Are Russians Working With Donald Trump?

"The View" co-hosts talk about the email scandal rocking the DNC.
6:26 | 07/25/16

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Transcript for Are Russians Working With Donald Trump?
Why can ask you this because hackers apparently are responsible for an email leak for this particular email link. Yeah yeah all about yeah yeah what a cop out that not at all and it's added fuel to a conspiracy theory that Russia is secretly helping Donald Trump get elected not he has said. Strong business ties with them since the eighties and people are are wondering because. Again I guess Russia came out said hey we hacked the DNC day. Well they figured it out they would forensic evidence says that it was a Russian actor Matt isn't that funny because when we were trying to figure out. What that Hillary was active in less and they couldn't tell that contempt but now they can now they might not they can. Okay I'm. Their point. Some honorably. What CVS in with the U. A win is. That the Russians. Putin would like to Donald Trump to be presence. That's one of the reasons they exposed all of this to make the Democrats look bad. I mean one factoid. Lawsuits revealed that upwards of fifty million dollars in secret financing for the prop for a project and sent Trump's project himself out. Came from Russia and Kazakhstan and so he's getting money from the Russians it's a big news is is still he's got galway and. Not some made the comments recently about NATO which suggested that if one of our NATO allies were in trouble and Russia was the person going after the that we wouldn't necessarily have their back we'd have to see what they had done you know what I can put mad is that yeah and that's you know I am happy I am not Atkins. Ears he fears but I didn't think that it's very insisting that American banks for years will not lend money to double trough because of all his bankruptcies but so he has gotten. Money from Russia and that is zero well Paula I sold by Russia even his son Eric I think is Eric trump junior and Eric trump rank Donald Trump Jean Arnold but I think with Eric trump came out and say -- out to a lot of business out any threat to Russia and they made it out pretty disproportionate cross section of a lot of our assets he said that two company. Natalie that's signal yet I think I guess I'm in this city haven't that's connected directly. Back in his offense there's no link that's been made between him and this what people are saying is felt the Russians may look at this and say this as an opportunity for us to get someone in office who has Panetta and how we were just talking house stuff looks right this just doesn't look like it. It happened down here that yeah man and a scary thing here is. A lot of his voters are saying I love you we want this guy he's a good businessman our finances are in disarray mean that day added this is also showing you the winds in which he's going to be presidency which is possibly in business deal and that's our rather than the good of that the greater I don't I just say when voting remember. Don't vote for comrade trop. Have. Just think Timmy I just learned about this this sort of all all of this information about Donald Trump's ties with them with. Russia Russian business what people talk about that's why why didn't we know about that we did not what. Because people don't go their homework and listen I I was reading. A book. Over the weekend a listening to a book which is got an alternative. Alternate universe written by Philip Roth. And one of the things that he's talking about when he's talking about the two candidates. Is he says you know. We have two candidates one of them is perfect. Nothing that nothing bad has this candidate ever done not everything has an explanation is all clear. The other candidate we have is a human being. Mrs. Hoops on the floor when you don't want to does all kinds of stuff and now Tim. You know because I mean yeah. Acute and everything but actually a soccer not just Garnett out there. You know. For many key it's like yeah I. I'm need somebody who knows. Where we stand when he left and I need somebody who I know. I don't always like everything she does but I won't tell you she has never said. About anybody I know anybody of a different color she's never ever been a racist panicked she has never. We'll have let. You know they're home. There are a lot of news there are a lot of things in the Wallin and joy over the weekend sent me. Ought to New York Times article Chris they are laugh out at that and that said is Donald Trump and it's just. I'll get it is late and as the man was so them. Laying out his his reasoning he had to come to the same conclusion many it must come to a you know I don't like everything about everybody no one does not want what you're not a liked everything about non you're not like everything about Hillary not like everything about. About Bernie. But. It you can say. In this arena. As an American citizen. I want everybody. Cool cool isn't American citizens to feel like this is their country to. Everybody. You know we're. Headed. That's so yeah is a big deal because I watched Stanley die. Trying to get a freaking well it's an honest Kanye speaking to you don't swing voters right now because his diehard. Population doesn't really care. Now they don't camp but they well because wants idea you know there's a palm says you know one out when they took away Ben's jealous people. I would I watched them about what it to the way these people and then when it came to take me away nobody any land yap so. You really take a good look and talked to some of the older people people live in the world watching it. Talk to all Jewish people about the feel objects and what they're looking that. Talk to the people talk to your elders because they know basically mess they left the goodness and regardless of how do you vote please make sure that you duke because it's an honor to bow to agree it is an honor.

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{"id":40858578,"title":"Are Russians Working With Donald Trump?","duration":"6:26","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts talk about the email scandal rocking the DNC. ","url":"/Entertainment/video/russians-working-donald-trump-40858578","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}