What Role Does Voter Fraud Play in This Election?

"The View" co-hosts discuss Donald Trump's claims that fraudulent voting is on the rise.
7:01 | 10/18/16

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Transcript for What Role Does Voter Fraud Play in This Election?
So July. Yes you wanted to continue they did we want to talk about say I do every with you can't miss that I think both sides always talk about raking the part that. Is bother some to me is that. Right now trump is making it such a talking point that in Newton Iowa my hometown. Someone spoke up at a rally in front of tense and said if Hillary wins there's going to be a revolution he was so why is and actually. I thought it was a responsible movies like no no don't talk like that like we can't have. People liked turning the government over because the trade. And I just found now pence is falling into line known they've changed how he's talking to you I just think making it a talking point of the election says there's no fee in any. You have a modicum of trust in our system. Until allow it to survive pink also and and and him and other people saying it's rigged it's not just about voter Friday it's about media bias and and that its rig that way so even for example last Thursday the major network. Evening news covered trumps scandals for 23 minutes come buying. But Clinton's WikiLeaks scandal only got one minute and sat in second let me and I went some amount yet. From the time Donald Trump announced. His presidency. On every network ABC did an hourlong special happy hour with ham ham pal with family and every network it weighs eight was Donald slump all day all night. To the point where one of the network. And said listen not good for the content what is great ferocity as they put him on. Every not to the point where. I was chives that's when I was a kid if you have one candidate on you have to have everybody else up talent that's how long it's that's. Act has no long answers so heat for him just saying that the media that help give his message out there help give him on television. All day all night is now rigged against them as a pilot blue cool at all you Latin. Here's go back and look at it. And see how much media attention he was given can't not everybody else also one who doesn't bring up the this to the policies he's the one. Who throws the ball back the minute they throw something at him he has to go back at that double again heat heat fuels the media that way I think it's partly it's very much as well the media won him the primary you couldn't turn to television on without seeing his yes so that my guys like ramp follow what I wanted front center who can talk about policy and not now RD in that action OK I have. Yeah. Because you could yeah. He wants the whole the media accountable. Thwart his actions the media is reporting on you these are your words this is out there isn't your history in your company own it even being defended or don't. That I had yet. Yeah Imani has said that when he said in May Access Hollywood Tate was. Boy talk was because of her her out language difficulty I nun outfits it's what every what is called it it's what everybody is I am white and I don't know why I'm hot no locker room and let Conte avenue is all that well. Listen my family isn't quite a welder an election trumps we have very dangerous pattern developing across the country by Obama supporters. Detroit poll watcher was threatened when it not. More reports of voting machines switching Romney votes to Obama pay close attention to the machines don't let your vote be stall and then afterwards is that we can't let this happen. Which it wants not what march on Washington to stop this travesty. Our nation is totally divided let's fight like hell to stop. There's great and disgusting and Jackson's the world is laughing and as the election is a total seven a travesty it is not a democracy. And what all I would have to say is this. Romney. Didn't do it I was seeing you talk about also went with. Obama and Hillary. So if Hillary was that good why didn't she win the election if she weren't there but she was acting rigging elections why did she become the president. Could agreement actually people voted. How they felt I believe and what our system in the best system but this promises and we got and it's what drugs. And talking about how older people. Bowl and some younger people live who don't have driver's license don't have picture write he's couldn't vote when they try to push that out I don't think that their Republican point of was upset about that it they like that type of broad afford but that then then to come up with his rig says it hasn't really acknowledge because that particular idea of picture right. I mean I support voter ID law it doesn't leave to acknowledge. That voter fraud instances of voter fraud had existed and that there is legitimacy to the argument of voter ID laws and at the same time say. This is an aunt was capitalizing on it this is an and was blowing it up. Making a widespread problem because he's out of self interest so I don't have a belated you don't have OK so if you are. I ninety. Is not a driver's license because you know I'm a lot older people who don't drive and who shouldn't be dropped and you don't want that I could get about. But they should be able to come out based on what ever I. Now if you been in the boating system. As as you know you now eighty year old black woman. You know pretty months if you say eighty year old black woman comic actors probably are. Because you people want. Well even. Vote because we armed the right to vote for us it's not it's not about. Cats we have to take test and figure out you know. Philosophical discussions in order to get the right to vault and when we finally were able to get rid of all that BS. People of Barack trapped about I'm very offended when people say you know. Watch out in those neighborhoods 'cause that's what he's well why don't all dog whistle this it's just kind of freaky and you know we we look. We we weren't really hard to get this baht to become citizens like everybody out all women. We know them well yeah but you know you women were not thought out as a desk or chattel. We want chattel you know up I just wanna say we are now considered to be human so I'm giving the writes about. After dogs attacked apps after people were killed Hong. Blown up. Not unlike. Film but this is real. Not Guinea mcdougals I'm not we got to go out of you know yeah I'm not. Now what you know what I just think back to all the stuff that might grandmother talked about. It's it's and it just enrages me can't you now than then people are being talked about this way and like they don't. Like the dating arm this writes about how desperate swim what rug I have side.

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{"id":42885495,"title":"What Role Does Voter Fraud Play in This Election?","duration":"7:01","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss Donald Trump's claims that fraudulent voting is on the rise.","url":"/Entertainment/video/role-voter-fraud-play-election-42885495","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}