Roshon Fegan discusses his lead role in TV One's 'The Bobby DeBarge Story'

Roshon Fegan talks "The Bobby DeBarge Story" and upcoming projects.
13:52 | 06/06/19

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Transcript for Roshon Fegan discusses his lead role in TV One's 'The Bobby DeBarge Story'
It's Candace lions ABC radio now and I'm back in the studio again with an of his with a interviewed today. I have been very impressive and brochure island began when he is sitting across from me and today we're talking about it very very important film because it's about one legends and you know we love to talk about the legend. Body to bar the body to Bard's story which is going to be available. As a found on TV line Saturday June 29. 8 PM eastern standard time they have on corporate basis if you got planned Saturday night slap happy I am I gave you to come back the boy and could that'll have encore presentation as her go first and foremost congratulations. And thank you yeah and so clearly you know you're young guys know this. A different air and then you exit it is so how much did you know about Bobby to barged you know even before this film came T. And I really know. Bobby. Or save and I gave no switch is easy. My mom and dad loved Motown enough lane switch in and the devises back in the days. I'm bill of the devices that in no he was he was their brother that started the legacy. And obviously there's so much history with this guy you mean you know he's a legend in his own right for a when you first got this role and he said okay this is officially yours are you intimidated and knowing that you would play this legend. It was a low whose Los there ages for an effective you know he he has a lot of fans and laugh hammering. And you know this story has to be tone right you wanna be kind of message on laps I was a little intimidating the more AA citing than anything because. He is so important to music and the coasted that this story has to be told manner in selling at a snowy day. So let's let's get until it has clearly veto. This is someone that you have to fully in body in the hat to even begin to. Prepare for this role. I had to do a lot of research vs raw obviously. I didn't have to prepare my lice in this because without that I read. And they hid. I literally had stooges really do is much research is possible on the Internet. Ask Iran as people that knew him in. Thankfully rest by the director. Has some history with the barges that he can you know put give me in India to film. Religious just feel foot a guy. In and learn about what he went through. And his passion of things used and with when he was alive put myself in the shoes engines amount as to Tre re yeah Diane. So you know obviously this is a film about not only Bobby to mark the kind of like family and then everything I hear that. Also has a great lineup I'm gonna mention some of the names. You know attire for around Adrian marks big boy who. A year I'll how was it working with those great you know people I mean I'm sure there was without some of those are veteran acted opposite from that a great musician how is to work with that gambit. As is amazing as good to have bill people in Moline it's a lot of fresh faces you know and and allowed. Art and music artists that are real artists in the music film so it it really is delve and I can say big boys is this legend gays. Yes that's like Jay Don Shula key I'm a big fan but as great you know tyra tough rose make her comeback with disclosures come on like a a little break or have men and down is our first time bets on where she is a mom mom absolutely. Now I'm curious because again I you you can elaborate more did you get welcome any of the Dumars family we didn't where they Aaron and conversation or anything of that nature are no rusty car. IRS I have a relationship. Terry Terry devices wife is ICG's executive producer on the fence. She brought on of the 2000 and and you know stuff that she felt he would want to be. Hold in the right way I really Al came from Harris that we kept a tight there when her leading the direction of of what the story originally about yeah. Now obviously this coming on June 29 on TV one he's standing around AT&T to watch it and I. I last so I'm curious I mean obviously you know having her involved is a great being here. They're not easy existing Devard. Annaly alive now. Will has just been sheer today and I had just been shown to them argued earlier you know will or will Levy Willie get to see the project had to have these in the prior. Really on I mean I just military's. In the mix you know remain in. I'm pretty sure that nobody in their food out ladder out of our own eyes Dumont formation of this. Is Bobbi to bug movies were the days okay now. Now let's talk about Bobby to barred because he has had AT very megabyte you read is a very tumultuous life you know here be used to. As great of singer Aaron. As great as a entertainer he was he had a rough life only Atlanta. So let's talk about just you know. What act. Musical genius really had to deal with how did you deal. With the trauma and abuse hiding how did you take on that because that's a tough thing to do is and to really portray on him. Yeah I. I guess I really just shot put myself in the shoes which is still in reality really hard to do. Because it's so much not a mean so much. Did just a magazine. What he felt an end and how he really was. And in that time the united mean and only imagine I can't in really. Say have been through anything that crazy Seau. I'm religions. Was I really excited to tell the story right away. And may issue a that I am I do it Nam over thinking. And I just felt for the guy just religious feeling human you know there's been humane feeling for someone have a compassion. And in just let an absorbent. Seeing what a management and her. Yeah and so you know from the trailer which is out and available to you know we see kind of little vignettes about you know bill. What with this whole film is on it entail and I'm betting there'll words what do you think this film really hits hard on because you know I think that. What I saw again on view you kind of offered Alou a little bit of a lighter feel like you made him seem human in the sense that he there was some light humor and even then injured knew full well what what is your take on on what. This film will entail for those. We're going to be checking out June 29 again that's