'Real Live': The total solar eclipse

"Real Live" talks about the upcoming North American total solar eclipse, Taylor Swift's groping trial and late night TV's newest battle with special guest, ABC News meteorologist Rob Marciano.
25:14 | 08/18/17

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Transcript for 'Real Live': The total solar eclipse
Hey Ron I'm David Caplan with abcnews.com. And beef is realized ABC news is live digital talk show. Were we break and he knows bugged about pop culture stories aren't here with me is building TV critic. Candice Frederick we have pop culture and political expert Mike muse and we have a very special guest coming up later on in the show. Our first we're going to be talking today about the president in late night TV and the total solar clips but first let's talk about Taylor Swift. So we know there's the groping case the jury sided with Taylor Swift and they decided not to give with the DJ who she accused of assaulting her. Three million dollars she in turn got these symbolic one dollar for assault what do you guys think about that verdict in the ruling. Is warranted I'm glad it and they cited with her. I think it was it's a really positive statement to meet. That somebody like her somebody who has been demographic mr. Lee young women particularly women who are. Kind of coming into their own sexuality. To state that this is not okay and doesn't matter who you are what you dress like. What images that you provoke it. That it's not a thinker you got along the lines I think a lot of times celebrities especially ones that sort of have you know these sexual life the image. There's that notion you know blaming the victim of an idea doesn't come up pops start new they're definitely very sexual looking people rate so I think you think it sends a message really that like it doesn't matter how you draft what you do that everyone is really on the same level with unwanted it's un wanted something it's not consensual it's not it's. But liked about the is okay success sexy with Fort Bragg adverse event tickets at. A really good positive message and really at home I've morsel it's a precedent. Yet for other women to feel comfortable coming Ford. To beat it isn't all is that pushed back. Well if I do this when it Franco Natalie sue me you might get fired and where it flatly that the economically. And this statement answering these and they talked about her privileged she's I recognize that for the hat or to bear and economic costs in order to shut its responsibility tutor for your case but that really went to its showcase event economics and in Aponte that the justice system that we pack. Yes the scales are balanced but sometimes money does make the scale school at different kind of way lebed that enter into the narrative of the house of conversation because it's so important. We thought it would Jay-Z was doing with the bail fund that he did allotment is aren't able to get out of jail. Does either body with the fourth the bail which makes him at the longer and I think might hurt doing that really insert an economic justice system. Today I think you know what what role at a public figure again I think that's a huge thing it sends a message to me again you know I think we've discussed this before house liberties public figures. They really you know they're they're accountable to their fans and they're sending a message I think your point. You know gently she really owed mr. chemical that she didn't pursue it what sort of message with that really sent to her fans. Complicit looking you know nobody wants that in. I think she has a very strong very strong fan base that in with up to her as a role models that she was going to kind of not doing anything or just drop the case that shows an even bigger scene and then. And I think he'll like anyone who's an employment situation feels maybe the big hurrah after assaulted it that's the thing with very mean there may be a lot of celebrities and other public figures but with and disposed you know a few years ago that she was earlier in her career she could have been like you know what I don't rock the waters you know as we know this with the guys the DJ with some in the industry you know it's possible there would have been pushed back from Mars I think also. In that says it's still relatable to lot of people most people don't relate obviously to you know this grant hue wart ridden singer but they find that release you know me they find it that's so they make it relative. Because I think eleven accumulated experiences I think sometimes entertainment and media you will look at that is maybe acceptable behavior yeah I and I think that she stopped at on its head and said no. And that is of the recent events that we had there was a major quote media corporation led a lot of issues yes but discrimination and harassment happens we see it happening is that combat currently write as though we're seeing this happening in other spaces and places that would not normally uses seeing now we're seeing women X begin to really become empowered to pushed back. As it empowers Ehrlich the everyday woman. You know I think is something everyone can kind of understand what it's like to be discriminated against or to be arrested again feel like. You don't have a voice economically I don't have enough to push back on this large company. On the Arctic. In which is showing is that. In spite two goal thwart wit. Re if the