Russell Hornsby talks BLM-inspired film 'The Hate You Give'

Russell Hornsby discusses upcoming film projects.
20:05 | 08/14/18

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Transcript for Russell Hornsby talks BLM-inspired film 'The Hate You Give'
Canticle ABC radio now and I'm super excited because we have a very talents and amazing actor. Right across from me the one the. Only Russell hornsby howry today I'm doing wooten if you wanna be thank you so much you'd deserve to be honored because you have so many great things coming up and obviously happening right now. And we're gonna jump right into. First off we seen you know on the she well the affair I know the season and now he's coming up very very soon. I want to talk a little bit about this series in respect to your character because I know that you are guest starring message for this season. But how how one of where you a fan of the show before you got them all. I had I had and I know about the show but I hadn't seen. Meant to many episodes had this sort of ketchup. On the show in the topics and whatnot and I was excited to be apart what I think is is higher art. You know I think it's very well written very well drawn and beautifully cast so it was an honor to be would work along so not only him but also Dominic West. And search cream you know one creators. And also more importantly for me. When the episodes that was written was written by playwright you know Lydia diamond so you know that was an honor that I love her work. And also but just you know. Script from a playwright because. You they would understand character and how to release will be getting deep you know to the characters in give you. A lot of on the page with you which you have to draw from so it was really fun topics that are exciting. And oh I get and it's like hoping for closure trying to figure with Cohen on. This was just bird this season. Maybe maybe I don't go out of this. I don't think bring some back to think they will you don't lose. Always you know it a few episodes for a gunman. Yeah I can I know that died it was adjusting means your act dead near my life look at Mellon. Regularly you know the little possessive right here to read always what do you know he would keep eye on the ball a little bit. You know you've never quite get rid of your exes you expressing your co parenting. So in all he was is coming in a man with the difference is a purpose and and passion you know to me I think. He's the kind of of that loves whore you know and loves his son. And were you looking at raising kids missed the young man. One reason a certain way in most of them with certain types of values a pink pages had you know a different outlook as to idea as to what that should be. If you know you come back for another season is anything specific that you would like to see happen with your character. You know arm on the cremated you know actor who likes to do with back story you know. You know I want to do with the you know where he came from where he started to would brought him to worries today his ideas unity meaning just little. Moments and in everything because that's always fun you know for rent act just dealing through history. Now I had I feel like I've been covering this for a while because you know we we came. I get vested with the block Newton they hate you gay and which is a film that you're going to be featured in and I've been writing up the problem and all this good stuff we know comes out in October. On first informal. Formal U fan of that night I know to children's moon but nevertheless did you no probable we got all. We are with you I had no clue about the book and I think it's part and parcel it being a wine novel. And that I do have to act too young kids you know three and one and so they're not a of the age to be you know entrenched in that world. And you know and also. Don't you have confusion over you know you you can't repeat you can read orders history is much used to fusion you know. Or if you don't have kids but you know once I sat down with George Tillman Jr. the director. Once we had. How to describe you know talk about the script or whatnot and once I was cast I would read the book in two days. And I was floored I mean I really consider it. A masterpiece you know and and such beautiful work of truth and authenticity which I was with the are proud to be part of. Now I want a total of about your character maverick rain hits and just a little bit about him because I feel like he is a character. That many may mean men who have been through the system and things of that can resonate with our identify with rather. On talk a little bit about how you were able to tap in and become him as part of this film. And in what your thoughts are in regards to this narrative it's important narrative in very timely. I'm obviously when it came out it was you know best seller and now this film is coming out I feel like it matches kind of something that we're discussing today. Absolutely. You know I. It was told me along a while back that. You know in the prison system. But do I think his yes. He is a man who does have a rough exterior use a man who has seen. A lot of things. And fortunate things you know in his life. Well what he but he's also owes to a man of courage he's still a man of conviction he is a man of deep passion. And deep love right so for his Fam leave. Where he's you it's for his wife and for his community I think above all that's important for audiences to see and bear with. Missed two I think won't won't won't with other men are people in our culture. I think they know that Meehan exist they know men like mad exists right I think it's for ought other cultures other communities. Other races. You know. What I have been saying is that there was it I don't I'm sure you remember this will be back in the nineties. When I was I was younger and there used to be sure used to run it's had it's a black thing you wouldn't understand right and I'll never forget my religion teacher. Mr. harper. He said no it's a black thing you wouldn't and maybe help you understand I think there's