Segarra Sizzles in 'Sirens"

Josh Segarra talks all new season of hit comedy series.
8:33 | 01/20/15

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Transcript for Segarra Sizzles in 'Sirens"
You know of those who want to go to China mostly for the pandas are hitting one point 35 billion commanders over there it's on point three factor in people. Panda every personal with him momentum of child. Okay thank you what do you separate geographical reference but is the scene. From the USA networks tellers new comedy series sirens now in its second season and we're glad to have what the stars in the studio with us today Josh cigar thanks for stopping by Lula king graduation second season and now picked up full time yeah it's very cool that's very the first season. You don't whenever whenever series starts at it was hardly understand the characters trying to kind of understand apply on line thing and then I'm definitely hit that group and clearly they're happy with what you do. Yeah. If that's his stick around so. It's refund we're due for what you present it's his character will your thoughts of me is because. Billy you see you play the exactly the brightest guy. That evident yet yet but. I mean it rules BT what was it about Boeing I mean I long story short I knew these guys before we were ponds which are piled in to pick up. The year before it did something similar with the character on that show. And oh in this came around you know it kind did this kicked his Kenneth and it's it's in my bones in of the due to prolonged time. It's somebody there I only say that he it's kind of based on my little brother. It. And later bush they lovingly gives you that they say that you know. But he's just about business you know he's just it'd and he's he's the most heartwarming person and he's full of life in. It really look I don't lie yeah and tonight at every anyway that it while he's just like stuck little formal. So it starts with him in that I take it out. It's the to a different place that's still not completely on game assess those so that that the basis is essential that that you're you're talking work alongside these unions and that basically they're currency people's lives in the same time I mean and and that's almost like even a side bar for the whole story's really about their interactions with your dad if you need to know these guys get to know the relationships with each other and Billy is the newest one to the group you know I transfered into. The station and T was my new partner at a different part of before her and some getting to know these guys through Teresa. And and now this season you get to see his relationship developed with the guys individually you now I get to become a little closer I get closer to. To Kevin big these character to Brian you know you start seeing their connection in it would kind of sit there. They're like two peas in that spot in Brian likes to help Billy along the way was to teach him some things so messy that develop this season tip the writing the rightness find the right is very almost effortless and when it comes across and it does feel like a very casual. Unscripted congress needed in Newton so what you do you say that it does remind you that if your brother he's an eyewitness of course is that he does anybody that has nothing do with me and doesn't look anything like me late. The writing in any talk about about Dennis these guys are geniuses in Allen and the right team we have on the show. You know did the smartest people that I ever come across Randy they've taught me so much about comedy that taught me so much about rhythm and you know a lot of that stuff the comes off like its who you know conversational. But that's what the scripted you know down to the word you know down to the comma. They helped me so much you know they're just set me up to to succeed which I'm really happy about you know it was time what how much fun they have. Right these jokes for me but it's my arm and I get to see these funny things and they sit behind the camera giggling you know. So it's the first he's innocent unity made public appearances and now the second season be picked a full time insecure actors got to develop a little more room. A more brought more robust presence I'm assuming this he the you know like. Let's talk about. I was sent about these are the guys that you know that are show Kevin my team can you know that Kate you know like Mary they they have their relationship you know you see them in the ambulance and we ought had to live up to them you know it there to see at this rhythm for the show it's quick it's quick pace you know everything's moving quick and I need to come in and kind of you know. Get a base hit every once in awhile you know I get to come in in lay in my few lines in there and now this season you get to see were barely fits in a little bit more you know you'll learn more about family dealer you meet you know maybe you'll meet some cousins along the way maybe not coming temperature dropped on your head as a community and its veto it and you can -- through the in belittled got a girl and visit with us. Really the need to see him go have a relationship and what's he likely years ago along aside now how he acts a little differently towards he in towards the boys. You get to get you to know really little bit more it's exciting mobile mobile look forward to that you're getting your character is there there are some similarities. To your days when you're playing hectoring electric. Probably. I mean that there are some parallel throughout the there you I think the Hector and really are played by the same actor Brad. And. And that. And it. I mean you know the vote fun loving guys in and that's off of the about a electric company about a hypothetical we years because. This entity with the electric company that I'm. Megawatt as Decatur think it it seems so that you almost you know it was kind of play it means I group in the midwest. Your sheltered upbringing so yeah when it initially electric company comes on it's like. This is exploring a whole new world in this. Who it. Look at diversity is an. So it was great seeing a revival come about lane you know during your time on the show yet it was really exciting now to invest part of it. The best part of it is the people that recognized me from the show. Or always little kids with slack you know because commitment lots that show the kids have slack you know selling out of the David busters one time. And K about it Dave buses with the but he was like midnight OK does that mean really that's. Oh in the hospital community unaudited data of that out of it did on Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock in the ago. When you make it right decision then and they visited the this is nothing. Nothing about it the Chinese. Yeah if the big stuff then ran. So look at a Dave and buses in this let's for the kids state and outside. I'm talking nobody would try to fear we're gonna go and I look over and kind of see these kids on immutable intent you know and I'm like. I look over at tuck my buddy again one little Q what's the Beasley young men. You have to. That's right but the guy yeah. They're. That's show meant. Ten for miss Nevada odds the do we didn't even get approval from it and we'll. Not recognized news Google over his bullets. Yeah. Like this. In mid a move move forward to them one of them. Ratliff on the second to examine what Chicago PD and you most of it that's that's yours as well that was. Funny man and I got to get to Chicago jobs and new Yorker in is again I sort of ordinance sirens first. And I came back home the first season of recurrence I had you know few days in between a vote go back and forth I came back home and they called me about Chicago PD in the you're going to be Chicago resident yen violence through this was like okay cool and so. This crazy for a second you know right I'd shoot sirens you know for a couple days here in the and then go to Chicago PD Indians have been completely different route but I got to work both muscles you know I got. I got to do the the dramatic thing over there with than men with Jason brigade and please painful it over there who's the man right boss right now. I got to hang with him for little bits of like this for a few days you know and then. Back to sirens trillion. Some giggles with them so fun and entertainment to brings there Ali. Act exactly it's about art design USA network judges aren't thanks so much peninsula appreciated they.

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{"duration":"8:33","description":"Josh Segarra talks all new season of hit comedy series.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"28357365","title":"Segarra Sizzles in 'Sirens\"","url":"/Entertainment/video/segarra-sizzles-sirens-28357365"}