amount that it never talk about it different type of grass or some who thinks they're being harassed president trump and late night TV right. Particularly in light of Charlottesville I think it its net. And it's been nothing new that he obviously has been Bogut Hayward some clips the first you take a look now at the only native attacking the president yeah. It it. A re going to be some clips. There's nothing yet. Eight at the border about the fact that the F experimental particular right I think he thought some late night show votes they were attacking him being very critical of him but now in light of Charlottesville it was a free for beside Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Kimmel called there John Oliver everyone has been relentless rate do you think this is sort of late night TV getting to Ceres and expanding outside sort of the comforts them. No actually think it's right on the money I think company has always led us through difficult times acting community and actually had the liberty their privilege a lot of individuals don't who maybe are journalists or reporters that kinda have a report. Down the line in straight narrative and suppress own opinions. But comedians really Patrick capture the heart view what's happening in America what's happening our society. I think if they did it. Her weekly last night. With her weekend update that's about that indicate that you can't yet kind of response that what a lot of people I feel thought the way that. If it felt those that have that is it my way through this right or to gain comfort in this and I think they have a way of going there. And ways that others aren't able to to really acted to the conversation. Beginning at risk rating and asserted alienating the ought to when you're turning on Kimmel do you really want to hear his political take on. You know president trumpet think he even received a little bit of push back no couple months ago he talked about his son in relation to. You know the Affordable Care Act in repealing it you think the people they just want to turn on and they just wanna see Kate Winslet talked about her next film and they want to. Talk about affordable. Here and let it might be some people like that I think as Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Fallon said it best I think that as a human it is his responsibility. To react to what is happening living in this country along with area of human exactly has he felt compelled to say something and then what I also left about what he it's that particularly what's that. White people especially. Need to speak app and I think you know like what Mike was saying that historically comedians have. Are always been able to push that boundary the observation out humor because. Them kind of just commenting on what is happening which is really. Served as inspiration to their comedy and so I'm not I don't think it's and in usual to hit I think it would be mourn usual tonight. Get you upset. No theater interest and you mention looking a bit that we have that these guys look white guys didn't even talk about the late night both. They also are RT within a certain demographic you know they mean there's you know present you know there white guys there's not think I'm diversity and you're saying it's good to hear. That's beacon that you know that I think it shows like OK it's not it's not only that they people of color who really got riled up about Charlottesville the comments trump made Vegas you're nodding like you think it's good that we're the least having. People outside that sort of communities that are showing concern about these issues. However both of you are saying actually this right on the money I believe in tit bring it to you talk about Taylor Swift discuss it let's complicit. There's one thing for them to meet Wheaton waters Affordable Care Act tax is immigration and that's one thing and talking about like you know neo Nazis and white supremacy that means it's up to a whole another ball game that believe that what we're had a conversation America ought now is that if your silently it are you just as complicit as I think that's a question that were asking and they are human -- you know from a human perspective to say something in what better way than under the covering the a comedy. That you have got tired that's original way at least during it rise really. That's communities and a figure you're talking about being complicit it's almost like when breaking news Jimmy Fallon people thought for some reason as a whole controversy means that patting Donald Trump's head remember like his hair he's been dead and Maine yes and I know on any it to me now with that something can meet UN would you but I felt there was realists like huge backlash whose perceived that he was being pro truck. And again I need to play the other side and eager for anything there's nothing wrong person paid with being dealt up if that's your view everything is like. This inherent bias like at the same time. Why are all the late night comics jumping on gamers as the nature trump does his presidency land himself more to being attacked and ridiculed. Or the ring in the or they just their moral upbringing and they're due they're Democrats and is that the bottom line. Just don't think that there has been a tiny and we think about SNL history has ever been silently economy has not. Approach what was going on currently in the nation in some capacity that on