a difference this thing so I think what we're trying to do with his film. Is bring something. That audiences can feel about what our lives are so do you get through the universal foods specific I think. That's were attempting to do it agreed to a one which. Very very as I just love that that an out because I feel like people can really get that what you just said in that. And that this film does essentially help one to understand. I don't what has been going on weld for generations to some agreed to be quite honest but also. Even in this moment specifically. About this this conversation. Now. You know. In regards to this down. Do you find it's. Could you have such young children. You know and I'm sure they're gonna grow up in their NN see this and have better understanding of it. On what would you like for the younger generation because I fill it with star. Having the central character you it affects people in different ways as an adult you see what's going on and you can compartmentalize it but as a young person you know the again this is from a young adult novel. And then young people are gonna also glad to what well be that message to younger people. Who is perhaps ace right now or even to your kids as they get older. Well you know I think it took it would behoove you were young young people. Adolescence and you know younger men women their bureau in between their twenties and whatnot just to help them understand. I figure subject they're starting Q ninety that were not out of the woods yet. You know we we still have miles before we sleep will be progressed. And that there there's still every we still have to work together. We still need to be informed as to what's going on in our society. In our communities in this country. Right and that we still need to fight and so again what did you do with the teams that it's dealing with is this aspect code switching right and coming from you know from one. Side of of the tracts of the other. And how do you do with that being caught in the middle and I think some people specially win you've. We know when you've dealt when you've fuel like. You have certain means by which to do things you think well it is good but parents can afford to send a private school sports and college fine but not realize no it's not all the notes just because you can ported to certain things does not sit necessarily. Give you all the freedoms you think you had you know and that we still need to fight we still need to be informed. And so for me Almon looked to help. My kids continue to understand. I think we I think the character and with his family and with this Koppel on the new wide they've gone back to old school values. What the book honors as old school. Mother father. And his values. You know this do what I say if they signal is as I do being seen and not heard. And just your everyone's who want justice listen. You know and that's where a woman hoping some key aides. Just listen you know. East go to speak as Aaron Byrd says Wright talk less smile more urine being. And so because again. I'm I love the fact that young kids are passionate of of the fact they have something to say. And outlets are out here at the same time used to a lot to learn from their elders. And and so. Prepare yourself learning gathering as much knowledge wisdom and understanding as you can so that it would it's really your time this week. You know exactly which are talking about. Absolutely absolutely and and also that. You don't looking at this film. I'm seeing you that your appeared with the amazing Regina hall I love her she's so much fun. I thought she did have a side job as a comedian to see cracks me up some of the things that I've seen her do you know I'm on the side as well. Like the three recurring theme with Regina venue because you know we've I would seven second right yet with Regina eighteen have to move and I'm gonna second wait a little guidance that partly because I was such powerful. Series. I would like to see his second season. Yes and no. You know from. I think yes because you know first of forms to be on its it's always good to know you have a job and Guam and it and it's all of there was there was more to explore obviously is more to get into. But no because. Two Frick twofold. It was such a challenging role for me emotionally. That it was a it was very difficult to get out of that characters. Had space you know. Place you're talking about murder in death and and and whatnot. It was very difficult very much of a challenge. The other reason is that I think we'd hold the story we used to tell and I feel like of that story. You know and I think to you know to go trying to go any further in two week. Mom would have been I guess it overkill. You know but I think it's one of those beautiful things where. It was a limited series and I think people can really go back to it and really appreciate what we did offer. I I hear you I novels front teen whom I mean I. All that it was so difficult in that that role on would you say this has been acts. Particular role nurture it was the hardest Zardari would how would you compare with other roles that you Bennett. I think it was a drew the most emotionally challenging role I've ever taking in my life. On television and film. You know you know again what I chose to due was deal with. Black men as they sit in the darkness. You know. When you look at children who were being slaying. Often times and rightfully so we we do have it we opportunity to publicly to the mother's pain. We publicly see the mother grieved in we hear her story. But more often than not we didn't do a black man to father does not have an opportunity to grief. Should to be seen to be heard through talked about how do you feel how are you dealing with these. We have to deal with all of that in the darkness. Often times alone and so what I appreciate Venus sued in the right who's doing we have is this man's Isaiah she journey. And how we dealt with it by himself in the darkness and the lone and so I think with the character was able to do is bring him out of that darkness and people game. Let