to. Avengers on our morals and it's always a cinematic universe. Because alcohol or is it fun this really. Yet the standards these guys. Arby's in New York's. They're not. The opposite of the cosmic the year depending who you are immediately crime. Don't have gotten that car. Betting odds and had. I think in the thriller. Art has called double blind in London. Did you know. Whatever you'll easy kind of draw the detective who lives. Almost at a that's going to yeah. That's we had tired to do is critical centers union and tired and Natalie. Be impenetrable. Well. I thought I would elect the trailer not a lot of action packed up and together. I think it. Easily and that don't. Daredevil and. That's cognitively don't know worlds ago I'd like art and. You can't be it was an honor and we're even though it's kind of nice and come together it would use I think. The landing as a as the hardest part. Marvelous and that it could do it and they'll. We really does he went in the emblem. Again and he's in his dreams and utterly. Just wait and released together as hard work and so its interest in the seat belt works but again. If if polling sites there aren't measured success. This trailer is a list that also saw. Sigourney Weaver yeah. And a lot of other candidates are adorning we. Hillary. And car. She's like you are doing. Great. Sigourney Weaver of Sigourney Weaver's name is in that. We don't know we don't look at the scene her. All how basically held more. The work you're unite. I. Urge you. Daredevil is going to present it you know. You don't get in trouble Blair. Act and decades. An example. He's united news. Have a nightmare and an end reliever comes out of nowhere and here. He has kind of an army surrounding her and we don't know I don't see them. Will actively. I guess sodomy and other street for another day anyway. Does little rock and ABC news I incurred from ESPN think he summits dictating in. Obviously he's got out again thank you very much the AC theater cuts.

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{"duration":"18:55","description":"ABC News' Michael Rothman and FiveThirtyEight's Walt Hickey give us a preview of \"Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,\" which hits theaters Friday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"47191429","title":"Preview of 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2'","url":"/Entertainment/video/preview-guardians-galaxy-vol-47191429"}