I don't think that is particularly unusual alliance and you know just to go back to what all of our release saying. And it was what was interest thing about. You know seeing all the clips of that V these are white males to senator man yeah who. This is how far from terrible that I had to be yeah them to actually based on some. I think that NATO is terrible you think really that this is the way the wresting entertainment really bring comfort and sort of solace to people knowledge that. Nick is that they went in to that point right there if you look at comedy you can attend to exit poll with comedy and history economy toward our of this presidency. That is accommodate. Always kind guys the president character on they have recognized on policy and if you noticed almost in recognizing him on as of lately hasn't. To do with policy would have to do with is his understanding and humanity right in so. I think humanity has trop policy now so really the conversation in the late night comedians. Things are happening have to do with humanity and character so whether you're right. What you laugh. It has nothing to do with it now the conversation mess has been elevated to humanity we think that's where you see more increasing comedians. May be taking jabs at the president. Do you think the criticism with trump in terms of late night TV is more personal or policy case then it is our person of the character and and I think it had but the Charlotte those sort of bordering on policy though because it's really of how he's handling issues he's now with handling. You know what the policy issues its outlets they with Barack Obama the late night hosts would like make fun of his big years Earthlink George W he was pronounces every other word carried a. It takes warrant stripped plates from. Specific heat they were really about them rally and then it response to the rally TV you know and so I don't think that the bear particular biases against what term did or did not do you did not consider did not say. But it's really about the state of where we're ash yeah. I think you don't get activated designated hitter the notion of this measure of comfort I think it's only people were roughed up about his comments efforts Iran that about the rally that we give and I think director at what happened in Charlton that you're nervous a lot of people. A at a rally let alone all of the injured and there you know the woman who died. I think people together like they're turning to some and they want some sort of comforting in meeting humor is a way to sort of get that comfort in there for viewers. I just shouldn't things actually I think that Charlotte's it had anything to do with policy I think had to do with ideology. I don't think positively associated with it I think that's an amount Americans and what those late night comedians are really addressing aids. Humanity ideology. What are we as Americans and you raise interesting point in terms and exposition. Present Obama verses president trying to. President Obama was very measured yet shall he only gave you policy fearful so they actually didn't have a lot of personality some would say yeah unless you really do want you you'll back at Wendy's HI yeah. Residents president's fronts bring and what really got an Oval Office was his character that wasn't spoken candidate. So he actually is giving these comedians ought to father because as more care turner. And personality driven with this administration every president Republican or Democrat. Dating back to Reagan Auburn's own personality into the Oval Office and I think that's that you see this local context comedians hitting on. Because they expect they think if we look back and a few years I tied my by the way we're. I think I look back actually elected its error and how late night TV every word I think it's only things that the ridicule president trump for people like me into before I think of Obama the first thing it's like did you hear it I can't think everything else George W. This pronunciation. And I feet. That's. There was nothing they didn't they attacked the bush I policy yeah attack Obama about policy they've made about his mom jeans yeah. Did any had to say good night it's our club this is the yeah yeah yeah her character our guys are. Now let's talk about something literally a little. A little bit greater thug wanna play a clip which we're gonna dip into the ABC news archives in 1979. And you're Christine mr. Frank Reynolds ballistic a look at this. But the last solar eclipse of is seen on this continent in this century and as I said not until August 21 Tony seventeen. Well another eclipse be visible from North America that's 38 years from now may they. Shadow of the moon fall on a world peace and ABC news of course will bring you a complete report on that. Next eclipsed 38 years from now. Are eight welcome rob Marciano ABC news meteorologist with the coolest black. Tires okay and what's what's with the block as it is like a Friday apria this again this is that it stressed out that I. Oddities of the glasses that's you'll need to Wear your viewing the eclipse which is Monday. Monday. Depending on where you live generally speaking from 9 AM Pacific time to and need to. 3 o'clock eastern time. Moving across across the continent US hence the great American group as everywhere with you feel like maps I've seen the really shows that don't really the middle the country and people who were in the