Sen. Al Franken Talks Relationship With Hillary Clinton, Presidential Race

The former actor stopped by "The View" to talk about the election.
8:36 | 10/21/16

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Transcript for Sen. Al Franken Talks Relationship With Hillary Clinton, Presidential Race
Writer and performer on Saturday Night Live before becoming the junior sent a different so. So with a background in both politics and comedy who better to comment on the current campaign season I had I have done. And fabulous senator Al frank gets. We have eighteen days they can you believe it eighteen more days of this week. Going to be happy it's over. I've been campaigning for Hillary if someone but I. Driving campaign I around the country both for Hillary and for democratic senate candidates and I'm the democratic. Senator Doug and that. Yeah I did no no no no no no. No don't applaud Rebecca. Very cheesy when I just did. But funny. You think it goes I just saw your last segment about parenting and and your kid. I live on Capitol Hill now. My daughter Liz in DC in the neighborhood pretty far away we're moving. To two blocks away from them to. I got to grant if she is three year old Lin one month old and I want to see and I wanna see and I mainly it's on my wife can. My daughter wants my wife collects and so. But yeah I watched this thing last night you know as if it was say it what did you think what they funny. Trump was funny for about two thirds about my most and then. He started telling jokes that weren't jokes they're just attacks does the oddest thing and people won't get booed at the Al Smith that could be booed off. And he did things I just were the thing about she's here pretending she he's. Cassel actually that's what's up volume was is that the Al Smith dinner and Al Smith was the first. Cap Roman Catholic to be nominated for for president yeah so the hold it's weight of the dinner is how far we've come in this country but. And because he suffered attacks when you know that said the boat will likely candidate slight black candidate stood atop the Kennedy won an announcement didn't. So that was oh really all. Often he isn't his that although he's even a debate he starts love put anybody thinks all of look at he's not he's presidential and then it just goes down to adapt toilet. Well. In the second cache which is Elena model what area he he's started off the rails campers aren't yet the president to back in it yet but. You know I've been appalled by him. From the very beginning from the elephant the escalator the escalator appalled me but I'll lot of people say you know see it if that's the thing about cap and I can about Mexicans being rapists and drug dealers was appalling. I was a probably by the fiscally escalated he won't do you know there was a good and Raleigh. It was a very royal. Kind of group misled escalators as royal one. When you come down and you have the people all around and you're doing mess sent me it looked a little while ago here I don't get rid I don't know I don't. He conveyance yeah. Royal a lot of or they weren't stopping me wrong yeah but yeah they're shopping next herself himself when you hear her and say bid. You know he's not maybe he'll accept the outcome of the a may race. Maybe he's joking when he says you know if I went and did kind of through you when you said you so now not all of that on some and that is the worst thing I've. That you can do as president. Presidential nominee. Is because it undermines the whole foundation. Of our democracy. Kind of bad and that. That yeah that's awful well assault but he has doomed. He often remembered beginning banner Muslims entering this country religious test. After the turn up any handicapped making fun of the handicapped just fat. That I'm not paying out because team was in got caught and I like we could spend. All any day he's going through is hard to keep track of the things that normally would have eliminated and the lion. 72% of what he says as a lie according to pollute the fact 72%. So how does anybody present the things they check for a while and that's their cup. Dare do him a you know I'd like I'm going to talk about Hillary look at let's talk about it out. They claim to have 50000 theme house. And this is this constant drip and distraction do you think that this is really gonna be damaging to her and the next eighteen days are you concerned about it. You know soap. Far the stuff that's come out hasn't. Has been a pretty pain yet you have. I hate that night I don't think so I mean in part of this part of that is that he has. Dominated the conversation because of some of it. All speaking of awful things the tape. The Hollywood Access Hollywood today the groped it yet that was bad. The thing I've known Hillary for 23 years. And she is the smartest hardest working. Most experienced and toughest person I know. She's she's people think she's robotic and couldn I however a little bit not like killed but she's only so pleasant and warm confinement funny yeah I think that and she's copped to the fact that as a campaign or she's not that she's not that she's on her husband she's not. Barack Obama but in person. She's very for the first time I met well birthers anytime whether I did a a little comedy film for her and and the president. And went down the white house on Friday and she asked me you. To stay for dinner if if I could go to dinner and it was movie night and and I'm going like. Okay is the First Lady asked you dinner is your patriotic duty to at a dinner and I got a but it was a Friday and I was working on Saturday Night Live on Friday as panicky de Villa so I call Warren. And I told her eyes that I got to ask lord Lorne Michaels for senate the producer and she thought that was funny that I have asked Warren but that was okay. NN I but and that's I have to get back to you. And I got warned of course gave me permission but I showed up for dinner and she said so warned in your permission and I said yes. And she said did he dock you. Back ahead. And yet and I just thought that's just can't that he's very in the moment. That would with the President Bill Clinton very and he'll just go like you know limit tell you what they're doing now we. My goal and then an end in Bangladesh in hell that's progress and you're going like oh my my god I'm hearing the latest thinking yes on this global. Person and her she's just in the moment yeah ante just out so. I'm looking for in this being over are looking forward to working with her. But every one show up and vote yeah. My first election night 312 vote now though it is absolutely crucial every vote counts and do counters his state guys today. And so. But I'm looking forward to it being over a move to Florida to. Getting back to work I'm hoping I'm hoping that we have a democratic senate because. Unless it gets its gas side. It was a very good I had any. Another idea I'm I'm hoping that we can all work together else. The moment when we get back then how are hoping. Okay.

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{"duration":"8:36","description":"The former actor stopped by \"The View\" to talk about the election. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"42970384","title":"Sen. Al Franken Talks Relationship With Hillary Clinton, Presidential Race","url":"/Entertainment/video/sen-al-franken-talks-relationship-hillary-clinton-presidential-42970384"}