them understand. What we go through that we do have we do do with pain and anguish and loss just like everybody else. And that we are human capacity you know and so that was the beauty in the brilliance. Of the story. You know that they showed all of those aspects of I think that's why. It's resonating with people in it's really piercing through their hearts. Because people don't see that you know often times. Oh we think we assume sought for so for source who lost her son of their daughter oh have you. But now I understand wow person's really hurting really grieving. And again I think that'll change. How we identify and approach people with lost people. You know lost young ones. Ian and that is. That's a good way of X rest seeing exactly that character and kind of cheat changing the social norms hopefully. I hope that it does that athlete acts towards. You know switching because again you have so much stuff like nine. OK we have to talk about. Something else I'm really excited for as well creed two years not your typical big US I haven't really too much on him my. His name is bloodied body marks or any marks. The moon talk about him and kind of went have a dynamic between men everybody on this bill. William way worse those and two care to its brought into the franchise. And he is basically the fight promoter. And I kiss you know for some an easy way to describe it is he's cute he's dunking. But I I would sort of pull back from. You know. He's. I what I I modeled him after Al Heyman who is boxing promoter former Mayweather. And and others like him. A guy who's more in the background you know in I like to call it city we. The director by Stephen K all part about he's in the shadows. You know he just lurks around. And he comes out when when needed and for specific reasons so what he chose to do and what he's doing in the film is. He's bringing that decreed. Drago. Narrative back. So now the two that the sons. Of the fathers and uprooted against heat to create another. Great you know narrative great stories for boxing because we all know. No in the world of boxing expressing the heavyweight. Ranks is that it's all about the story. It's all about creating good vs evil everybody wants to see who you know is he good dad bad guys who's been. Urine meaning so it's my job to create a story creek is narrative to get people excited given what they want and that's right do. As for the character does and it's really really exciting really fun. Do is interesting. When you know it's funny thought you know homes and shape I'm Emma fort crunch and shape and then you know someone city going to be boxing and fighting that's. You never homered. So I referenced the shooting naked there. Assume it will be Jordan's brother look and cookies Cutley blue twisted steel. Oh yes that's right. I've transition and who come on another side of the rainbow. Myers okay. Enough money this you. Not anymore you know you know you we have to sort of embrace. Our new parts and you know analyze you know. Hold up well no Larry you know not biting you might get down it. Yeah. Of course you know Michael came from cod and the fact this raid was killing them softly. I don't lie you got in on the Abbott I have to get into with you is Neil fox theories. I know that's coming up way out this. All of this no actually did do series for foxes have proven innocent. And it's it'll be coming out mid season so that this January and progress and is basically. A a law procedural drama I I played a lawyer easy Cuban drove. Who was who used to be a insurance lawyer and he received a a letter of pleased to help this young woman. Who had a very famous case happening in Chicago. Who was wrongly convicted of a murder she didn't commit. And so I chose to take on her case and helper and I got her out of prison and so she went to law school when we came together and we decided to start. And innocence project lost her. You know based on innocence parts were started in a northeastern university. In Illinois. And so you don't those of the case is so was going to be a character driven procedural. Drama law drama. And you know just like a case of the week. That's going to be a lot of fun. All. Lulled belt and that's. The theory being that week in Zagreb gold tooth series when we love procedural drama we loved procedural yes. I held this. If somebody so. I am ex Fred it. Yet thank you I so it is a chance to now I go I gotta put my gun in my graduate. Graham and diagnose shooting like monsters and and lions and tigers and bears who you know having a man Jessica to Wear a suit and tie beet crop. Groaned you know speak to king's English all of that ends you know it's going to be a lot of fun look at. And I can't wait to hear more about it as we get close to that day I before we go I have that balance all these projects because. It's like you just. There's a million once they got goal and awed and also you know I've mentioned this before we even started you know I'd love that the this theater element I mean that all going to be thrown in there I mean how he got some Berlin imagine. Hundreds downward you know I'm. I'm hopeful I'm home I would love to give back to the theater of the last Tom I graced the stage was in 2010 rugged fences with Denzel and by Nolan. And but you know now as you as you get older and also. With with kids and family and whatnot one has to be more so what if you know what do you with projects they pick but also the tar. And so I have to make sure that the project is in the time. He's indeed right bread. Eateries in my blood and it won't go away so I ruled you know sooner rather than later give back to it. And we check in for you on that. That the T done that we're still love you look at what do we of that energy. Drink to that of course. Staying to go Olmert but the first is. Obviously the affair but still October 19 October 19 hate UPU. And yes. I read a talk about it all. Of course we're gonna see a lot more at you as the year continues. This is an alien sighting off ABC radial thanked me for stopping by.

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