northeast are good at a lot is that true like. Where can people see all of the country got a good organ like it what you want totality and yet if you want the total thing. But the real deal where the moon completely blocked help us on yeah justice. Sliver of or basically any miles wives that you got to get in at seven mile wide down there did you see. Math darkest line and at the path of totality and and what we've done is that we've capita cloud cover forecast yours agreed to meet again if that yellow means and operate and then and red which we. Are we looking at this integrate the actual weather forecast for Monday yes we're we're updating this once or twice today Charleston is a little bit suspect. Jefferson City maybe natural tutors and moisture in it it's partisan judge speaking it couldn't come at a better time your August and it you know. You know we have winter storms that have you know dense cloud cover. To longer day. And it's happening right in the middle of the day when when the sun and it does happen quickly questioned why is it in not part of the country is it just like the wicked the way to thought is that we're like why it's through the middle the quality if you think about you know that the moon yet moving around the earth Europe is moving around the sun. Although it is the moon moves are on the earth you know once a month. It's the orbit is not. Lined up with the Sox about five degrees often so that throws everything off he's that you're only gonna get it caught once in awhile we actually yet hold. Eclipses once every eighteen months or so. But. You know I didn't often in the ocean where do you live. So it's it's rare to get one where people live yeah one point cross the entire country again at one of these nearly 100 years in only happening in the US so what's the similarity between this one and that what we just sign a consent you know. Well it the same thing except it does it's not going coast to coat not just anyone going coast to coast. That was smaller sliver of the US but look it's still. A great American reliability are anything about all the people that are that are gonna go into the zone and it can't out. And do what Americans view in the middle of August which is it's not that there's all people be fuel outside of the totality here in New York City. Los Angeles pretty much the entire US you can go out but you gotta go. Do not look yeah. Yeah here why can't I just stare at that total solar eclipse the Nevada my life well look to their great it is. You guys Wear walking on Austria which are much more fashionable they only block some sort of monetary you know that's a fancy much. I am now via a few guys who thought life he's the little things and they're pretty cheap but they have their work they don't like yeah I'm 9%. Of the life are -- got to tell everything I want of these boxes where about them how to think they are what happens if I don't Wear them. Well you don't Wear them you're gonna damage your eyes you look at this on. And you're photo receptors in the back of your eyes you know how many painters actors you look at the song and it's gonna bother you. But you're not know the economic failure like Corey Burton got enough familiar candidate until really you wake up the next day yeah Nancy so. It's really really. Important that you don't look ready to pass that the united that you like to people in the is that what you themselves with people with and I think I'm sure that's the case for customers the here to educate well you and it's not pleasant to look at you know heavily Gary speaking it's not pleasant for a look right at this on the I don't think generally lacked adequate Ross. Rank with everything. How long does this last. Actually clips it's the that's at O'Hare at the backlash yeah well you know I think. Think that basically time is gonna stop Mondale in Austin round had a hat and I total at a time outside I had for some people happen right during lunch hour yet. But the shout moves across Europe at 18100 miles now. So only it's gonna take about ninety minutes ago from in one coast and acts in totality yet but generally speaking you're gonna get a sliver of that. That shadowed. You know for. Hour two hours in some cases three hours that's a good time yes so you. You can look at China's that it is like the hi my regular for a plot at 1238 BC news we got a few acts that happen. Yeah. Yeah yeah I had forgotten who conducted Hoeveler looks though excuse a lot of footage of polio like the roads passed in high with people don't Oregon. And there something about like that wildfire that there were acceptable or something in Oregon and because of the attempt is that true order. While the last gets its while parts of the west yeah number of fires burning axes one burning right now sister story which is very close to where a lot of Hitler that like the total work with the EU weighed me the buyer. Oh there's nothing like now god is not a magnifying glass ceiling that actually keep cool the earth for that short period of time where of the sun blocked out temperatures drop. Ten to twenty degrees you know just few seconds and tomatoes and Alex or solar panels should they be concern. All right yanish the batteries on that's it that's a good point it will grow some of these the grid off the it. For people have solar but it's not gonna last outlined here in totality and you have solar panels yet I guess you know don't want to TV about. Obama