'Real Live': 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'

"Real Live" guests discuss their expectations for the upcoming "Star Wars" movie.
3:00 | 12/08/17

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Transcript for 'Real Live': 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'
Star Wars and yeah but this is like Waltz territory we don't think leave right now in the that talk on camera by itself but our Star Wars the last jet back it comes out in a week and then tomorrow such as Eric Parker from here believe in LA. Lots of buzz about this movie is produced by Lucas films which like ABC is part of Walt Disney. So Walter what is the about the what like you were a week away what's Everett what are Star Wars fans talking about. I want every talking about what our Rick cotton that is so get several hours it is a period of collect civil war Han Luke and land kind of recently solve the problem of defeating the empire. And then several years later they're still ongoing conflicts in this road rage it's first order verses the resistance and resistance being led by general idea. Han Solo is is split from land at this point he in the piece that most of the first movie helping the protagonists not get murdered hardly in space. That he died by getting murdered hardly in states that the sword. And and then essentially be objective has did you find the missing Luke Skywalker this. This crux of this whole world that he's the last plans than last getting. Yeah waiting I had exactly the easiest holding a little sabre Tim me he doesn't mark handle bank degree movie role worried in the see anything in the film. And essentially the question is where he what is this broad go from here where does is university of from here. And going into the last show that we're seeing Cooper resistance fighters led by Mayo got up. They are dead two Grupo Damron in the sky thin in two terrific young actors. And they are read many ways fighting against this first order we have rain. She's trading under Luke Skywalker to become a jet there are very few of them one might say that there's. Bill we want to have left yet. It. And then of course you have the lead antagonist committee of Kyle Wren who who's working under the villainous snow oak two run the first order kind of neo fascist organization trying to take over chunks of what happens I'm my company's Wikipedia when we have you. I will say if mean we're just talking about that's right before act one thing that is getting a lot of buzz right now as new trail and that they got yesterday at terminal about LA debt ends there is some not ask that in the last couple seconds of this trail air. They're sending very exciting and very. You know big question -- a lot of people and while we honor Villa at anyway if you haven't even imagine. The trailer so it's out there. Like it's sort of a pause yeah. That gets typically have a couple color light sabres ahead and believe she agreed to pay even the purple and yes Jackson began building it right. But the red light sabers. And its neighbors are typically associated with the bad ass as complicated guys and get this person guys have all that we see. As somebody who we have really come to know is a lovable protagonist ray. Holding a red light Saber ever so briefly so what this means I mean we got a lineup that's out of some of us see that no and it hasn't closed that night in Italy a lot of fun to kind of forget we discussed again this story always plays around with lights darts and gets bad and be really interesting to Tennessee. How they can take it to look what empires expected for the original series what do you think Candace is is also will be your area race. Kinda. Again and I. And not on a woman's death hits but. I don't I'm always following John John by Angus I'm very interested I I solved hundreds at all or that. Other movie that he was an and so I'm relieved that this let us take his narrative. Particularly you know we just received a lot of people. It says one user to be and just direct the other being the resisters villager ticket sales go away her look at the week outlay gap is being dangle like blowing operating. Don't trust that that same assets average tax. That thumb. Everything tells a bit like really eagerly anticipated yes Taylor dropped just a few weeks ago Daryn I think a game of a minute football it again they went very quickly yeah it's hard to get tickets in these kind of things they'd there. It's going to be the thing at the cinema and we had pretty solid follow all things considered when it comes at the box office in the men December now travel on to Star Wars for wild the potters can claim that state. But right now weeds is being in for now we're gonna have December Star Wars and. What does things that that and there are going to be lining up for that is even the cast is so excited for that's my camel yeah may add Iran's they Kelly lastly. And you're all saying that even they were shocked when they read the script that last that I really and they were even more shocked when he's not come to enact. A good thing if it is a holiday movie this the prime December it's holiday time paying into good eating at that it is me and my favorite actor yeah. So other families and on gas and I think that one thing that that's very injures him at the placement of these movies is that they're very much a story about or famine that is. Get had its us and downs and that in the end can come together and I think it's very very cool. I mean this is across generational appeal yen and as part seasons ago that you people line offered up his seat I don't know that's your decision but like it is cool movie that then. Old man on how to act and that I don't think there's going to be any problem people come to the box office where is that. We're gonna go behind the America I like that thus buddhism movie about amateur warm and Fuzzy Walton like them very. Eric he's Christian environmental read the F enigma that they'll like that.

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