Rihanna, Chris Brown Together? Twitter Photo Raises Questions

"The View" hosts discuss Rihanna's Twitter photo of a man in her bed, and Brown's recent Twitter war.
5:09 | 11/26/12

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Transcript for Rihanna, Chris Brown Together? Twitter Photo Raises Questions
Rihanna but when we spent Thanksgiving and Berlin with Chris Brown. And then -- column. Another -- went ahead and and Sweden. Paid seven have naked man and I bet that people are assuming. It -- happened. Now they have -- of grizzlies that they're back together -- some people think Rihanna is making a statement. There -- like Soriano would go hey man and you had that was a statement -- I just wish -- -- because it -- sweeten it out they are so it's like you are making this public. And I just wish that creatine Rihanna would just go ahead and let folks -- we're back together live with the consequences of doing and instead it sweetened pitches in and taken -- -- doing YouTube videos to his ex and his -- -- Richie Evans is just let people now and it wouldn't constantly. It was -- on. Have no I can't. -- -- What Rihanna Chris -- needs of these incidents. If you get -- this three of him there with turn them back together is far less offensive -- that we to put out. Over the course the past couple days which I'm sure we'll we'll get to those who are well what do you think of. So let's get to life. A lot of people clearly haven't forgiven Chris Brown for his 2009. To -- -- -- -- that would Rihanna like comedy writer Jenny Johnson. It started when brown tweeted I looked old and fish and I'm only to wanna break and Johnson responded -- No I know being I worthless piece of meat can really -- per -- So -- Rollins shot back. Take them -- out when news believe me -- in my -- -- Johnson corrected him -- -- its. How each night lol -- you. And therein -- Round and it. Massive plot in the -- -- why you. Please today and then she doesn't rest on their ideal mom must resolve proud -- you. Ending it was behind it -- -- glad it went on the initial act out more outlays. -- it got even worse he said. Something about -- yet my mom actually told me to. Pretty much. I followed. Them -- cash -- I wish it. I think it's it. Discussing first of -- but also it seems like. It's a verbal -- to me I think at some point there's -- -- -- point -- Twitter should be and anyone who write anything forever. She's I'm -- early this year -- -- -- yeah. -- -- letter and he should be banned and I think sexual acts I will say he took everything. He took everything down he shut down his Twitter account. He has game seven ever need to may actually now but let nobody is only. We talk about -- winner about people having respect translator. And I'm not saying Chris Brown who was right in what he did he was -- because the problem I have with Chris as you are influencing a generation of of young people and young people and then -- -- get out. Hardly a young people watching you going if somebody I don't know says something I don't like. I can respond in this -- But I also said it has grown woman when you tweet out you are worthless piece of late what do you expect to give you got -- when Israel would a lot of money with a lot -- with a lot of pride and you know yeah. How to -- now we want to share with you think I'm. -- -- Into my mind now is are you gonna get bad seed and the lion from writing what he dead is a -- -- -- -- I'm you know what I have to say. If do you want to mess with them. You have to expect to get your head handed to you now -- sort of feel like -- now. You have no right if it do you feel like that and you don't want to fight don't do that. Don't do that -- -- -- I disagree with -- -- I don't think that's dribbled right I distinct Bolton was -- -- both were verbally assaulting -- back. And that is what we need to get rid of on Twitter because that happens too often and too much to too many people people feel like they couldn't do that as a priest Regis alias based lets you can't be surprised that he gets ahead -- -- -- Amateur -- Yeah. -- what -- -- feel very protected not to like if you can engage with Chris brown and -- Hollis now HL not HL eat you got a lot of time on your hands you are fully participated. In this -- what you've got. -- -- -- Well it should never. That -- I have to go across any sort of Twitter feed that anyone would ever thought it was by ill get on disgusting and I -- I -- -- -- getting get. You know I am a proponent of getting rid of all of that speech you wanna -- you -- -- -- of somebody mention them because you don't like what they do have enough. Balls to say what you made. Did not say what -- -- -- know that our. So this other thing but this again this is what people do want to and I don't mind if people get on people is how people respond back but it. Got a bailout package -- but I don't -- is not only Chris Brown is doing this a lot of young people they get in trouble with this -- yeah.

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{"duration":"5:09","description":"\"The View\" hosts discuss Rihanna's Twitter photo of a man in her bed, and Brown's recent Twitter war.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"17811515","title":"Rihanna, Chris Brown Together? Twitter Photo Raises Questions","url":"/Entertainment/video/rihanna-twitter-photo-chris-brown-shirtless-man-bed-17811515"}