would you be doing at that exact moment last time in New York on Monday I'm not gonna be here on to be part of especially that you spoke out so my wife and child will be up on the roof of our building with the they're the and I hope that based on minutes on Wednesday outside of my five year old it is about all of this and I'll do you know Lincoln city Oregon which and the first point of contact yeah ball if you will dated you're going to be in Charleston didn't he will be in Nashville. And then a myriad of other correspondent spread throughout the country so we're gonna. While the wall I think for three hours or at least two. As this great American clips happens on Monday at a Texas approval from meteorologist. Yeah okay it's it has to be the Super Bowl you know hurricanes and two room. Okay but one thing on your game and certainly a World Series itself look at her. Meteorologist but meteorologists are science geeks and argued again it's that study about of politicized before you get to the me urology and so this is a celebration of science and you know you know we get picked on it's as science people you know are being all of the key here whatever buts so now we're we're all. Swelling up with pride because. Indeed the tsunami that is the eclipse. Has taken over America. Going to be clue cool the BA geek race. Political. It's. I the moment. Yeah. Eight. We're not have a brother so real talk now rock ticking away oak would also amenable thinking about the after the eclipse on money I'm on an oh. Fly to Las Vegas I've got my credentials for the second thing and I'm jazzed about the next. Two weeks which is the Macgregor Mayweather fight. Really great odds get via its it's going to be epic. McGregor you don't know is an amendment a fighter and he's just a beast Mayweather is undefeated. I think he's lightweight now hold on slew of titles but he's forty years old they both talk a lot of trash and now they're gonna meet the boxing so Mayweather certainly has the advantage he's a boxer. McGregor is is that you know mixed martial arts guy. So he's Mayweather is favored to win but and you know it'll probably be a big old mess but it's gonna like the eclipse it's gonna look at events I had a lot of Americans imagine what this is wrote lassie happening your prediction who's. Unaware that might happen. Look. You know lesson is Marciano so my. Rocky Marciano undefeated heavyweight champion of the world and may Weathers is undefeated as well so I you know I do you want to see him continued the identity. I think native Mayweather and if he does. McGregor doesn't win it's gonna roll basically it's gonna take him in May and put it. Above box asked as the number one combat sport out there so that happens it's not obviously. For player right now worker does me no two hour special with Eugene this ripple effect but always from its paperwork villain. Magazine Atlanta. Point and hit an activist. Yeah how. And the way Fieger older obesity New York replied yes on that he got that. Well what do you had a statement around the sports and auto bids that were on the same page I'm gonna transition with LeBron and a basketball though. So as you guys a lot love basketball and the Bryan king James is I want my favorite bath butlers have bought time and it got announced this week that him and I tedious and there are going to create. To the screen that Matt and TJ Walker's story. Those who don't know the man sees it walker is she was the first African American millionaire and that when she died in 1919 and to say I am excited when I read this and writing. And ourselves right to doesn't lenses the intersection of sports and film and history and culture but I have been yelling into the camera and on Twitter and eve not to tell individuals. There's so many more unique story Citi toll of African American history beside the traditional ones that we always go to and we should have those two as well. I've been fighting for Madden season walker story to be told also king James I salute you Barbara that I'm so glad it's at my advice. I can't wait to see act saving and enacted out Clay Matthews at Walker's that economics that viewers features yeah. Yeah. What ever that is right it. Some mind is the senate. It's a new new miss US ATV series of signs I just Kabila in her best performance to date that I have seen. Is busy summer murder mysteries she played but young mother who basically rolled up to a guy and needs and bludgeoned him. The death. The that the family Ed. Her family when it would happen is that they don't break and then kill them. But so we now in the very beginning. What who'd who did it we just don't know why heated and that's kind of like what this does start this series explores great. Just. Totally lessons there with her there. Art and other TV surely quickly ever like something to be in box on Hulu typical people Billy Geithner to the clout there. You live in New York it's the funny thing to watch because they're display they're like the people you about the mysteries in the subbing like failures. It's really funny you want Jay like that at the bit much art this is great guys who their real. Our ever remember Monday 1232. Or three hour special here and ABC rob all the ABC correspondent total solar eclipse and make sure you Wear these super cool block those. And think for tried it and we'll see you next time. And guys today and.

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