Senate Responds to Obama's SCOTUS Nomination

Obama makes his nomination for the open Supreme Court seat - will the Republicans get on board?
5:02 | 03/17/16

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Transcript for Senate Responds to Obama's SCOTUS Nomination
So yes today President Obama. He made his pick for the Supreme Court. Somebody named judge Merrick Garland seems highly qualified. Somebody who. Orrin hatch just a couple of weeks ago said with the greatest thing since Carter's little liver pills. And then yesterday said not all are not around downtown and actually did so what's up what's up but the Republicans now just a dime. I mean I didn't back down. I stand with Joseph Biden and Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama when he filibuster Toledo what Barack Obama is a lame duck president he as one put out the door. Right you people so really it's he don't think he has one foot out the door now he's already put two people on the Supreme Court he has had his influence that's great he's president I think he's and now they're. Cold and president someone's asking you have people right now voting it happened voting for Hillary Clinton at the voting for Donald Trott. Sigh there early enough their only loaded our president Obama's wife and they. I say is if if Hillary Clinton wins she should have a right to make that nomination at an Donald Trump where. You ever write. A constitution and at least make that and welcome to go through at least just go higher than most that I can't hungry. Yeah. Yeah. But it opened temperature to interpretation since you asked what does the constitution instead hope the prosecution said that says the president shall nominate and by ad with the advice and consent of the senate shall appoint judges of the supreme court of course it doesn't it means that he can make a nomination but they shelled out half. To say they don't have to consider. But they also shouldn't have the best that they did not relying days before he even considered it they should've kept that in your house Friday. It's how will live an impact the next race. But there's a lot of people out the senate seats on the Republican side 24 a lot of people ago and voters are gonna say you know what I'm sick of this obstructionism I'm not voted for these people on immoral act I. I'm glad that you mentioned that because not only is to the audience obviously in favor of of at least the senate doing their job. 66% of voters that the GOP should hold hearings on the nominee which after all there dobbyn let me also say this I I think what is so significant is that. Obama has nominated really the most middle ground centrist. Judge possibly I don't let that dad likes break and I thought that looked. Like an olive branch and what we are now seeing in response is this. Extremist obstructionist. Position that the Republicans set you know that senate has been. Taking from the very beginning what is the world along with all Republican Party and this is what. Record personal the senate is doing its job the Senate's job is is it. Now I've consulted judge entered a polyps on the one mark Lebanon's constitutional scholars that will say based on the constitution the president apps they have absolutely not on the president must make the nomination the senate can say. We don't want this person. Look that the the Republicans if Hillary Clinton gets elected. And she gets to nominate some want. Republicans will sit back and maybe they don't let me be right able get a more liberal option but right now if you're gonna speak to the voice the people who are voting in this presidential election. Let's speak let them not an either presidential candidate less fat person. How does this scenarios fit with him Hillary gets elected and appoint Bernie Sanders failed us. Have a nervous breakdown Republicans might really be a major break down Mitch McConnell will put his hit the object I'm telling. I think is there's is a second suicide pact and can't have that Republicans are actively sabotaging themselves they could had to snap I don't or a very liberals I don't I'm not looking at his record on guns on god writes I'm a little bit can he. I'm absolutely. And you know why don't know this because he comes out of the same federal prosecutor's office that I came out I've appeared in front of him he is brilliant he is known as being a centrist. He actually process it was part of the prosecutorial team. For the Oklahoma City bombing at a unabomber he's tough on crime are. You can't tell. I. Does your credit record I don't know I had just written Obama to and it does diet can really put the screws to hang out and perhaps. That's what. I just say I don't think there's a lot of talk about obstructionism but there is a segment of the population that looks at this as. These people these senators who he believed war our standing up for them and now writes this white that if Sarah Palin weren't that right now and had just puts you. Let us. Yeah. Let's say she too was a pretty court justices and how to op opportunity to put a third a lot of people would be saying you know you'll want to put out the door let the next president who aren't making that very important right now would. It comes bronze yeah she's right though we always didn't she's right to assume. I stated that they fully go out two wrongs don't make a right.

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{"id":37722311,"title":"Senate Responds to Obama's SCOTUS Nomination","duration":"5:02","description":"Obama makes his nomination for the open Supreme Court seat - will the Republicans get on board?","url":"/Entertainment/video/senate-responds-obamas-scotus-nomination-37722311","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}