Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: The full interview

The two discussed their first date, their relationship and his "sweet and natural" proposal.
20:23 | 11/28/17

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Transcript for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: The full interview
Highness I can Markel congratulations to both. Thank you consult with the proposal and the excellent through engagement went it happened after that happened. Happens seriously and and this month. It's cartoons on. So stones as typical north. Seen this. Richard just instinct chicken wings of congress. To chicken and it just. Just an amazing surprise it was so sweet and natural and they're romantic. He gone. Cold and yes as a chiropractic compare let me finish proposing an amazing to let me finish. His parents hadn't been those hugs mongering when afternoon. Have a plan to continue the regulations are still written it says terrorism there was an announcement was just two of us and them I think it comes to comes to us supporters as well. This is how well she assessment. How would be seen him little bit more than that just the president of home from. Which most people would be quite so well when does not how it felt. I don't think that I would call it a whirlwind. In terms of our relationship ownership have been layers attached to it and how. Public it has become. After we had. That's good 56 months and months and just privacy which was amazing. But no I think. We are able to really have so much time. Just to connect and we never went longer than two weeks without seeing each other even know they're obviously doing a long distance relationships. Each time we mean where how to keep us tonight. Yes we first met mere inches that you buy mutual friend. Senator renewal we should protect her privacy and chancellors and an option to. I'm. It's it was resistant for it was through. We met. Once then twice but aren't students in London. And lost some lines. But in July and then. It will cause I think about three maiden for excellence. Not motorists and that's what it's come join me in Botswana. I'm win. We mean we can't tell which and missiles responds with controllers for others which was absent from classes are. Then we were ruined it by ourselves and was which was crucial. To me tonight shall we haven't chosen to prisoners. With a friend multiple sources. Yes definitely it's principal entities. And an answer interesting because we talk about it and now and even that night you know. Because I'm from the states you don't grow up with the same. Understanding of of the royal family and so there. While I now understand very clearly there's a a global interest there I didn't know much about him and so the only thing I had asked her when she said she went to sentence and was. One questions when Tina. Because if he wasn't kind it just didn't. It didn't seem like it would make sense and so we Renton. How to and her drink and then I think very quickly into that recent. We tuned tomorrow which is the. Comedic reasons on the student and a minute of it right the dollar is rented cars when we're going to be as well because I was off to Africa for among EU she was working with similar plans where I think out. And the job since being with us. Speaking. About and seen on TV monitor and I'd never Mildred and out of and told his friends that. Memo calls like Royce pretend to me and commute and a background. It's levels are now so no idea of divorces. And in the full name and I was beautifully as Bruins went on Watson's book rooms or earn. Listen listen counselor can line the national went to confession. Whose. Management attention. I think for both of us it was it was really refreshing because. Given that I didn't know a lot about him everything that I've learned about him I learned through him as opposed to having grown up around. Different news stories to tabloids are would have arouse anything about him and his family was what he would share with me and vice Versa so both of us it was just really. Authentic and organic way tickets knew each other. And was quite refreshing view it that way that you pimples. With a lot of people knowing little about you was hit refresh things you've been thinking things. Murder is hugely refreshing to be able to Gibson tonight or some wondered. Isn't necessarily fuel cycle doesn't matter much longer and Obama must not says they were installed. Moments of fresh right from didn't at its merits of the simplest. And I'm taking a huge leap of me two days and then. Bloomington based professional women and other middle of nowhere and China's senator tentative ruling comes through is. It was it was fantastic presumption is and to get some. This prescriptions written. And assaulting a long distance relationship you working on seeing icy hot on action packed film and show until you go through lots of commitments Avila and now it wants it to keep things going. Very early on we realized we were going to commit to each other. And we knew we had to invest the time in the energy and whatever it took to make that happen. So yes we with the filming schedule. Does not be easy ask is it of course included a lot of travel back and forth but. For the unit and and it will times and influencers. Now Michigan primary four days or we can he turn documents. Strange filming next four and went chemicals and among strategists mariners right off the plane strictest it's just running just tunnels stay as close as possible book and on on two different times and before I was appalled those Christians is done. We are going to work in Britain and awareness. Throws. But in the case of your relationship unlike the most people this is holy land all what it means to get involved with someone from the royal funny how much of the sense to you. My connecting with team what you were getting into what it might mean fewer life. I think I can very safely say as nigh eve as it sounds now I'm having gone through this. Learning curve in the past year and a half behind did not have any understanding of just what it would be like I think I'm interested that we both said that even though