Simon Helberg Talks 'Big Bang Theory' and 'Florence Foster Jenkins'

"The View" co-hosts chat with the "Big Bang Theory" star about the hit show and his upcoming movie with Meryl Streep.
7:23 | 08/08/16

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Transcript for Simon Helberg Talks 'Big Bang Theory' and 'Florence Foster Jenkins'
How does this all Cuba or to region and ink and coming forward and any. If we can't take it pretty lungs or recurrent and I can't get enough we want is still can't. Army and its school district but when you're tabloid got jealous what. Well it tentatively raised and a boy do we get him circumcised people say it's barbaric but if we don't let's look at public. We're. I'm out there are starting TV's most populous it company. Bang theory and he's starring on the big screen with a great Meryl Streep in the new will be Florence Foster Jenkins please welcome Simon help our. I need that validation that the city. It adds that in the morning's tech still has to feel to be surrounded by utility's sky just went you know that's that's just like my first time and in life in the was only one woman but they. I like having multiple women around him at all times and to thank him very colorful very beautiful blouses I'm coming. We're talking about getting older and you know finding to enhance and things. Now you're a young guy as yet no grey hair yet so you can see it's happening slowly getting in I think now I want why. Yeah NSA or so detrimental not asking is anything happening to you as you as you age in this world. All las well no growth spurt that was some. Still holding out on the I had to get our phonics which is really kind of let it play out and secure but it's not cool that no you don't want to admit that until now everybody not wolf of unknowns wanhatten. Sosa had McAleese sat please do so. We want to congratulate you declines Big Bang theory is the biggest hit on television. Four. The. I they did not percent made didn't say having a successful career one that's about to eleven by don't worry if they flap. Yeah and it will be out right but but people have not seen the sell the one person out there. Hasn't seen that it's about who are. Dirty. Physicists and the women in their lives and with such a pop that's so people tends to recognize you understand they recognize you and ask for autographs at the strangest times. Yeah yeah they do we I had to make an emergency landing once in them in a plane which is. You here we were flying the plane that's only had him when I don't know how to fly. This terrible emergence of back no a professional. Yeah let's Lis flying and then and then I got up because that's how will you know they're very calm about it messages please return your seats we're gonna make an emergency landing and I got up. To sailors had. Zoning out hand and then the flight attendants had. Yet just just have a seat but could start a quick something. If you land the plane. He idol taken nude self. I can't. Please. Your character on the show Howard is well known for the way he dresses yeah. And the fashions are out of this world. Happens and when you go any zoo. The wardrobe room do you have any CNN. So I cry I Italy yeah. And then there's a team of ladies that just roll my pants on just butter me up and and and roll up and 6% and they're very they're very tight. And revealing and ands. That's just that's the life I I've chosen to lead. What people may not know is before you became an actor you were actually wanted to be musician yeah. Like apple and musician or like rocker yet now Boyd denies night I grew out a duck tale. And I was just I was I did not do anything but added that tail so. You player camera ready you know we demand the choice you will look like militiamen well. Yeah day I think in and I like New Kids On The Block. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah so I II and NI. I have no idea what the hell you traffic. Went outside I know you knew I should be sorry I don't know who wasn't you it was definitely yeah. Well but then it. Well I sort of play because I think I think I couldn't saying in my parents they data and tell me that data submitted should should. So it's taken some lessons some some piano lessons I said why don't like night but let me say this dance them and I would also in my legs and I could. Here's the number of the piano teacher face any. So I took analysts and. Yes and this movie that you just in downtown street who plays of the adequate school Florence Foster Jenkins. You have to see this Thelma sort of screening it's coming out yet now. And and you play the piano when she's plays a woman whose thanks complain he'll have a big deal and does it an outlet she wasn't real woman who lived in New York yesterday. Whose husbands. Was so magnificent that he. He allowed her right to pursue a career. Which took Kurds and Carnegie Hall 'cause he paid rent and she could not send. It was obviously before pro tools because if we didn't get out but you know get this position has yet to be able to send it back. She was up and at a time now. I actually. The piano. Yes right day yet those lessons and off I somehow yeah I was sitting there at Merrill Streep accompanying her are you intimidated by her she's so Bryant I had never heard for so you know. At some problems filming with her that I will she's very hands what do you talk. No they you to go union laughing. And yet yet she's. Which will she sees brilliant and she's brilliantly funny and stick to hear her sing like that you know we did last minute ability sort of filled with. Us just trying to keep it together I think I'm. Well we we do have a clip of it that lets see at great speed Merrill an action. Moon. Okay. Boom. I haven't seen that badly she had to be it. Merrill can actually sank yet so she does this is the real Merrill saying yeah not believable before getting way he's wonderful of them will be so funny. And just the faces that the looked. He gets tagged accordion navel is around it's just I haven't. Oh. So we want to thank you thank you for anxious Simon Kelberg plot.

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{"duration":"7:23","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts chat with the \"Big Bang Theory\" star about the hit show and his upcoming movie with Meryl Streep.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Entertainment","id":"41211227","title":"Simon Helberg Talks 'Big Bang Theory' and 'Florence Foster Jenkins'","url":"/Entertainment/video/simon-helberg-talks-big-bang-theory-florence-foster-41211227"}