'Side Effects' Stars Sit Down with Peter Travers

Jude Law and Rooney Mara talk about seeing themselves on the big screen.
9:05 | 02/08/13

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Transcript for 'Side Effects' Stars Sit Down with Peter Travers
Nobody has that result nobody has had client react to a side effect your arrogance here is breathtaking -- take no responsibility. For. Everybody's reaction to -- medicine. It -- just cable market. She has long been a number of my sessions as well it's become part of the environment here clients who were afraid to take their medications because state board here on the nightly news look desperate with only and that the day we worked it out. She's taking -- NG RI. She's going to hospital for observation is behind us he told an adult Eagles John is splashed all over you it's gonna follow you around for ever. What about when you each watch this movie. Alone I don't know who you see it where when you're looking at for the first time. And you look at yourself on screen are you critical of yourself when you watch -- Or can you sit back and think pretty good. I'm immensely critical. Part -- part it really. Hard. I mean I can. I've learned to sort of walked concede that film was a whole. Come and get this feeling as to whether I really think it's -- it's. But I music almost to that -- -- -- -- myself really -- a little bit just sort of subconsciously but then I can fit again and sometimes. They used to take someone else to say and an of them this good you're good enough that we -- -- -- or if you watch a few years later. That's -- the united person yes that's true it's been separation but otherwise -- like -- -- hearing your voice on the answering machine. It's quite awful. At least I think it's quite a fun -- -- at a news me. I'm really critical I prefer it -- them if I'm playing it easier for playing quite. If you play a character that. Record some kind of transformation. -- an action that some acts and what I mean this to me doesn't say yes. Yes I find values those lay every separate you from the park. You couldn't and -- strange you can reveal more yourself because if you -- wearing you know fight and what Wigan -- Mosul whatever. -- -- doing a -- what you think you can reveal a lot more. Which makes it easier to strange race -- sometimes being. -- bash was quite tricky and has been hard to watch because it's my voice sort of its modern day. -- -- huge amount of things obviously separate him from me. Well then let me ask this about the movie about side effects -- that use each talking about you. I'll start with you Judy just say when you look at side effects millions -- is their moment in this -- -- many moments but. -- there a moment in this that resonates with you personally watching her. Yet again many but I mean the film the film effects on the level and there are some me because it's. It deals -- Sadness as I said before that we have in -- that in this -- -- -- that we have to -- power in this situation deals with a key sentence them. Completely depression. And it also deals with. The complexity of of of how -- on a mosque truths. -- and I I mean I like I found it I found it incredible. Working -- -- across from me because I didn't -- -- like couldn't by found it hard to read. Which are realizes and isn't clear when you -- it is an audience member but sometimes as an act. It kept me really. -- my times. And I think that's exciting -- I think if you if you settle in -- consistently -- kind of the -- is dead. I didn't have a film that was -- felt the same when I was watching it it kind of kept me intrigued. To see you bringing. Us -- we have to -- the -- That's what that is what about Jews when about why and looking -- the -- -- It's huge -- -- invite you -- just can't -- really sort of somebody had a hard cash Russia everybody's just lined out. And you can't go yet is that a purposeful thing. That you you're trying not to or that you're just doing eleven -- at the same time. I you know -- going to -- things unfinished because. It's so hard to watch yourself to begin -- and a at a can I just haven't Kenya I'll probably see it in the theater when it opens I don't like to watch it like at a premier. You know involved with people you mean -- -- it's just at a to just kind of sneak in and watch them with a real audience. Real people as opposed to those people that they keep you can kind of blend in with the -- Yes and that happens but that's what they see films anyway yeah. In the sitting empty screening is fun of him along because I grew up in I love -- yet -- cinema. So politically get back to where you -- -- on what you again -- ten pounds. No it's kind of -- says that people would have this. Then they have -- has now and they eat every other kind of thing on their cellphones. And there's a lot of other Rosales probably. Wouldn't you -- -- to become violent and become much father and and -- -- also. She talks idea here appreciates fine people don't shut me up how dare you this is like regular telephone -- -- yet. Really fascinating like that I don't expect that that it was just squads are itching to grow up with movies. What was that like. What we've seen I grow I was kind of I think my -- -- films I was very lucky I have a mom. It was -- into foreign cinema on our house that she was like taking me to this -- -- in the center of town to watch. Like. The 400 -- who's in about the need to be to correct them. You know Fellini specials and somewhat my dad had threatened to see rocking to and while peace. United Center. So as good as a reactive punitive for an economy he's the lives of rob experiences. And then my mom and so if that occurred grow loving. All right -- -- got warts -- them from the cinema two times that it was a competitive sense. That's -- children out there that's what you need to do that activity that cut class and just go to the -- With this the same. And my mom used to make us watch old movies all the time you know it we watch me -- that she would make its yeah. -- -- -- -- Gone with the when they're bringing up baby. I'd like her case that no together yes great you know by had to be forced to -- -- -- yet but like Agnew home from school of pneumonia and she'd like go to blockbuster and rent on these movies. And she -- like foreign films. Me on -- the way America my -- opened my eyes I couldn't sick infection probably like. Black and white foreign films but concedes she did she introduce you know a lot of great films. What we always and -- -- -- -- Rudy knows this although she gave me I really -- -- he took what we. No you can't you -- in the -- theater and -- He knew and talented mr. Ripley and I don't know about it. We could you couldn't. How many times did -- sing hey -- But I am that's what I think in my life as -- I think it's never going that in my head warns that but what you beating death. Lord -- god is a good seller. Have to -- radioactive it was her parents they could have been -- -- do you recognize about them like. Korean parents all -- -- Rooney and his little -- thing for you know most of its focus on just that like deciding I'm used to think I'll do it. I could do hate -- -- Make it come on -- has song. And make it did there come on come on now it's your chance we can do that once or former -- -- -- -- -- and fifty. Literally skip it can ruin this is -- no I wouldn't you know singing I'm gonna -- -- it's -- -- -- history. That's huge hole needless and he went to my grandmother in negro theater at lot of that you can't do that. -- You'll never sing I refuse to accept that not and not an -- preparation they've been kind of impossible to me until element you need to -- If it's a good movie right now so thank thank thank -- -- you hear. It seat he wanted to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Next time I come -- actually recruited he had his mind.

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{"id":18437688,"title":"'Side Effects' Stars Sit Down with Peter Travers","duration":"9:05","description":"Jude Law and Rooney Mara talk about seeing themselves on the big screen.","url":"/Entertainment/video/side-effects-stars-sit-peter-travers-18437688","section":"Entertainment","mediaType":"default"}