we knew it would be. You know towards a trip to return to warn return to warn you as much as possible but I think both of us were and to purchase it for hours reaction. Of the first 46 months of rent torsos. The war option open for months under I think you can you can have as many positions you won't and for trying to power as much as possible book. We were we returned him I'm prepared for warmth from the this cushioning Olson's. I mean I think also. Because. There's a misconception because I have worked in entertainment industry that this would be something I would be familiar with but even type it on my show for. Six years at that point. And working before that I've never been part of tablet culture I've never been in pop culture to that decree in and lived. Relatively quiet life even I focus so much from my job and so that was a really stark difference at a decade back. And I think we were just hit so hard to begin with a lot of myths truths that. And made the choice to not read anything positive or negative it just didn't make sense and instantly focused on her energies just on nurturing our relationships. And yes. And some of the arts groups in me and you ended up making for a public statement about missile that's kitchen with sensors around do ethnicity and when you realize that what's decent. Of course it's disheartening. You know it's it's. It's a shame that that is the climate. In this world to focus that much matter that would be. Discriminatory in that sense that I think. Can't the end of the day I'm really just proud of who I am and where I come from and we have never. Put any focus on that we just focused on. Who we are a couple and so when you take all those extra layers away and all of that new ways. I think it makes it really easy to just. Enjoy being together and to an Austin and a. Another day this'll official Prince Harry to have that sense that the combination of the two you know different backgrounds that you. Together represent something you for the world. A lot of easily lure I think it's it's. For me it's. I think memorable time it's it's not Valentin as part of bring it to humans four of us we want to in his Pulitzer. Timeouts on the royal engagements tile work tons. Swine towers others in our generation Jamison who made the world and the corrections wrong. And perhaps then just distorted to. So and violent violent from the numbers. And senator and credited quickly. Was with some confirmation to me. Everything and with all the stalls remind everything was just it was this beautiful woman just sort of mission trip to fill in tomorrow or and if I'm the fact birds passion. Are on the fathers children. Really believe it and an enjoyable pulse of it as well. Is almost as you huge relief to new partnership we have to deal with with the announcement comes within. And written we're we're from substitute Weiner real and and all week when Hudson it's on time I was much in touch with things that we terror as possible. Hendrix had not been given a whole new acting in the Kirkland had no authority vessel to those schools is you've been an ambassador for youth and women. What about this new roles and you couldn't have been a big if for what you police what you want to do with it. I mean house. And now can't singer. I think what's been really exciting as we talk about the transition of this out of my career but into the role as that. As you said the causes of have been very important to me can focus even more energy on because. Very early out of the gate and be realized once had access horrible waste that people are willing to listen to attack comes a lot of responsibility. Which I take seriously and at the same time I think in these. Beginning few months and in. Now being boots on the ground in the UK I am excited to just really get to know more about. The different communities hear smaller organizations who were missing causes that I. Always been passionate about under this umbrella. And and also being able to go around the commonwealth I think it's just me just the beginning there's an oxygen measles. And I'm performance change so putting country some some. A hospital if you. But it's also getting out giving giving up milk. Now. I don't see it is giving anything up I just see it is. Change some beaches and times and has a new chapter right and and also keep in mind I I've been working on my show for seven years. So. Your very very fortunate to be able to have that sort of longevity on a series and for me. 2000 episode marker you know I have him tick this box and I feel really proud of the work done there and now it's time to. As he's at work work as a team that with wooden who. The total potential responsible to press her for what you. Boy you're asking Megan to do of course in dozens responsibility was was essentially from day one war. Maybe a couple of months and months of the reminds us mrs. Non life I feel. Another woman with a stolen learned this isn't over me resources from sort of from honest or non starter. How some pretty big and frank conversations with the Hutchison the boy and an annual solvent for as it is it's and to think it's that they do and it's and it's not. When it's so easy for anybody. I'm nervous. There's an invention is new she chooses me wrenching. I'm not for you know when I'm whenever we have to tackle together or numbers you'll always be us together as a team sort of I think I think she's considered nicely at this moment. She's different she's capable of benefiting our own and together as a service as an animal stuff work commitments during. The environment for assistant and occasional work on relationship is with us that some noted that both of us. Passions. For a fifth wanted to make change change figures and you know we've. Most young people running room and cool swimmers from a school. And it was really the first things to connect at times when a person's mr. talking about when that was just the different things that we wanted to do in the world and how passionately or about. Saying change I think. And that's what date two and then books from. Some students who were children. Millen look early in. Of course in I think 