Sexy 'Stranger Things' costume comes under fire

This Halloween, an adult costume based on a child character in the hit show has faced backlash.
1:43 | 10/13/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sexy 'Stranger Things' costume comes under fire
Can come and watched the hotly anticipated second season of stranger things is about to debut on Netflix. The one of the show's main characters is causing a huge reaction. For a very different reason you're pretty good. A new Halloween Costin called the upside down honey. Modeled after the young character eleven is facing serious online backlash for what many say is sexual rising a child star. Social media is flooded with comments like don't make an eleven year old sexy. It's easy to remember her name is eleven another simply treated a picture. No it. Does raise some red flag for the widest that particular costing need to be sexual lives in any way it is. A child. That your enmity. The costumes from stranger things isn't the only one generating anger people are calling out nearly naked Harry Potter characters. Platt does not think it but there's also this sexy penny wise modeled after the terrifying clowning it. And this half cloud impression of the First Lady on inauguration day are being described as crossing the line. Halloween for a lot of people means a children's holiday. And when sixty cost and that our mid to be told and scare her sexual lives well you know supper and that we really want our kids to stay. An online retailers selling the costumes tells ABC news it doesn't take cost is too seriously. And neither does its customers. The candy girl strive to be the talk of the Halloween party yeah Andy casting company said in his statement. And we found these topical pop culture inspired costumes with a fashion forward twist are always a fan favorite. Year after year.

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{"id":50452622,"title":"Sexy 'Stranger Things' costume comes under fire ","duration":"1:43","description":"This Halloween, an adult costume based on a child character in the hit show has faced backlash.","url":"/Entertainment/video/sexy-stranger-things-costume-fire-50452622","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}