right. First of long it's a story dead. Day use you must now if you love music in you lot of fan of the bodies. You got a notice stuff came from the united mean you gotta know what is this. Amazing falsetto genius did for music in and his Brothers and services. After. So he's got to check that Dalmatian that it's aria on your TV. More than that. I think I think people take just a lesson of right now. Stand focus is an important pain and you know knowing how to do we do what you problems are important games is aspire I control. You don't you know in the rankings and right energy around you and mine mine says so. This is a big story about Hollywood people spent an it's a lot of people would like he's not that uncommon and we know make it happens I hear. Since I'm Tiki Tiki Tiki so far down that she don't comebacks. Celeste. Now of course on. People are you know one thing about people is that it I think this is all in general is that when it comes to their legends and people are like. You better do right and so right now you know everyone is gonna have their opinions are gonna weigh end Brett but. How do you how do you navigate right now before and in leading up to meeting. You know. I'm Jeffrey Lurie weighing in a narrow lane they don't have slug their way to La at. I'm you know the a little bit about the added and then kind of how your navigating through their critiques I mean they haven't seen the film June 29 you can Randall only needs sick and formulate your opinion I had my hands but talk about right now how do you deal with their critiques. Even the spelman officially out though it's this kind of like you should give it a chance. Every let you know of course people are gonna say what they're gonna say. Hassell comes along winning I'm from with the united buddies and I have an opinion. And that's saga as long as you tuning in you last the movie. And see what did I did I mean. At the ended days. Is is will it literally comes within and and people go I hate racially a lot of people whose new Internet throws the edges. Even wanna say step justice a Staten universality. Fearless. Women. Just watchable. OK so of course you know it is going to be very interesting scene. Time because we have all these amazing bio pics that are kind of coming out some degree me on now. With all of this that you're doing you have a pretty busy career going on. I'll I saw you Greenleaf I wanna hiding out saying I green leaf and being able to watch that series. I'm but your musician and I feel. Good about that element I mean did you get to do any thing on the music side as part of its. Canadian bubbly fun center on high notes so rises lifts saying through this one oh yeah I am a musician in my producer right makes master all almost out self. It was really cool goods through you know play Bobby which was a musical genius and his way as well. He was pushing it hard to change means he can. Keep yourself original and I'm doing the same thing when a different John little bit more now you know I mean it's me in my boys still takes started a music group. I scar and a very vision there's only evo for sure. This is not a whole bunch of clashes like different sounds like Chris Brown makes the parent has gotten some months. As a shy keep it cool and no man who drop in music Susan movie comes out. Yeah yeah now of course you know lot people mammy from the disease in east and a day so I'm talk about your evolution as an actor because I do all there was this whole. Il commercial all and boys to. And here on yelled all these different show on the cool entire evolution I mean. Right now. Obviously this mildly comes out when juvenile and I it OK but having taken that Arab TV line here but what is. Like what is your your real he where do you feel like he fit the mold like do you enjoy this dramatic type of portrayal all are you more so hey I really love the music live what's your jam. I don't know you know this is somehow Obama on rules of kind of like. Kooky era remain. And then after that a violent allowed against Gaza rose. Our of those same by the ozone parenthood up laid a pop style I just to be very kind of thing name's Chad love and as and a dad didn't. Decatur town on Greenleaf or I'm this seeger an act and tennesseans and so now I'm under the sea angered. Am acting and pop star had the only of the tunes in to I've kind of gas I don't mind keep going in chilling different sides of you know. Kinda actor I am as I. I kind of like flow with who rhetoric on yeah. You and artists I love them of the you know Dumont bank shell muskie in dozens. Has the words. So you know before we go. It's a bit about my. Just overall we think the take away in the stomach no contest and a lot of it but do you like you know you mentioned like it was a message that you kind of got that but if somebody not if somebody went on June 29 technician yeah. Hold all the people who hadn't had some. Critiques about the the film will get out of it like Heidi alleviate or even the large family. Morgan I'll hopefully be checking his out loud enough and I think what do you hope that people who watch whether they knew. And with a new body barged war with sand or just people who are just being edged he'd what do you want that message or take we'd be I think. Ultimately it is I think the issue the licenses as soon as the story in is his story and and it had to be told. Because no buddy and a lot of people who really don't know. The fool. Spectrum of how everything happened. And this gives them an inside scoop overnight. Would this guy do to change music and my dear fans in the first and so on his fans got to you know check it out and in no light. Sky with the stuff he did a lot of good stuff at same time. Aaron I appreciate that. And before we goes anything else you have coming down the pipeline he can talk got. I've not yet as some stuff come envoy in Baghdad keep guys over in just the music look out for the news you drop in a couple weeks before the movie in a salient. Our lush. I appreciate you stopping by ABC radio to talk about that's right. Though this new role he's got to play them play the lead role in the body to barge story idea he won only his gun and all loading down. 8 o'clock eastern standard time on TV wine. And they have an encore performance at ten. Of course this is Kenneth Williams signing off. Thanks so much storage and nothing 93 studio yeah.

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