'Rogue One': Ben Mendelsohn Had 'Fun' Playing the Bad Guy

The actor said he feels "really lucky" to be involved in one of the biggest film projects ever.
9:19 | 07/18/16

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Transcript for 'Rogue One': Ben Mendelsohn Had 'Fun' Playing the Bad Guy
Yeah with. Really magical. World and Star Wars is about something as well they're about something very real I think and that it is. It's about persevering. It's about. Doing what's wrong when it typical. It's about giving you best effort. It's about some really beautiful things. That's the other side. Nancy and heart. And when you have to foreign and Hawaii in two what's right about the M well. All want. It was trying to bring peace. Did his trouble. And in fact that got more climbed to it. Than the rebels when you think about it we we have the system in place. But it's not a crazy. Eyes. Cities from group. All way. Because you get to. You know beat bad with. In pretend line and that is. A lot of farm. I mean if you think about the fact all right it's tends to be about a feeling of it's about vengeance must song you know. I must you know. That's always farm. Block of cedar. Of course she wanted. Month like art thinkers. However. RIA. That would be very rigorous. And it would be very very. Not for the for the fact I think I just can't do I I want to. I do want. Except aren't really don't. Tough not to talk about it. Climbed all that Taunton cities there are times when you really want to be undercut I think it's what gets more hot. Baht. Years it's very satisfied not told about. But that's the thing is long term status for mark if I was a good garden Star Wars in real large. Not then art would just not go. And I would be fond. No let's start not quite not Garth Garth country. Garrick that sensitive stuff and he approached me to. To play credit now. Our mission that he turned to my first summoned there on to our he might come to me ID faith. That's out. Space let's condom on. It's just. It's. It typed the long on actors. Kate outlook on it used to art it's still day you know it's still not. It's still bacon. You know. It's still not real. They didn't feel. Here. Really lucky. Just really lucky really happy. You know I hear from people that it's quite impressive when by the war zones that now from weather rocker tells me that not only be. I just find it tough to. I think we should you are now the question. That did you lord we do you. That I. Are it is. You're cool high. Free. Well I don't know who how much you stop by sitting out on arm McCree you memorable back I think you are. All worries how far way what the stories because there and I wanna do it I don't wanna I don't wanna say this time back I want news. But I have come up with. Something pretty special I think. And that that he's going to be. That tabled that on the stand style was a totally gone again it. And it's just your job as an act that's it for and Mike that. As enjoyable. For an ordinance. And you know. Two kept about you with us. I it. It. No on eight KR IA it could. Have are generally speaking have a good time on one arm were collecting that actually you right wouldn't do much better work when there's a happy and arm. Onset sought out I'm not really the walk if there was that he wanted it and Kara the system that walk but that wasn't made that was him telling me to do. Not these things to him and thought he's the director and so obviously are and what he's. Well I mean not mean that won anything condom like they want anything on toward it was just. It was a happy birthday thing and I. All right was doing this saying and then I had to start yelling at him about. Bring me something all of them you know standing in the wise men and yelling at him and casing on yelling at him telling me to bring you brought your partner Ron Hebert via. And then but it. It. He he he. Well why didn't know are who a lot of the other part of what the law was. Do you like that until watch it again I mean you know we've got. We've got Donnie Yen we've got one who two of the Bee Gees in the world. Who are as well known throughout west and ordinances through the period filmed it. That does the reason. Felicity artist thing keys that ball. Faris quickly got mad and Mickelson I mean. I mean it's just it's just Orson you know all things all over. So neither. When you look out. And you say storm troopers. Boom boom boom pool hall. You can arm have a bad. I mean you just can't that if you've got to do you have a bad guy and you see that then it's Tom. Pack it. That was the best. These being in that world looking around meanwhile. A while. Oh well that's a style wars going. You know I'm gonna dogs. Where. You. There. I. This film. Text lice in a very definite period in the Star Wars you. I can tell you this. You will save me. With people you know. Already. For fuel. Or are you know I'm an auction. I've never told anyone to. Is that so did work on didn't going to question. And Arkin have that fought don't.

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{"duration":"9:19","description":"The actor said he feels \"really lucky\" to be involved in one of the biggest film projects ever.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"40657246","title":"'Rogue One': Ben Mendelsohn Had 'Fun' Playing the Bad Guy","url":"/Entertainment/video/rogue-ben-mendelsohn-fun-playing-bad-guy-40657246"}