Recap of some of 2020’s biggest Emmy-nominated television shows

ABC News’ Chris Connelly talks about some of the biggest TV shows of the year.
5:34 | 09/21/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Recap of some of 2020’s biggest Emmy-nominated television shows
We've got our intrepid duo of Hollywood heavyweights right up their joining us from Los Angeles throughout our show to bring us. Everything you need to know all things and meet Chris Connelly and Kelly Carter Chris let's start with you good evening. What is going on out there whether this is very different ninety minutes from showtime then what you're used ago. It's really a crazy situation what can you say it's been an amazing year for television as we all fun and now. And as millions discovered when the pandemic it. Because it provided the motive and opportunity for everybody to really check out. The show is in the performances that are nominated tonight. Now some of those shows sort of comment on our current condition. And some of them or a pleasant diversion from the same but all of them gave viewers great delight. Even if. You saw at all. Could possibly have seen this coming from within the laureates baby yoga or perhaps a good it and many centuries old. Cats kittens and tiger king we believe that she said in narcotics. Brings in the nocturnal creatures of night unearthed of the morning shows delist. I am proud to work on a network and lived in Miller. Any country got a upholds consequences. She's showing me under the bus tunnel. The superstars to. Michael Jordan and the last day. Super deals Luke Perry tribute. Changes will always be a part of her death. Viola Davis honoring sister role vis a good time provide. Only two real fierce imagines you can watch. Here's most nominated show with 46 in all and the sir reality of Wesley. Mystery but the best thing. Yeah and speaking of masks yeah. That happen. What started in the fall of 2019. As peak TV and suddenly became bleak TV. In march of this year as the pandemic shut down production and since sports fans and studio audiences. Home for what awaited us with scores of comedy. Diaz yeah else and docks and dramas. There are episodes like dispatches from a world we once knew from insecure block party. Exceptions none resumed meetings I think the obvious choice is Tom. Tom works that being able to be this close to everyone in your modern family mr. Briggs triple B differs from the foot of the late night hosts work for him yeah. Welcome to our vast welcome to the daily social distancing show I forgot how to drive. Reality we figured on the wanted. And idols finale singing showdown. Where millions watched intimate at home performances. All the to Melrose Place and love casts held socially distant reunions. To raise money for charity and have them in this. All the nation witnessed horror and experienced out we. Leading to the biggest social justice movement in half a century and filling the streets. For the represented in line broadcasts of the funerals for George flowing in for congressman John Lewis hero of the civil rights movement. Cops got cancel cop shows started to get a recent new perspectives in people's stories and sensibilities. Still isn't like people. The fund and make perfect hinges. Try and chairs should. At last starting to be acknowledged and shared on television yeah. Audiences are showing their recruitment and all concerned aware of the need for full equality and ASE V. Still there was plenty to cheer about legal lines can school. Tim little fires everywhere just to live Reese's pieces. And Disney plus bringing the original cast of Hamilton into America's living rooms in time for July 4. Then he's nominated shows the very best of a packed years ended at time of social distancing more than a 120 video here. Sent to the homes of tonight's hopeful. Ten different countries. Bring light providing that Demi looks just illumination. It's guaranteed to produce acceptance speeches like you've never seen in the with this suit helping to give it every year to give person. So here's a the Hazmat and a has not just because thanks of these nominees and a series like flag issue getting back to work. Talking about you're getting married I didn't even though you would see in anyone what do we friends who Mohammad just pops and Clinton. Entertainment fueled by our shared ordeal as has rarely seemed more enticing. So we saw the ME submissions go up 15% this year over last year and the Emmys have responded by expanding the categories from five to in some case this is Benny is eight. But one thing's for sure we are seeing the best of the best here tonight.

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{"duration":"5:34","description":"ABC News’ Chris Connelly talks about some of the biggest TV shows of the year. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"73137433","title":"Recap of some of 2020’s biggest Emmy-nominated television shows","url":"/Entertainment/video/recap-2020s-biggest-emmy-nominated-television-shows-73137433"}