11 sentence him through most of reformed. Who's misuse them. He wants until this you wouldn't guess is family's been so welcoming and and courtrooms and I have on both sides to stand his mom's side as well which has been really important to me to. Yes the family has been crane over the past year and a half. We just have really nice time getting to know them in progressively. Helping me feel a part of not just the institution but also part of the family which has been really am special. Talk tartan ground racial around the same time she's hoping and without having too many people in. We've managed without them incremental. To Michelin Man will. What can people in a lot of the time and that you've been together in the south hall you've been and it went well stress you know we've we've. We Hudson. Rooms of reverse the whole process and 'cause nights in from a television. To condemn the with a into its it was Parcells and on the corpses. Roll and going off and things through congress that we now remove us the whole process which is. It's it's it's provided different opposite since and his minutes have smokers in the short space of time shipments and when questions. He knows and where else who listened and didn't slugger Andres mr. Moulton. Nerds it's for instance its opus intense. It's really gets an original that we know among people community which from 101000 ferns and consumption without. Comes comes comes with the commission's welcomes the rule program where possible. And we were able to really get to know each other that we but also then to go and have friends over for dinner or to go to his family's teens. And if those sort of things and then you know just to take. Take the time to be able to go on long country walks and through. Does no longer do that the queen. Ones at times. It's incredible I think. You know day to be able to meet her through his lens and not just with his honor and respect for her as the monarch that. The love that he has for Harris has grandmother. All of those layers have been so important for me is that when I met her had such a deep understanding. And of course incredible respect for being able to have that time with her in. And be patently she's. She's an incredible woman from cool mr. Chester. Street analysts that drew has been about this will actually. No blame on my feet during what you and various aliases he picked. Asked if they have a good science people who told valuable tools to well I have two dogs and iPad for work item on time vote mine rescue pups. And want is now staying with very close friends and mannered. The little guy means yes he's in the UK and hear from live now let's hope it's just well I think he's doing just fine. What was it. Like introducing legend to real father until brother. And we. Patient Laurie can is excites him and I'm not even safe have for for a period of time line. It shouldn't film didn't tell anybody until and then William was loaned to me it's so I was conference. One they own neighbors with. Our subject tonight and a couple of more questions from zero. Concussions in Austin and wonderful amazing that causes when in his wounds from since its full. And I'm on my phones over her cup of minimal amount they had hung from those teens and regions and and councils of gallons of his principles. Never found it together and being obstinate and and I salute support and micron paris' alone can. Having wonderful throws whole persons movement for quite some time solar powered. And towing and would need. An American missile program none of the whole time has come together and students have been a huge amounts of. Enemies. And not the rule it's something in the well Larry. Hockey you'll listen do you think they warrant it's all about the state of what you getting into. I'm sure the onset. Both my parents and my close friends were concerned because week. Very quickly swept up in a media storm that housing and shared. Was not part of my life before that but they also hadn't seen me so happy and and I think also wants my friends. Excuse me were able to. To really meet Harry and my mom we spent a lot of time wins settlements on mom's men and resist the unit it was just. Obvious that no matter what we were being put through. That it was just temporary and that we were going to be able to get through answer was really happening if he's talked to my dad. Few times hasn't name and made him just yet. Panicked and it's often worth every effort. You. Will ring. Money honestly willing. The route. Is this a listen you know gold because that's formed her favorite. Arms and men's store in itself missiles from Botswana. And the little diamonds other sellers. One of mr. connection. Many solutions Goosen missed on this prisons or entry and and. It's beautiful and he designed it incredible. Mrs. hasn't been the capricious isn't it. Does it mean to you went into how pistons a little fingerprint. Once belonged to Princess Diana. And I think. Everything about its. Harry's thoughtfulness is. And inclusion of that and obviously not being able to meet his mom it's so important to me to. To know that she's a part of this with a lesson and I think in being able to meet his on Cendant. Analysts and Julia we just different people who are so important to his mom I'm able to. In some way no part of her through them and of course threw him and it's them. It's incredibly special on you know to be able to have this which sort of links. Where you come from and Botswana which is important to us in. It's. It's perfect it's important thing to mother would have Fulton Lincoln sent about Lincoln. For instance. I think without question consumers been. Over the moon John tampered down there are some resources for me and then president of Poland and restaurants as for maintenance and arts. Eyewitness it is that is there's an accident when my children missing from her own the most generous. In used to. In a rift with the ring and whatever else is there room sources cheese and Susan Lewis momentum to console world. That's Harry. Lincoln while complaints about it very much thank you so much engines.

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